Street Style: Printed Tattoo Tights Fashion Trend

This winter, street fashion gets all fancy again, this time looking to the print tights designer, Zohara, and her latest head-turning Tattoo tights designs for her Winter 2013/14 collection.

Are you looking to get a new tattoo yet you are concerned that you might not want it permanently? Tattoo printed tights are the perfect alternative to this conflict; you can enjoy unique and trendy designs without committing on the long term. Wear printed tattoo tights, play with different themes and colors and have a new look every day…

Tattoo printed tights are the hottest trend in street fashion design scene, tights are no longer just a form of underwear or something to keep you warm, tattoo tights become a key accessory in any women’s wardrobe, adding flare, texture, and creativity to any outfit.

Henna Tattoo Tights F160floral nature print tightsNature Tattoo Print Tights Purple & Grey

Go for a nude-body color henna tattoo print tights to create a ethnic tattoo style look, wear them with your favorite short black dress (or any other solid color dress)

tights can give black, gray and camel tops a whole new look. The floral tattoo tights makes a charming ensemble for a party or a romantic date.

Want to dress up for a beach party? Pair purple colored nature tattoo print tights with a longer spaghetti-top and a pair of funky flip-flops and you are ready to turn heads…

On TrendyLegs you can choose from a wide array of designs like geometrical, urban print, nature- inspired designs, henna color and designs in various colors like black, grey, purple, pink, orange, yellow and the list of choices goes on. All tights are available in one size and fit well to legs of any size or shape.



Nature Tattoo Print Tights Purple & Grey

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