Do you want in on the easiest, thriftiest secret to looking thinner? Are you looking to hide those ever-increasing holiday pounds? We have the answers.

We’re not big believers in the ‘Size 0 Is Perfection’ philosophy; feeling good in your own skin is all that’s important. That being said, the holiday season does tend to pile on the pounds making you feel bloated and not your best. Knowing what to wear to look good can help you feel good, too. It all starts with what’s underneath: tights.

Why Tights?

Well, it’s too cold out for bare legs and if you’re a bit heavier than usual, your jeans may start to strain – not chic. Don’t be tempted to cover up in baggy clothing, which has the reverse effect of making your legs look squat as opposed to lean and skinny. Leggings can be a minefield with camel toes etc. so it’s best to stay away. Ultimately, you’re only option is tights.

Which Tights?

In a word: Black. This is the most slimming color, for every part of the body. Black Opaque Tights will ensure your legs look the skinniest they possibly can, but sheer black tights are a great alternative. If you’re looking for a funner pair, stick with small, concentrated prints or try vertical stripes, the oldest trick in the book! Avoid light, solid colors and large, spaced-out prints.

How to Wear Tights

How To Wear Them

If you’re feeling conscious about your legs, avoid the mini skirt and elongate with longer lengths and heels. Avoid drawing attention to your legs by color blocking your tights and skirt (black is best) and wear a top of a lighter color or with eye-catching details such as frills, to draw attention away from your bottom half.

What Not to Wear

Stay away from the compression tights. Seriously, you can’t eat with those things. Think of opaque tights as gentler forms of shapewear, they smooth out lumps and slim the appearance your thighs.

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