When it comes to must-have wardrobe items for winter season, tights are warm and comfortable bottoms that work better for cold days. While most women love these versatile garments, picking the perfect pair of tights to wear under casual clothing can be daunting.

To create a fashionable ensemble, you’ll need to find a combination of casual dressing and tights that fits your style and complements your outfit.

Whether you’re dressing up for date night in one cold day or want a smart casual outfit, there are several types of tights that look good

It’s time to choose the perfect pair of tights. But where do you begin? let’s start with something called denier

What is Denier in Tights?

What is Denier in Tights?
What is Denier in Tights?

Have you ever noticed the number beside the name of the tights? This represents the denier.

What’s a denier? it’s a term that refers to the thickness, opacity and strength of the tights. It also tells you how warm the tights will be to wear Denier is applied to all colors of tights and for those who are thinking that black tights will cover your legs, look to a lower denier to show off some skin

To inspire you with ideas, we’ve compiled this guide on which denier to pick, depending on how much skin you want to show

  • Low Denier Ultra Sheer → 5 Denier to 10
  • Sheer → 10 – 20 Denier
  • Semi Opaque → 25 – 35 Denier
  • Opaque → 40 Denier and Above

It’s worth noting that modern technology has allowed brands to create high-denier hosiery that’s still transparent

What Denier Should You Choose?

What Denier Should You Choose?
What Denier Should You Choose?

It all depends on your needs. As we know, tights are must-have wardrobe items for every girl. They may keep your legs look better, longer, slimmer with a better tone (if you’re going for tan tights)… tights protect you from climate changes. So normally you’ll choose denier according to the weather. If it’s cold out there, tights in 40 denier and above’ll be a good option but if it’s warm, sheer one can be better.

Everyone probably knows that the higher the denier is, the thicker the tights material is.

With that said, let’s dive in and learn more about denier in tights. Here’s a quick guideline to help you choose the right denier for each occasion.

  • 5 Denier: Low Denier Ultra Sheer Tights

Anything below 10 denier will be Ultra Sheer and these Ultra Sheer tights are ideal for summer for being breathable and lightweight. But More importantly, they are subtle. Ultra Sheer tights are ideal for adding a little dose of color to your legs without ever revealing that you are wearing any hosiery at all.

  • 8 – 10 Denier: Perfect Tights for The Summer

These Tights are the perfect choice when the weather is getting hot.

tights with this low denier are only suitable for Summer, as they are not warm. They have even a slight cooling effect making them ideal for hot days. It’s worth noting that tights with 8 to 12 Denier have a short life span and often do not withstand many wears

  • 12 – 20 Denier: Sheer Tights for Summer and Spring

Accessorize your legs while showing a hint of skin with sheer tights. Tights in 12 and 20 denier are the most common options if you prefer a barely visible and thin material.

This thickness is especially suitable for nude tights which will make your legs look flawless Sheer Tights are a good choice to go for in both Spring and Summer and if handled carefully, they should survive being worn a few times.

  • 30 Denier: Sheer Tights for Cooler Days

These 30 denier tights are between Sheer and opaque version. In this thickness both nude shades and black look good. The black tights are not very opaque but they make a contrast on your legs that can make them look slimmer.

Fine tights like 30 deniers allow the skin to be moderately seen. They will be see-through on the calves and thighs but dense on the thinner areas like ankles. They are sexy and elegant which would be perfect for both social and formal occasions

However, these tights are prone to snags rips and tears. So you need to be very careful while wearing them

  • 40 – 50 Denier: Semi-Opaque Tights

They are classified as semi-sheer or semi-opaque

  • 40 Denier Tights are thicker and more durable than a 20 denier but still show just a hint of skin.
  • 40 Denier Tights are warm so normally they are suitable for cold seasons like Autumn and winter. They are also good for cooler spring days colorful or black shades are the better choice for 40 and 50 Denier. but if you don’t like to show off your hairy legs then opt for opaque tights
  • 60 Deniers: Opaque Warm Tights

Tights in 60 Denier are the most common options if you prefer opaque tights with a slight sheerness that make your legs look slimmer

60 deniers are more casual due to the opacity, they are perfect for informal occasions like going out with friends on weekends. They are also great when it’s chilly outside.

  • 80 Deniers: Very Opaque Warm Tights

80 denier are thicker and less likely to snag or tear. this makes them great for the winter months, when your legs need more protection from the elements. With the opacity of 80 deniers, you can also give your legs a slimmer look

Opaque Tights in 80 Denier come in a vast options of colors that will spice up your winter wardrobe.

  • 100 Denier and higher: Thermal, Knitted and Support Tights

These are absolutely opaque-even on the knees. If the weather is so cold and you want to wear your favorite dress or skirt, you can go for these tights to keep your legs warm. But because of the thicker fabric, these tights almost look more like leggings yet with a much better fit.

  • 140 Denier Tights

I included this pair of tights to illustrate that the knit type also matters when it comes to an opaque Vs translucent finish

These tights look blacker than the lower-denier pair above, at the same time they are able to show your skin through thanks to the slightly open weave. Tough, they are extremely warm.

  • 200 Denier Tights

These Opaque Tights offer an extra layer of coverage and warmth. They are thicker and more durable than other types of tights

They are made of a heavier material such as nylon so they are very durable and can last longer

  • Higher denier= higher durability
  • Higher denier= heavier material
  • 300 Denier Tights

With a 300 denier appearance, these opaque tights offer an extra layer of coverage, warmth, tickness and softness. These Tights are the closest thing to a pair of legging but with a much better fit

  • 400 Denier Tights

Super Warm, Super Cosy, and Super Thick, these tights are the only choice for a reliable ultimate thermal performance even when it’s very cold outside

  • 800 Denier Tights

800 denier tights = do really exist!! 😮😮

They are not for old women as they come up on the small side, but they are a good option for girls they are thick, warm and cosy They look nice and beautiful You can wear them under skirts or shorts during chilly days

Now that you’ve learnt more about denier in tights, you can choose the perfect pair for yourself wisely

The Sheer variety may seem overwhelming at first, but with a little help from our tights guide, you’ll be on your way in no time.

Hosiery Denier Comparison Chart 🖤🖤

Hosiery Denier Comparison Chart

These pictures show the difference in the denier of hosiery. The pictures are of the same woman wearing different weight hosiery. The woman is wearing a set of non-matched hosiery so there is not uniformity in the picture.


Denier is a term used to describe the thickness and durability of tights. A higher denier number indicates a thicker and more durable pair of tights, while a lower denier number represents a lighter and more sheer pair. Understanding denier can help you choose the right pair of tights for your needs, whether it’s for warmth, coverage, or fashion. So next time you’re in the market for a new pair of tights, remember to check the denier number and make an informed purchase.

Please ask any questions relating to the hosiery denier in the comment section below. I will be happy to answer them! – or – If you want, just tell me what your favorite denier is and why.Sophia
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