• Do Oofos Come in Wide Width? I’ve been searching for shoes that accommodate my wide feet, and I’m curious if Oofos offers wider sizes. 

Summer is upon us and it’s time to wear our favourite airy sandals to feel more comfortable but as someone who is blessed with wider feet, the search for shoes that offer comfort, support and functionality seems to be a daunting task.

It may appear that the fashion industry favors those who have smaller feet and as a wide-footed individual, you might not find yourself fitting into these styles.

The search for the perfect shoe seems never ending and the standard size available on the market often leaves you in discomfort, urging the need for wide-width options From this urgent need, a newly-founded brand known as OOFOS has emerged, aiming at producing various shoe styles for all the masses while prioritizing recovery and comfort

The burning question then is Do OOFOS Come in Wide Width?

Keep reading our today’s guide to get the right answer for this question. Happy Reading!!😀

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Understanding Foot Width and Its Importance

Do Oofos Come in Wide Width - Understanding Foot Width and Its Importance

Before we answer the question, let’s first understand why foot width is a significant concern. Your foot’s width is just as important as its length. If the width isn’t appropriately accommodated, this can result in sore feet, arch, leg, and back pains.

For individuals with wide feet, finding the right shoe is often a challenging task.

The search for shoes that offer comfort, style, support and functionality seems never ending as if the world of fashion doesn’t cater to your feet type.

Too narrow, and the shoe squeezes tightly between the toes. Too wide, and your foot slides around, causing instability. Then striking a balance is essential.

Do Oofos Come in Wide Width?

What width do OOFOS come in?
What width do OOFOS come in?

Of Course Yes, Oofos is a footwear brand founded in 2011. It is renowned for its recovery sandals, slides and shoes made from proprietary OOfoam™ Technology.

This breakthrough material absorbs 37% more impact, than traditional footwear foam materials, reducing stress on foot, and joints, and promoting balance and stability.

Plus OOFOS Shoes tend to have broader footbed that provide ample space for your feet, allowing for a comfortable fit, especially for individuals with wide feet who seek for both balance and stability when walking or standing for extended periods.

However, the brand has not explicitly categorized its products into standard footwear with categories such as narrow, medium and wide

Instead, they have devised a more personalized system that works effectively for their unique style of footwear

How to Choose The Right Footwear for Different Foot Widths?

While most styles of OOFOS come in a medium width designed to fit a wide variety of feet comfortably, the brand has also particular styles that are recommended for individuals with different foot widths, let’s have a look!

  • For Wider Feet

For individuals with a wider set foot, OOFOS highly recommends the OOriginal and OOriginal Sport Thong, or the OOahh Sport Flex Slide Sandals. The footbed shape of these styles are generously broader compared to other OOFOS options, making them more comfortable and convenient for those with wider feet.

The OOahh Sport Flex is particularly noted for its adjustability. It comes with an adjustable OOfoam™ strap accommodating not only wide feet but also those with high insteps and arches, allowing for a comfortable and customized fit.

  • For Narrower Feet:

For individuals with a narrower set foot, OOFOS highly recommends the OOlala Thong. This style tends to have a slightly narrower footbed, making it a more suitable option for narrower feet.

Considerations When Selecting OOFOS Footwear for Wide Feet?

  • 1- Understanding Your Foot Type

While OOFOS Footwear is designed to be versatile and comfortable, it might not be suitable for all foot types. Everyone’s feet are unique and width is just one factor to consider.

Other elements like arch height, instep size and even toe length can impact how a shoe fits if you’re unsure of your foot type, consider consulting width a footwear professional or a podiatrist.

  • Trying Before Buying

Oofos Sandals and Shoes are generally designed to have a snug fit. If the pair you bought is too small for your feet, it could put pressure causing discomfort or even pain. and if the pair you bought is too large, it could create blisters

So the ideal way to determine the right fit for your shoes is to try them in place before purchasing them. this is the safest bet to own a well-fitting pair of shoes.

  • Considering Size Adjustments

If you are used to wearing a particular wide width in other brands and you are now interested in a style that OOFOS suggests for narrower feet it’s advisable then to go up a size for a better fit always ensure that you check the size guide provided by the brand and read carefully the specific sizing recommendations for different shoes’ options.

Some Alternatives to OOFOS for Wide Feet

Our market is filled with shoe models designed by various renowned brands aiming at producing new styles of shoes that are suitable for all foot types from narrow, medium to wide feet

Amidst the plethora of foot brands available today some names that are garnering attention among wide-footed individuals are the following:

  • #1- New Balance: Known for their athletic shoes, New Balance provides specific wide and extra-wide options. Their shoes are highly recommended by podiatrists for their superior comfort, versatility, support and functionality.
  • #2- Skechers: This brand is a good alternative to OOFOS for wide feet. Their footwear, like OOFOS, also incorporates unique cushioning technologies for added comfort.
  • #3- Brooks: Known for their running shoes, Brooks provide various widths options, Their shoes are often recommended by podiatrists for their superior support and cushioning.
  • #4- Clarks: If you are interested in more formal or stylish options that come in various foot widths, Clarks is the best brand to go for, known for its comfort-focused designs.


So, Do Oofos Come in Wide Width? The Answer is Likely Yes. With the abundance of positive feedback and their design features, OOFOS Shoes are indeed a viable option for wide-footed individuals.

The OOriginal and OOrignial Sport Thong and the OOahh Sport Flex Slide Sandals are a crowd favorite. With their simple thong style, innovative OOfoam Technology and arch support they are ideal for wider feet

On the other hand, styles like the OOlala Thong is suitable for narrower feet

In essence, while they may not officially offer a “Wide” option OOFOS has masterfully designed their footwear to accommodate various foot widths, ensuring that everyone can enjoy an unparalleled comfort with a vision centered around meeting the needs of every wearer seeking superior comfort and relief, OOFOS has become a beloved footwear brand among shoe enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Oofos and Wide-Width Options?

  • Q1: Do Oofos Sandals and Shoes Come in Wide Widths?

A: Oofos does not have specific width categories like narrow, medium, and wide. However, many of their styles, such as the OOriginal and OOriginal Sport Thong, have a broader footbed, making them more suitable for individuals with wider feet.

  • Q2: Can I Wear Oofos for Walking or Exercising with Wide Feet?

A: Yes, Oofos footwear is designed to provide support and stability, making them suitable for walking or light exercise. Their wider footbeds and cushioning can offer comfort and relieve pressure on wide feet during activities.

  • Q3: Can Oofos Sandals Be Adjusted for Wide Feet?

A: Some Oofos styles, such as the OOahh Sport Flex Slide Sandals, come with adjustable straps made of OOfoam™ material. This allows for a customized fit, accommodating wide feet and other foot dimensions.

  • Q4: Are Oofos Suitable for Individuals with Bunions or Other Foot Conditions?

A: Oofos footwear is designed for comfort and support, making them a good option for individuals with foot conditions such as bunions. The cushioning and impact absorption provided by OOfoam™ Technology can help alleviate discomfort and reduce stress on the feet and joints.

  • Q5: Can Oofos be Worn with Orthotic Inserts for Wide Feet?

A: While Oofos are designed to provide comfort and support on their own, some individuals with wide feet may still benefit from using orthotic inserts with their Oofos footwear. It’s recommended to consult with a podiatrist or orthotics specialist to determine if using orthotics with Oofos is appropriate for your specific needs.

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