It’s pretty obvious that here at TrendyLegs we are obsessed with tights. Every season we go through the latest new trends and are always excited at the variety of options. They keep our appetite for fashion satisfied and our creativity ignited finding new ways to wear them. So we decided to share some of the many reasons we love tights, and you should too!

Transform Your Look

Tights are an easy way to transform your look. You can take a simple black dress and add opaque pattern tights and you have a playful, casual outfit. Now take that simple black dress and add some sheer, metallic tattoo tights, and your ready for a night out. The only thing you need to change to get a totally different look, is your tights!

Whatever The Weather

Whatever the weather, there are tights that are perfect for it. In the summer, sheer footless tights make your legs look smooth and let your feet get in the sand. In the fall, use opaque tights to keep your favorite warm weather clothing still in your outfit rotation. winter doesn’t have to be pants only and spring rain showers are no problem at all, just throw on some tights!

Sooo Many Choices

Seriously, so many choices. What material do you like? Do you want to wear sheer, opaque or fishnets? Do you want tights that look like jewelry, tattoos, body paint or skin? Do you want hearts, stars, polka dots, exotic prints, classic patterns or solid? The options are endless!

Reasons Why We Love Tights

Cool and Fashion Forward

It’s easy to be on trend and create fashion forward styles with tights. You can always find that unique set that has friends asking “where did you get that?”.

Lots of Ways to Wear Them

There are so many ways to wear tights, put them under a skirt or dress, shorts or a tunic. Wear them as a simple outfit or as part of a layered look.

Casual or Formal

There is no set place that tights can be worn, wear then everywhere! They can be part of a comfortable hang out outfit for the house, a professional work look, a weekend outfit or an elegant night on the town.

Upgrade a Boring Outfit

All you need to take that dress you’ve had for years and make it feel new again is tights. They can take that boring outfit and make it fresh and unique.

Comfort is Key

We al like to look good and a lot of times comfort gets pushed aside for fashion. It doesn’t have to. Tights fit like a second skin, ensuring you are always both stylish and comfortable.

Keep it Smooth

Tights are a great way to smooth out all those little bumps and curves your trying to hide. They fit closely to the body, holding things in and helping make you feel confident.


You can have all these options and benefits for a low price. You never have to feel guilty about getting that pair you will only wear to special occasions or buying lots of them.

So can you blame us for loving tights so much?

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