Angel Reese is a shining name in the world of Women’s college basketball. The 6’3″ forward’s towering presence on the court is matched by her incredible talent and charisma. Fans, everywhere and especially young girls take her as a role model.

They are curious to know every detail about her personal life as well as the way she performs in public. Yet, there is one distinctive feature that has drawn the attention of fans and fellow players alike: her choice to wear a single stocking on her left leg during games.

In this article, we delve deep into the reasons behind Reese’s distinctive one-legged stocking and explore the inspiring story it tells.

Angel Reese Wear a Stocking

First, What Is A Leg Sleeve?

A leg sleeve is a compression sleeve that is worn over the leg and it has many purposes including

  • #1- Improving Circulation

Compression sleeves are a functional style that is designed to improve blood flow and reduce swelling in the leg. They are made of tight, stretchy material that applies pressure to the legs.

Compression sleeves can be beneficial for people who have poor circulation, such as those with diabetes or varicose veins. They are also perfect for those who spend long periods of time standing or sitting, such as nurses, flight attendants, or office workers. They are also a comfortable and convenient option for pregnant women to help reduce swelling in the legs.

  • #2- Reducing Muscle Soreness:

After strenuous activities, many athletes experience discomfort and muscle soreness in their legs. This is due to the extra pressure put on their feet, Leg sleeves can help alleviate these symptoms by providing compression to the legs which can improve blood flow and reduce fatigue

  • #3- Supporting The Muscles And Joints:

Leg sleeves can help to support the muscles and joints in the leg. This can be beneficial for people who have injuries or conditions such as arthritis:

Benefits Of Wearing A Leg Sleeve

There are a number of benefits to wearing a leg sleeve, including:

  • #1- Improved Performance:

Step into pure comfort with these compression sleeves that improve circulation through the legs for reduced fatigue, giving you more energy throughout the day and thus improving performance.

  • #2- Reduced Pain And Inflammation:

Compression sleeves are made to stretch and stay comfortable, they relieve leg fatigue, reduce pain and inflammation caused by injuries or conditions such as arthritis.

  • #3- Faster Recovery:

After strenuous exercise, many athletes resort to wearing compression sleeves as they can be useful in reducing muscle soreness leading to a faster recovery.

  • #4- Increased Comfort:

Compression sleeves provide all-around comfort for your legs. They can improve circulation, prevent the appearance of veins and relieve tired muscles so that your legs will feel lighter than they might have otherwise.

Is It Safe To Wear A Leg Sleeve?

Back to our earlier point about the benefits of leg sleeves, and you may have seen that compression sleeves are generally safe to wear for most people. However, it is important to choose the right size of leg sleeve and to wear it properly.

Leg sleeves that are too tight can restrict circulation and cause discomfort and leg sleeves that are too loose may not provide adequate support.

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✦ Why Does Angel Reese Wear A Stocking On One Leg? ✦

  • Reason #1: To cover up a scar.

Angel Reese suffered from a Jones Fracture and split shinbone during her time playing for Maryland, which required surgeries and left significant scarring.

In the midst of fierce competition and high-stakes games, Angel Reese chooses to cover this visible scar with a stocking. It’s not merely a fashion choice, it’s a testament to her resilience and her refusal to be defined by her setbacks.

  • Reason #2: To honor her idols.

Apart from covering her visible scars, Reese wears the one-legged stocking as a tribute to her favorite WNBA players: A’ja Wilson and Te’a Cooper, who also wear similar sleeves.

Reese is not crazy about these players and is more interested in their style and play on the court, so that, she wears a one-legged stocking as a way to honor her idols.

The second layer of meaning behind Angel Reese’s one-legged stocking lies in her admiration for two basketball icons: Te’a Cooper and A’ja Wilson. These two players have not left their mark on the court but have also influenced Angel’s sense of style and identity.

Te’a Cooper, a talented player who once graced the courts under the guidance of LSU coach Kim Mulkey at Baylor and A’ja Wilson, who made waves during her college career at South Carolina and now shines in the WNBA with the Las Vegas Aces, share a unique style choice with Angel Reese, they both wear a one-legged stocking during games.

For Angel, this choice is more than a fashion, it’s a way to honor her idols, it’s a way to channel the energy and inspiration she draws from these accomplished players onto the court.

  • Reason #3: To express her individuality.

Angel Reese’s one-legged stocking is more than a piece of fabric, that covers her visible scars, it’s more than an imitation to her two idols: A’ja Wilson and Te’a Cooper. It’s rather a symbol of her journey, her battles, her influences, her strong will, and her stance against the status quo.

It’s a reminder that every scar tells a story. A story of hard work, perseverance, strong will, determination and motivation.

It’s a reminder that even the smallest details can hold the most significant meanings. It’s a way to express her individuality and tell her story without words.

✦ The Intersection of Swag and Symbolism ✦

As Angel Reese herself puts it, the one-legged stocking is a fusion of “swag” and “symbolism.” It is more than just a cover-up. It’s not a way to show off, it’s rather a representation of her resilience, her journey through adversity and her deep respect for those who have paved the way in women’s basketball.

Reese’s choice goes beyond fashion, it’s a reminder that beneath the glitz and glamour of sports, there are stories of challenge and inspiration waiting to be uncovered.

✦ The Impact of Reese’s Choice on Pop Culture ✦

The impact of Reese’s style extends beyond the basketball court, it has had a significant impact on pop culture. She has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers and she has been interviewed by major media outlets. She has also been praised by other celebrities and athletes.

Reese’s fashion choice has also inspired other young girls to express themselves in their own way.

✦ Reese’s Fashion Choice and The Future of Sports ✦

Reese’s unique fashion statement is a sign of the changing times. More athletes are using their platforms to express themselves and to advocate for change.

Reese is a pioneer in this movement and she is paving the way for other athletes to follow in her footsteps. Reese’s fashion choice is a sign of the increasing diversity and inclusion in sports and more and more athletes are coming to the forefront and are using their platforms to celebrate their differences.

If you’re struggling to be yourself, remember Angel Reese’s story. She’s a proof that being different can never affect success.

FAQs About Angel Reese’s One-Legged Stocking

FAQs About Angel Reese's One-Legged Stocking

  • Q: Why does Angel Reese wear a stocking on one leg?

A: Angel Reese wears a stocking on one leg primarily to cover the scars from surgeries due to a Jones Fracture and a split shinbone. It also serves as a compression sleeve to support muscle stability.

  • Q: What injuries did Angel Reese suffer from?

A: Angel Reese suffered from a Jones Fracture and a split shinbone during her time playing for Maryland, which required surgeries and left significant scarring.

  • Q: Is there a sentimental reason behind Reese’s one-legged stocking?

A: Yes, apart from covering her scars, Reese wears the one-legged stocking as a tribute to her favorite players, A’ja Wilson and Te’a Cooper, who also wear similar sleeves.

  • Q: Does the stocking have any functional benefits?

A: The stocking acts as a compression sleeve, which can aid in muscle stability and recovery, an essential aspect for an athlete with a history of leg injuries.

  • Q: Has Angel Reese’s one-legged stocking style been controversial?

A: While not controversial, her style choice has sparked discussions about self-expression and the double standards that athletes, particularly women and people of color, face in sports.

  • Q: How has Angel Reese’s fashion choice impacted her branding?

A: Angel Reese’s fashion choices, including her one-legged stocking, have become a signature part of her personal brand, making her instantly recognizable and inspiring to her fans.

  • Q: Can Angel Reese’s one-legged stocking be seen as a form of protest?

A: It can be interpreted as a subtle form of protest against the double standards in sports, showcasing her individuality and challenging traditional norms.

  • Q: Has Angel Reese spoken publicly about her one-legged stocking?

A: Reese has mentioned in interviews that the stocking is to cover scars and as a nod to her favorite players, acknowledging both the practical and sentimental reasons behind it.

  • Q: Are there other athletes who wear similar stockings or sleeves?

A: Yes, many athletes wear compression sleeves for both style and function, including Reese’s inspirations, A’ja Wilson and Te’a Cooper.

  • Q: Where can fans buy a one-legged stocking like Angel Reese’s?

A: While specific brands worn by Reese may not be publicly disclosed, compression sleeves are widely available at sports retailers and can be purchased by fans who wish to emulate her style.


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