The Jorts Comeback: Why This ’90s Trend Is Suddenly Cool Again

While fashion trends come and go, one trend that seemingly transcends the boundaries of time is the concept of jorts.

The hybrid of jeans and shorts, “Jorts”, have remained a timeless wardrobe staple for years. Their timeless appeal means you can wear them Summer after Summer without looking outdated.

This Amazing piece of outfit comes in different colors and washes, styles and designs and happens to be a summer Essential. So flaunt your silhouette in a dreamy pair of denim while the fashion lasts.

As the term “Jorts” itself is a recent phenomenon, this article delves into its meaning, origin, evolution, the influence on pop culture and the reasons for remaining a timeless wardrobe staple for years. We will also give you some tips on how to style them, bringing a contemporary touch to this universally appealing garment.

So, What are Jorts?

What are Jorts: The Jorts Comeback: How to Wear This '90s Trend
What are Jorts?

Jorts are a style of jean shorts made from denim fabric which is the same material typically used in the production of jeans. Whether you cut the bottom off a pair of regular jeans or buy them pre-made, jean shorts are “Jorts”

They can come in a variety of styles, colors and lengths (from short to knee-length or longer) They are known for their versatility, being suitable for different occasions and are considered as a staple of Summer wardrobes due to their breathable and comfortable material.

In essence, Jorts offer a balance between comfort and style making them a timeless staple that fits the style of the era.

Now, before we delve further into the fashion dynamics of jorts, let’s trace back their history, and discover the roots of this intriguing fashion item.

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Exploring The Origins: The History of Jorts

The story of jorts begins in the 1960s. During that period, jorts emerged as a counterculture trend.

They were used as a way to oppose the material, denim, that epitomized American Workmanship

Over time, jorts gradually seeped into civilian life, transitioning from a socio-political statement to a fashion statement becoming a staple of American fashion in the 1970’s, thanks to figures like Bob Weir, the Grateful Dead guitarist.

The trend continued to grow throughout the 80s only to be met with disapproval in the later years for being associated with outdated fashion and middle-aged men.

However, since their entry into the Oxford Dictionary in 2013, jorts have been enjoying a revival.

Today, jorts have become a universally loved summer wardrobe staple, marking their comeback in the fashion world.

  • Jorts: A Breathable Comfort

Jorts are made from breathable denim fabric, making them ideal for summer wear. The breathable fabric helps keep you cool and comfortable, even on the hottest days.

Additionally, jorts like any other pair of denim jeans offer a certain ruggedness and can withstand significant wear and tear, making them a durable choice for every day wear.

  • The Celebrities Who Rocked Jorts

The Celebrities Who Rocked Jorts
Andre Agassi / John Cena

Jorts are not just for the common man; they have also made several appearances in the charming world of show biz.

Andre Agassi, the tennis icon, drawed attention when he stepped onto the court wearing jorts at the U.S. Open Tournament in 1988 leading to their popularity. On another note, John Cena, the famous Wrestler, chose jorts as her favourite trademark attire, adding to their widespread and popularity too.

These instances underlined the flexibility of jorts, displaying how they could fit into both the world of sports and entertainment.

  • Jorts: A Style for Everyone

Today, Jorts are a universally appealing garment that can be worn by both genders of all ages whether you are a man or a woman, a teenager or a young adult, jorts can complement your style and comfort needs There is always a style for everyone.

Brands have also taken note of this trend and have been innovative with their designs, offering a wide range of options from high-waisted to distressed jorts, catering to different body types and style preferences.

Besides, unlike some types of shorts that come in limited colors, jorts are available in various colors and washes including the classic blue denim, black, grey and even white. You’re bound to find a color that suits your style and preferences.

  • The Role of Brands in Popularizing Jorts

Jorts’ sudden return to the world of fashion would not have been possible without the role played by clothing brands, both big and small. Brands such as Levi’s, Momotaro Jeans and ASOS have come up with their versions of jorts that have received a positive response from the fashion-conscious crowd.

While Levi’s with its legacy in denim manufacturing, remains a trusted choice for many individuals, the high-end Japanese denim brand Monotaro Jeans has also made a mark with its distinct offerings in jorts. The affordability and the fashionable options offered by ASOS make it a popular choice amongst the younger demographic.

When choosing a brand, consider factors such as high quality, fit, and the brand’s.. overall style to ensure that the jorts align with your personal preferences and wardrobe needs.

Rocking The Jorts Trend: Do’s and Don’ts

Today, Jorts are back in fashion with so many options, styles and colors to choose from.

However, when choosing the right type of jorts for your needs, it’s important to know.

How to wear it correctly to avoid looking outdated or unstylish. Here are What to do and What not to do.

👌 Do’s

  • 1- Embrace The Right Length:

For Men, the length of jorts should land one to two inches above the knee unless you are aiming for a John Cena look.

For Women, the length of Jorts, largely depends on personal style but a rule of thumb is to avoid the “Booty Short” look for more formal settings.

  • 2- Opt For a Tapered Fit:

Look for jorts with a tapered fit. This applies to both men and women. A tapered fit helps maintain a balanced silhouette and avoids making your legs look short or wide.

  • 3- Mix and Match:

The foremost reason to add jorts into your summer wardrobe is their incredible versatility They can effortlessly transition from a casual wear to smart-casual attire. So, pair them with different tops to switch up your look.

  • For a casual look, opt for a T-shirt.
  • For a more polished look, go for a button-down or a nice blouse.

This flexibility makes jorts a valuable addition to any wardrobe, reducing the need for multiple styles of shorts for different occasions. So, mix and match and enjoy experimenting with different looks: Fashion is all about expressing your personality, after all.

  • 4- Don’t Forget About Accessories:

Keep your footwear and accessories in mind as they can elevate your look.

  • Pair your jorts with stylish shoes like sneakers for a casual option or loafers or heels for a dressier attire and don’t forget about belts, jewelry or hats.
With these tips in mind, you can make the most of your jorts, creating stylish outfits for any summer occasion.


  • 1- Avoid Cargo Jorts.

Cargo shorts are recognized by their bulky pockets and baggy fit. They may be practical and convenient but they often don’t translate well into the world of jorts

The extra bulk can distort your silhouette and make you look heavier than you are. On the other hand, classic, streamlined jorts offer a more flattering appearance.

  • 2- Say No to Jorts and Formal Wear.

While Jorts are a versatile garment, they are still a casual item at heart. Pairing them with formal wear like blazers or silk shirts can create a mismatched look.

  • 3- Avoid Jorts That Are Too Tight.

While skinny jorts might be trending, it’s essential to prioritize comfort.

Opt for a fit that’s snug but offers enough room in the seat and thighs for comfortable movement

  • 4- Skip The Overly Distressed Look.

While fashion is all about expressing your personality and it’s up to you to choose what you would like to wear, overly ripped or distressed jorts can look messy and overdone. If you are going for distressed jorts, opt for a pair with subtle distressing.

Styling Jorts: A Guide For Men and Women

Styling Jorts is an exciting endeavor because of their versatile nature. They can be dressed up or down and integrated into various looks depending on the setting. Here are some style tips for both men and women to rock the jorts look.

👨 Styling Jorts for Men

Jorts are a versatile wardrobe staple for males especially during the warm summer months, They can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion, making them suitable for a variety of outfits. Here are some ideas on how to style jorts for Men.

  • 1- The Casual Cool

For a relaxed, everyday look, pair your jorts with a simple graphic tee or a comfortable polo shirt. Finish off the outfit with a pair of white sneakers or loafers and you have a perfect combination for a day out in the city

  • 2- The Rugged Explorer

Channel a more rugged aesthetic by wearing your jorts with a casual button-down shirt or a henley. Keep the colors neutral for an earthy vibe. Add a pair of brown leather sandals or boots. Don’t forget a belt for a touch of structure and sophistication

  • 3- The Urban Trendsetter

For a modern, urban look, wear your jorts with a fitted tank top or a cool band t-shirt Throw on a casual, open-button shirt over the top for added layers. A high-top pair of sneakers or trendy boots would be perfect for footwear. Don’t forget to accessorize with a beanie or a statement wristwatch.

  • 4- The Semi-Formal

To achieve a semi-formal outfit, team up your dark wash jorts with a crisp button-up shirt. Add a lightweight blazer for that polished edge. Finish off the outfit with a pair of loafers or brogues and a stylish leather belt.

👩 Styling Jorts for Women

Jorts aren’t just a man’s wardrobe staple They are equally appealing and versatile for women. Here is How to style jorts for females:

  • 1- The Boho Chic

For a bohemian-inspired look, pair your high-waisted jorts with a flowy, floral blouse or a crochet top. Throw a long, drapey cardigan for added layers and if the weather allows.

Add a pair of strappy sandals or ankle boots and accessorize with a long pendant necklace and a floppy hat for that perfect boho vibe.

  • 2- The Street Style Star

For a street-inspired look, combine your jorts with a trendy crop top or a band t-shirt Layer with a leather jacket or an oversized blazer for added edge

Add a pair of sneakers or combat boots Accessorize appropriately with a statement bag and a chunky necklace.

  • 3- The Classy Casual

For a sophisticated Yet casual look, pair your jorts with a sleek, button-down shirt tucked in. Add a belt for added structure complement this look with ballet flats or classy heels. Keep jewelry minimal and elegant.

  • 4- The Beach Babe

For a beach-ready look, pair your jorts with a vibrant bikini top or a light airy blouse. Slip on a pair of flip-flops or sandals, grab a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses and you are beach-ready.

Jorts Vs Other Types of Shorts

Jorts Vs Other Types of Shorts

When you dive into the world of shorts, you’ll find so many types available with each style serving a different purpose and aesthetic. You might be wondering why you should choose jorts. Here are a few reasons

  • Jorts Vs. Chino Shorts

Chino shorts are a style of shorts made from chino cloth, a lightweight cotton or cotton-blend twill fabric, these shorts are known for their versatility and smart-casual vibe.

They come in a variety of pastel colors and are typically paired with polo shirts or button-down shirts for a classic preppy look.

While, jorts, with their denim construction tend to lean more towards the casual and rugged side of the spectrum.

  • Jorts Vs Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are known for their bulky pockets and baggy fit. They don’t score high on style. However Jorts, especially the modern, slim-fit varieties, offer a more streamlined look and less cluttered look. So if you are more concerned about style than storage, jorts would be the better choice.

  • Jorts Vs Athletic Shorts

Athletic shorts are meant for physical activities and sports, they are typically made from light, breathable and very often moisture-wicking materials. They prioritize comfort and functionality over style.

Jorts, with their denim fabric might not offer the same level of breathability and comfort as athletic shorts but they are stylish and trendy

The Best Brands for Jorts

Now that we’ve established how to wear jorts, let’s delve into where to find the best ones. The quality of denim and the cut can significantly impact the overall look and feel of the jorts. Here are some of the best brands to consider when hunting for the perfect pair of jorts.

  • 1- Levi’s

When we talk about denim, it’s hard to ignore Levi’s. With a legacy dating back to 1853, they’ve been synonymous with quality denim for generations.

Their 501 jeans shorts are a classic fit that caters to almost everyone, but if you’re looking for a slimmer option, consider their 511 slim fit. For a dark wash with a modern, slim fit, Levi’s 412 is a fantastic choice. They incorporate a good portion of spandex and lyocell, ensuring they’re as comfortable as jorts can be.

Another great option is the Levi’s 469 Loose Jean 12″ Men’s Shorts. These shorts have a looser fit than the 501, 511, and 412, and they have a 12-inch inseam. They are made from 100% cotton denim and have a 5-pocket styling. They are available in a variety of washes, including light, medium, and dark.

If you’re looking for a pair of comfortable and stylish denim shorts with a looser fit, the Levi’s 469 Loose Jean 12″ Men’s Shorts are a great choice.

  • 2- Momotaro Jeans

If you’re willing to invest a little more in a pair of high-quality jorts, look towards Japanese streetwear. Momotaro Jeans, in particular, is known for producing high-end denim that’s stylish and durable. While they are on the pricey side, they’re a great investment if you’re looking to make a statement with your jorts.

  • 3- ASOS

For a mean pair of black denim shorts, ASOS has got you covered. Their jorts are pre-washed and lightly distressed, providing a lived-in look and feel. Plus, with a wide variety of fits and styles available, there’s something for everyone.

  • 4- American Eagle

Another great option for jorts is American Eagle. Known for their soft and durable denim, their jorts are comfortable and fashionable. Whether you prefer a classic fit or something more modern, they’ve got you covered.

  • 5- Wrangler

Wrangler has been a reliable name in the denim industry for years. Their jorts are known for their durability and comfortable fit. They also offer a wide range of styles, from classic to modern, so you’re sure to find a pair that suits you.

Jorts are a polarizing piece of clothing, but they have a long and storied history. From their humble beginnings as workwear to their current status as a fashion statement, jorts have come a long way. While they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no denying that they are a versatile and comfortable garment that can be styled in many different ways. So whether you love them or hate them, jorts are here to stay.

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