There are many different types of men’s and women’s legswear that are specifically designed for warm weather but today, We are going to talk about cargo shorts. They are considered as the perfect summertime staple because they are so easy to pack and fit any outfit

Whether it’s casual or dressy but at first let’s clarify a few things. Cargo Shorts and utility shorts refer to the same thing Men’s fashions tend to use the phrase utility shorts more than cargo shorts while Womens Wear uses Cargo Shorts more There isn’t a big difference between the two names. They differ slightly depending on whether they’re designed for men or women

Anyway, you can find these Cargo Shorts in four lengths for men (3, 5, 7 and 9-inch inseams) and in five lengths for ladies (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9-inch inseams)

Most of Cargo Shorts are made of cotton but they are also available in many other fabrics like twill weaves, chambray, polyester, nylon, modal and bamboo to satisfy all the tastes

If you are someone who plans to wear Cargo Shorts casually to some special events such as trips to the beach, pool parties, or for outdoor sports like running or hiking, then, I think these shorts are worth investing in

Let’s, Now, move on to how to style Men’s Cargo Shorts.

Styling Men’s Cargo Shorts:

In 1890, shorts were only designed for a specific category of wearers; that is to say, only little guys wore shorten inseam fashions staples but today these shorts are convenient to all wearers from different generations

Once temperature gets warmer, you can see people here and there, of all ages, wearing shorts

  • When to Wear Cargo Shorts?

It’s a good question and here is the answer, You can wear Cargo Shorts in any casual or leisure situation. This short is versatile in the sense that’s good for summer special event functions such as bar-be-ques, trips to the beach, pool parties, for lounging around and it can be worn in casual training settings too

  • When Not to Wear Cargo Shorts?

A few casual workplaces let you wear shorts. But some other workplaces which have strict rules concerning the dress code don’t allow to wear shorts as a business casual. So it’s important to check this point with your boss otherwise you’ll lose you job and you’ll end up in trouble for violating the dress code. Avoid wearing shorts for any event that necessitates business or formal attire

  • Cargo Shorts and Body Types

Each person has his own body type. What really fits on someone’s body doesn’t mean, it will fit on others

Each body type needs a different length or cut. So we Should simply avoid traditional cargo shorts

  • If you have an athletic build, a tailored fit without too baggy or too tight of legs work best on a man with broad shoulders and smaller waist

A bulky, athletic build such as a linebacker can balance out the perception of their body by going for lighter colored shorts So try khaki, Tan or White Shorts

  • If you have a slim build: slim-fit shorts work best on a man with a slim body because baggy shorts’ll cause your legs and torso to appear disproportionate. You should also avoid flared shorts the excess material around your legs will make it seem as if you’re wearing a skirt It’s advisable, then, to wear straight leg shorts for the best results.
  • If you carry a little extra weight at your midsection try to avoid these types of shorts as they don’t go with your body shape.

❌ Avoid slim-fit shorts because they will emphasize your stomach

❌ Avoid wearing pleated shorts because they create lines leading to your waist

❌ Avoid elastic waistbands because they will pinch your waist and cause a muffin top

❌ Avoid wearing shorts longer than your knees such as board shorts or longer cargo styles because you’ll cause your legs to look smaller and your stomach to look bigger

What to go for?! you can choose straight-legged shorts instead

  • Optimum Length of Men’s Cargo Shorts.

Men’s Cargo Shorts come in four lengths: three, five, seven and nine-inch inseams.

❤️ The ideal length of shorts for a man varies depending on his height and the length of his legs. As a rule, the shorts should cover one-third of your leg length. A man of average height should wear a pair of shorts with a seven-inch inseam.

❤️ The choice of shorts depends on the situation too

❌ For Cargo Short swimming trunks, you can choose from three or five inch-lengths

❌ For Cargo Shorts of the typical style, you can choose from seven or nine-inch lengths.

❤️ The ideal length of shorts for a man varies depending on his outfit selection as well

❌ If you will wear a polo, solid color or white T-shirt, or button-down shirt with cargo shorts, choose a length of shorts that hits two to three inches above the knee short guys have special considerations, too

If your height reaches 5´ 7″ or shorter can opt for cargo shorts with a five-inch inseam and avoid wearing cargo shorts because the large side cargo pocket dwarf your small frame

Guys of heights 6´ 1″ or taller can opt for cargo shorts with a nine-inch inseam or seven-inch length and avoid wearing cargo shorts that show too much of their legs.

For styling your shorts, you can choose a short-sleeved button-down shirt or a polo shirt, and for your shoes, you can throw in a pair of loafers. With respect to swim trunks tall guys can opt for a five-inch length.

Styling Women’s Cargo Shorts:

While cargo shorts are thought of as cool, casual essential in any wardrobe The addition of some accessories and tops can instantly change their appearance

Fortunately, ladies have a greater diversity of outfit ideas that work well with cargo shorts. But like Men, they should keep these casual shorts for casual situations

  • When to Wear Cargo Shorts

Women can wear cargo shorts in any casual or leisure situation

If your office allows people to wear shorts as part of business casual dress code then you can wear them but if you are in doubt it’s always best to double check with your employer

  • Cargo Shorts and Body Types

Unlike guys, Women’s bodies carry extra weight in the hips and buttocks and upper legs, get described as the rounder, apple or the pear body shape.

The Hourglass figure can be athletic but these women have ample breasts and buttocks too.

  • Optimum Length of Cargo Shorts for Women

❤️ If you have a rectangle body type with thin thighs, choose the one-inch inseam length

❤️ If you want to hide your thicker thighs, choose the seven-inch inseam length

❤️ If you are 5´ 10″ or taller, you can choose the 7 or 9-inch-inseam length

  • A Little Something for Everyone

❌ Women with a pear shape can create the perception of a slimmer bottom by choosing cargo shorts in a dark color like black or navy blue. If you feel uncomfortable showing off your legs, opt for a Capri length of cargo shorts for women

Cargo Shorts Outfit Ideas

Although personal opinion and style play a role here, there are some pretty important outfit ideas when it comes to styling cargo shorts

How to Wear Cargo Shorts: 10 Casual Outfits For Women

  • White T-shirt With Grey Khaki Cargo Shorts

This stylish outfit is fresh and feminine slip on a white relaxed fit t-shirt to add some gorgeous airiness to a pair of grey khaki cargo shorts. Complete the feminine ensemble with brown sandals to look both refreshing and stylish

  • Black Tank Top With Khaki Cargo Mini Shorts

Throw these on to stay cute while you run errands. When you’re on the go you can wear a black tank top with a pair of arm green khaki Cargo Mini Shorts

To make the outfit more stylish, you can wear a black baseball cap. Finish your look with white sneakers to add a casual and sporty touch to the outfit

  • Black Cold Shoulder Crop Top With Green Long Cargo Shorts

Throw on these elegant pieces to get ready for a fun night out, choose a pair of army green long cargo shorts, then, select a black off

The shoulder crop top that complement the shade of your cargo shorts, Wear a pair of yellowish brown suede ankle boots to complete the outfit and enjoy yourself!!

  • Grey Cropped Long Sleeve Tee With Cargo Mini Shorts

Put Together a light heather grey long sleeve cropped t-shirt and a pair of grey khaki cargo mini shorts to look minimalist and achieve a low-key sexy look. for the shoes, wear a pair of white and black oxford leather shoes to add a stylish touch to this simple look

  • Blue Bell Sleeve Chiffon Blouse With Black Cargo Shorts

For cute and ladylike outfit that also looks very refreshing. choose a light blue Bell Sleeve Chiffon Blouse and pair it with black cargo shorts then throw in black sandals to look attractive

  • Black T-shirt With Beige Long Cargo Shorts

Slide into these comfy pieces in the Summer to look like an adorable girl choose a black T-shirt, pair it with Beige Long Cargo Shorts. As your gorgeous finishing, touch, choose an elegant heeled sandals to look casual yet stylish

  • White Sleeveless Form Fitting Top With Navy Khaki Cargo Shorts

For an approachable and casual Summer look, you can choose a white sleeveless form fitting Top. Pair it with a pair of navy khaki cargo shorts then add key finishing touches, slip on a pair of navy and nude flip flops

  • White Tee With Black Long Cargo Shorts and Flip Flops

Paring White Tee with black long cargo shorts is a great option to look minimal and casual. A pair of flops will add a simple black flip feminine touch

  • Camo Long Cargo Shorts With Matching Tank Top

For a stylish and playful outfit, go for camo long cargo shorts, pair them with Camo Tank Top. A pair of white sneakers will add a special allure and add a casual and sporty touch to the outfit

  • White T-shirt With Green Cargo Shorts and Heeled Sandals

For a simple yet fashionable look, wear a white T-shirt and pair it with green khaki cargo shorts. To complete the outfit, wear a pair of white heeled sandals to look refreshing and relaxed

How to Wear Cargo Shorts: 5 Casual Outfits For Men

  • Find Your Fuss-free Look

For a fuss-free approach to warm-weather dressing, let’s take a look at this outfit. It involves a white tee, Green Khaki Cargo Shorts, White Slip-ons, and black silicone strap watch in deep black. For added ease, finish your look with white slip-on trainers.

  • Men’s White and Navy Gingham Long Sleeve Shirt, Olive Cargo Shorts, Tobacco Canvas Slip-on Sneakers, Black Canvas Backpack.

To achieve this casual yet fashionable menswear, choose a white and navy gingham long sleeve shirt. Pair it With an olive cargo shorts. To finish your look, throw in a pair of tobacco canvas slip-on sneakers

  • Men’s Camo Cargo Shorts, and Short Sleeved T-shirt

Big and tall cargo shorts when pairing with a T-shirt of solid color is enough to achieve that cool street look

  • Men’s Ripstop Cargo Shorts and Plaid Shirt

Now Let’s Look at an other outfit that’s a casual business, Wear a pair of ripstop nylon cargo shorts with a plaid shirt. Then, Finish the look with fashionable shoes

  • Men’s Navy Plaid Short Sleeve Shirt, White Crew-neck T-shirt, Black Cargo Shorts, White and black leather low Top Sneakers

The best thing about this outfit is that it is easy to achieve without spending too much time combing through your closet. Just choose a navy plaid short sleeve shirt and pair it with black cargo shorts. Let your outfit combination, shine by completing the look with a pair of white and black leather low top sneakers

  • Men’s Navy Horizontal Striped Long Sleeve T-shirt, beige Cargo Shorts, Light Blue Athletic Shoes, Black Sunglasses

For a look that’s both edgy and functional, reach for a navy horizontal striped long sleeve t-shirt and beige shorts. Dial down this off-duty ensemble by slipping into a pair of light blue athletic shoes

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