Can Shorts be Business Casual? If yes What Types?

Can Shorts be Business Casual? It can be a challenge to dress for work, especially when you’re not sure what the dress code

With the weather getting so hot many people are looking to update their wardrobe and buy some of the season’s hottest trends and of course, there is nothing better than going for shorts.

They are versatile, practical and pairing well with just about anything. When you put on your shorts and look at the mirror, you may instantly think they are something quite casual, something that you can confidently wear for daily occasions: at the beach, in the street for outdoor sports or simply when chilling with friends

However, shorts are not just appropriate for these activities, they may also be worn for business casual attire. So how can this be this?

Since many others out there may not be aware of this, our article is going to share all details and clear up any confusion. If you are interested in answering the question how can shorts be business casual? continue reading this article

Here I’ll show you what types of shorts you can wear for a business casual look and how to wear them?

What Shorts Can be Business Casual?

The key to business casual attire is to go for shorts that are simple and uncluttered that is to say shorts that haven’t a lot of saggy pockets or many things in a disorderly state as this may make you look unprofessional

You should also never go for Cargo shorts since this type of short normally boasts several pockets and is designed especially for casual wear, the same goes for Bermuda shorts or jogging shorts

Instead, put on a pair of well-ironed chino or linen shorts. These shorts are versatile and can be worn for work, just wear them in the same colors and patterns that would regularly wear to work

Although business casual shorts are a great option, there are a few things to consider when you go for this look so continue reading to know how to wear them.

How To Wear Business Casual Shorts?

If you have an important meeting with your employers, customers or suppliers or have a major conference, I Would advise you to forget about wearing shorts for such an occasion and save to wear them for another day Try to stick to traditional professional business casual looks, such as formal pants, a T-shirt and a nice blazer instead. This look is more appropriate to meetings than shorts.

How To Wear Shorts To Work?

There are 3 major factors, you should consider when choosing shorts for business casual: The length, the style, and the type and quality of the fabric

As for the length, a 9″ inseam is a good starting point for Men’s shorts, and 10″ shorts are also acceptable, but anything longer or shorter wouldn’t be business casual

The style is another thing to select wisely Men’s Cargo shorts and deck shorts are not good options for work as they look complicated and have many pockets they aren’t simple, so it’s best to choose more minimal, structured styles

The third factor to take into consideration when going for shorts as business casual is the type and quality of the fabric Denim can be either dressed up or too casual. To keep denim shorts suitable for work, go with a darker wash and avoid distressed looks

What Types Of Shorts That Are Perfect For The Office?

Bermuda Shorts

You can opt for Women’s Bermuda Shorts when going to the office during the summer. They are simple, uncluttered yet stylish.

They are knee-length shorts that come in a wide range of colors, patterns and materials

Bermuda shorts work well with a white button down shirt or flowy short-sleeved blouses and strappy leather sandals.

You can also opt for a white leather handbag. These looks are simple yet classic and cute and you’ll stay comfortable while going at work.

Chino Shorts

Chino shorts can be worn by men or women and come in a variety of styles. They have a professional touch and can

be worn any where from the office to the park. They are a great pair of shorts to be used as part of a dressier style by simply adding a belt, a dress shirt and dressier shoes or a more casual attire with sneakers and a polo shirt or T-shirt

For women, a crisp pair of khaki chinos with an airy button-down liner shirt is a classic look that is fabulous, no matter what

This is a classic business summertime outfit perfect for the professional life

Choose Nice Shorts

Generally speaking, a more business casual attire depends on three major factors: the length of the short (9 to 10 inches long, anything longer or shorter wouldn’t be business casual), the styles (choose more minimal, structured styles) and the quality of the fabric

This is true to some extent but it also depends on the type of shoes and clothing you pair them with

Put on a Decent Pair of Shoes

There are several kinds of shoes, you may choose to complement your business Look including: monk straps, dress boots, loafers, oxford shoes as well as brogues and wingtips

Wearing flip-flops is not appropriate, it’s better to wear them at the beach or when hanging around, you should also avoid sandals unless your company is extremely carefree and you don’t mind showing your toenails to everyone at your workplace

Put on The Right Shirt

A Business casual attire also depends on the kind of clothes you pair with your shorts. I would suggest to put on button-down shirts but make sure they are not made from heavy fabric.

Opt for light cotton or linen shirts, it’s better for summertime. and make sure to roll up the sleeves to complete the look. Balance your outfit with colors and patterns that you normally wear to work

Instead of a T-shirt, a collared shirt is a work appropriate, it’s the most recommended option when wearing shorts in a professional setting

Consider Untucking The Shirt

If you’re wearing an undershirt, try to untuck it, and make sure that this undershirt isn’t long enough to dangle below the shirt you are wearing because that’ll not look good at all

It is entirely up to you whether to untuck your shirt or not but keep in mind untucking can give you a debonair air of cool. Anyway, you are free to choose whatever suits you.

Keep Prints And Patterns To A Minimum

A good professional appearance usually depends on the simplicity of your clothes. The more simple your clothes are, the more people’ll appreciate your look and respect you.

Prints suits can look stylish if done artistically but with shorts, I recommend you to keep things as simple as possible

What To Avoid In A Business Casual Look With Shorts

We have compiled a detailed list of clothing that you must avoid pairing them with shorts to help you learn about what really goes with business casual shorts. So let’s start You should avoid:

  • Ripped shorts
  • Sandals and flip flops
  • Scuffed and battered shoes
  • T-shirts with stains
  • Athletic sneakers or tennis shoes
  • Stained or Wrinkled clothing
  • Clothing With holes such as distressed jeans
  • Clothing that is too short and tight
  • Clothing that is oversized or too loose.
  • Tank tops
  • Crop tops

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