What to Wear With Camo Shorts: 13 Stylish & Elegant Outfit Ideas

With temperature getting so hot, many persons are looking to update their wardrobes with some cool and comfortable clothings that work for many occasions. There is no question that shorts are the perfect choice for summer days and their versatility will allow you to easily dress them up or down.

Today I am going to talk about the Camo Shorts, something that is less refreshing but more stylish and unique than the other styles of shorts that you have been wearing. Putting on camo shorts may look more masculine to do but actually, it looks just as good on women if they are well-paired with other tops and shoes

To inspire you with ideas on how to create a stylish and unique ensemble, we have compiled this guide on the best shirts and shoes to wear with camo shorts

From Button up shirt and jackets for women to print crew-neck t-shirt and polos for men, explore the different ways to style women’s and men’s tops with camo shorts for a stylish and unique look.

Best Camo Shorts Outfit Ideas for Women

The ideal pairings for camo shorts are the ones that are simple and eye-catching The key is to find the right tops color and to make sure that they match well with your skin tone

Normally, neutral colors are okay. For example black and grey tops work well with camo shorts, as well as white. Styling these shorts isn’t that challenging.

You can easily build stylish or even low-key sexy outfits around them. We’ll get into more detail about best camo shorts outfit ideas for women, so keep reading.

  • Grey Vest Top With Camo Shorts and Bomber Jacket

This outfit is very unique one that is especially suited for those of you who love to put on a super stylish outfit.

You can achieve this layered look by wearing a grey form fitting vest top with a pair of high waisted camo shorts. Put a green long bomber jacket over these two pieces then complement the outfit by wearing lace up open toe ankle boots to look even more stylish

  • White Sleeveless Print Tee with Camo Mini Shorts

To achieve a low-key sexy summer outfit, you may want to wear camo Mini Shorts with white sleeveless print tee. Pair them with black ankle leather boots to look more stylish and unique

  • White Button Up Shirt With Camo Mini Shorts

If you are looking for a stylish yet slightly artistic look. You may want to consider this outfit. To form it, go for a white button up shirt. Pair it with a pair of camo shorts. Match these two pieces with a pair of black leather ankle boots to look more stylish. Finally, wear a black felt hat to provide a slightly artistic look.

  • Grey Sleeveless Cotton Top With Camo Mini Shorts

One way to wear camo shorts in an attractive way is to follow this outfit. You can wear a grey sleeveless cotton top with a pair of mini camo shorts. For the bottom, wear white sneakers to achieve a casual and cozy look

  • Grey Camo Shorts With Blue Denim Jacket & Tube top

You can style a pair of grey and blue camo shorts with a black cropped tube top and blue denim jacket. To look even more unique, wear a pair of white sneakers or a pair of high top black and white converse

  • Black Cropped Tube Top With Camo Skinny Fit Shorts

This sporty combination of a cropped black tube top with a pair of camo skinny shorts is easy to imitate when going for a beach hangout. To complete this sexy and sporty outfit, pair them with nude sneakers and a black baseball cap.

  • Cuffed Shorts With Black Blazer

This pairing of cuffed shorts and white t-shirt with a black blazer is a great outfit for those of you

who don’t have a very strict dress code at work. As you can see, this is a stylish and professional look, that is very easy to pull off. Just give it a try!!

Best Camouflage Shorts Outfit Ideas for Men

When it comes to wearing camo shorts for guys, here are a few different options

  • Men’s White Print Crew-neck T-shirt, Dark Green Camouflage Shorts, White Athletic Shoes, Silver Watch

This off-duty combination of a white print crew-neck t-shirt and dark green camouflage shorts is super easy to put together without a second thought helping you look awesome. White athletic shoes tie the look together. For accessories, you can add a silver watch

  • Men’s Olive Camouflage Crew-neck T-shirt, Olive Camouflage Shorts, Mint Athletic Shoes, Clear Sunglasses

Teaming an olive camouflage crew-neck t-shirt and olive camouflage shorts is the perfect way to, demonstrate your skills in men’s fashion even on lazy days

For a more laid-back twist, you can go for a mint athletic shoes and clear sunglasses

  • Men’s Beige Crew-neck T-shirt, Olive Camouflage Shorts, Black Suede Casual boots, Black Canvas Messenger Bag

Undeniable proof that a beige crew-neck T-shirt and olive camo shorts are amazing when matched together. Introduce a pair of black suede casual boots to this ensemble to pull your full look together.

  • Men’s Black Polo, Olive Camouflage Shorts, Black Canvas Slip-on Sneakers, Black Canvas Backpack

This stylish combination of a black polo and olive camo shorts is extremely easy to throw together for day-to-day wear. If not sure about the footwear stick to black canvas slip-on sneakers

  • Men’s Navy Long Sleeve Shirt, Olive Camouflage Shorts, Beige Suede Boat Shoes, Dark Brown Sunglasses.

For a more classic combination, you should consider to opt for this out fit. To form it, you can pair a navy long sleeve shirt with olive camo shorts. Why not complement your look with beige suede boat shoes?

  • Camo Hat and Camouflage Shorts

You can wear Camo hat with camouflage shorts to create a relaxed, and stylish look. When styling them with sneakers, it’ll give this outfit an even more casual look and style along with comfort

Whether you are going on a vacation or for a day at the park for a picnic this sweat wear can work very well.

What Shirts go Good With Camo Shorts?

Camo looks great when paired with neutral colors such as black and white shirts.

Generally, black is the best color to opt for so when in doubt, opt for shades of black throughout your outfit. You can also go for brights, Bold print Mixing or neutral print mixing. They are all good colors to go with camo shorts.


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