What Goes With Blue Shorts?

Blue shorts are in style this summer and both men and women can choose from a variety of different styles of blue shorts from denim shorts and cargo shorts to blue pleated shorts paired with a black pair of shoes or blue linen shorts with a nice pair of sandals. Blue is a color that can be paired with many different color combinations.

Blue shorts can be worn with baby pink, white, sand, grey, olive green, yellow, beige or even multi-colored top and each’ll blend perfectly Below is a list of different colors of blue shorts made of a variety of materials and options of what goes with blue shorts. So let’s take a look.

  • Denim Shorts

Anything will match the ever-versatile blue denim shorts. Since most clothing choices go well with blue denim and you can dress them up for all occasions from fancier to more casual ones

You can even add a denim jacket for those cool nights or dress it up to resemble a shorts suit for more formal occasions. Denim has an urban, street-style vibe to them so footwear that’s a little bit sporty’ll work really well too; a pair of white trainer will be perfect. These’ll give your outfit a smart casual look.

  • Blue Linen shorts

Blue linen shorts are a great option for both men and women since they’ll help keep you cool during summer and provide a very stylish and classic look you can pair them with a white shirt or even a striped top or printed that has the same shade of blue running through it

You can also slip on a pair of brown or tan loafers. These will give your outfit a smart classic look

  • Blue Pleated Shorts

You can boast a pair of blue pleated shorts with a bright yellow top with a medium shade of blue for a unique and fun look.

You can even throw on a pair of black shoes to add more basic color to your outfit.

  • Turquoise Blue Shorts

This look of turquoise blue shorts paired with a White Top and White sandals works well for more casual occasions If you like, you can try a black top with a pair of black sandals; That looks perfect too. A multi-colored top with this same shade of blue in it is a great option as well

Remember, shorts are a vital summer piece and if they’re worn appropriately they will give you that extra wow factor.

  • Blue High Waisted Shorts

You can boast a pair of blue high waisted shorts with a blazer and light colored tank top that would make a great outfit for work or play

High waisted shorts are better for women than men and this look can be worn to the office, to parks, to parties, to beach, etc…

  • Blue Cargo Shorts

This look of blue Cargo Shorts paired with a nice white shirt works well for both a dressy occasion or a more casual one. You can also get this same casual yet dressy look with a tan, yellow, pink, brown or black top, and a nice sandal or sneaker to match your top

This is a great look and also a very comfortable yet stylish outfit.

  • Blue Chino Shorts

Men or Women can rock a pair of chino shorts they look amazing with a pink shirt or some type of polo shirt depending on the look you are going for and where you are going

You can pair a basic pair of blue chino shorts with a brown belt to help contrast the different colors in this type of ensemble for summer

If you want to go for a business meeting or an important appointment, you can opt to wear a dress shirt with these blue chino shorts that’ll give you a more formal look.

  • Blue Shirt With Blue Shorts

You can pair blue denim or other lighter-colored blue shorts with a dark-colored blue top. It would be wonderful to try. You can also add a blue shoe with it or a pair of brown or tan sandals for more a casual or a dressier look.

How To Wear Blue Shorts Outfits: Top 6 Stylish Ideas For Men

  • Men’s White Long Sleeve Shirt, Blue Shorts, Navy Suede Driving Shoes, Navy Sunglasses

dress in a white long sleeve shirt and blue shorts for stylish and casual ensemble, Navy Suede Driving shoes with navy sunglasses is a good pick to finish off your look.

  • Men’s Light Blue Linen Short Sleeve Shirt, Blue Shorts, Tobacco Leather Sandals, Beige Horizontal Striped Canvas Tote Bag

You can match up a light blue linen short with a sleeve shirt for a more stylish and classic look. To bring a more laid-back touch to this look complete your look with Tabacco leather sandals and that’ll be perfect.

  • Men’s Pink Polo, Blue Shorts, Grey Suede Low Top Sneakers, Silver Watch

This laid-back combo of a pink polo and blue shorts matched with a pair of grey suede low top sneakers and a Silver Watch is a Wonderful idea to finish your outfit and you are all done and looking boss

  • Men’s White and Red and Navy Horizontal Striped Polo, Blue Shorts, Navy Leather Slip-on Sneakers, Dark Brown Sunglasses

Blue Shorts with a white and red and navy horizontal striped polo is a wonderful choice for men to feel absolutely confident and look casual. A pair of navy leather sneakers and a dark brown Sunglasses is a good option to finish off your outfit. So let’s try such a look!

  • Men’s Beige Polo, Blue Shorts, White Leather Low Top Sneakers

This is a very simple and casual outfit that is perfect to wear for hangouts. For the top, simply wear a Beige Polo, pair it with blue shorts and complete your outfit with white leather low top sneakers

  • Men’s Navy Crew-neck T-shirt, Blue Shorts, White Low Top Sneakers, Brown Leather Backpack

Wear a navy crew-neck T-shirt and blue shorts for more a casual and stylish look. A pair of white low top sneakers is a wonderful idea to finish your outfit and to complete your look.

How To Wear Navy Blue Shorts: Top 13 Stylish & Deep Outfit Ideas For Women

  • Women’s White Short Sleeve Blouse, Blue Shorts, Grey Leather Wedge Sandals, Brown Straw Hat

You can match up white short sleeve Blouse with a pair of blue shorts and make it look attractive. It can be a casual or a dressier one, depending on the occasion in which you’ll wear it

You can opt for Grey leather Wedge sandals and a brown straw hat for more a stylish and pretty look

  • White Chiffon Button Up Shirt With High Rise Navy Blue Lace Shorts

For a business casual look, put on a white chiffon Button up shirt then pair it with a pair of high waisted navy blue lace mini shorts to look lean and tall

To finish your outfit, wear pale pink heels or flats that’ll give you a feminine touch.

  • Grey and White Striped T-Shirt With Navy Blue Mini Shorts

This outfit can be considered as a very simple and casual street outfit.

To achieve this look, you can simply wear a grey and white striped T.shirt with Navy Blue Mini Shorts. Pair them with a pair of white sneakers or white sandals to look refreshing and clean.

  • Blue Button Up Blouse With Tribal Printed Mini Shorts

A pair of tribal printed Mini Shorts’ll look amazing with a blue button up blouse, it’s a very attractive outfit that has some tribal feel in it.

Add a pair of a pair of pale pink ankle strap open toe heels to look more ladylike and to wrap the look add a nice blue shoulder bag.

  • Black Blazer With White Collar Shirt & Navy Blue Shorts

If there is one business semi-formal outfit that we believe you should have, it’s this one. We know you might have fallen in love with navy blue shorts but wait until you see how attractive you’ll be after pairing them with the right top and shoes

let’s start, to achieve a business semi-formal outfit, you can simply wear a white button up shirt with a black blazer jacket for the top. Pair them with a pair of navy blue skinny dress shorts, them finish off your look with a brown leather ankle boots.

  • Women’s White and Navy Horizontal Striped Sleeveless Top, Blue Ripped Denim Shorts, Beige Leather Crossbody Bag, Silver Sunglasses

Wear a white and Navy Horizontal striped sleeveless top and blue ripped denim shorts to feel absolutely confident and look casual. A beige leather crossbody bag and silver sunglasses is a good choice to complete your stylish look

What Goes With Navy Blue Shorts?

If you want a comfy yet stylish look that’ll give you all the feels from casual to formal, you can throw on a pair of Navy Blue Shorts, and to make your look special and amazing, We’ve listed all the color shirts and outfit ideas that’ll go well with your blue shorts, so let’s discover them!!

  • Colored Shirt and Navy-Blue Shorts Combinations

There are some color shirts that can always be found in a man’s wardrobe and these colors might go perfectly with your navy blue shorts, so you won’t need to take a lot of effort into finding the perfect shirt colors.

  • Grisp White Men’s Shirts

You can match up your navy-blue shorts with a crisp white button-down shirt and that’ll be amazing but anyway I would recommend you to choose a shirt with lighter materials and you can casually roll it up to classy depending on the type of style you want to go for

  • Yellow Men’s Shorts

It’s true Yellow is a very bright color but softer yellow shades are a suitable choice to pair it with navy blue shorts – It’ll make the entire combination more pleasing to the eye

Just try on the ensemble then see how many friends around you’ll appreciate the new look

  • Red Men’s Shirts

There is no doubt that red is the perfect color choice to be paired with navy blue. It will works well

So Red shirt with blue navy shorts is a classic combination that you can wear on special occasions.

  • Chambray Men’s Shirts

Chambray is typically light-blue in color This’ll look good if you wear a chambray shirt with a dark blue pair of navy shorts. This’ll give off a fresh vibe once worn.

  • Black Men’s Shirts

You can’t go wrong When pairing Your navy blue shorts with a black shirt this’ll give you an edgy yet classy look.


Blue shorts are the best attire for the summer but when paired with the suitable outfits and are worn appropriately, they’ll give you that appealing look.

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