Vuori Kore Shorts Review (2022 Update)

Best Vuori Shorts for Lifting, Running, and More

The Weather’s hot and the sun’s out which means it’s shorts season. You know that much but you may be interested in some sports like running, swimming, surfing, climbing, etc… and you want that all-in-one style of short: One short for every sport!!

Again Vuori is the perfect choice for you and Vuori Kore shorts are a great gift idea. These shorts are Wonderful for their versatility, comfort and durability

So, it was high time I did a full review of these dreamy shorts you’ll want to add to your wardrobe

So keep reading this article to know more information about them.

Vuori Kore Shorts Review

Vuori means mountain but they’ll get as big as their name suggests.

The brand wants to evoke the feeling you get when you conquer a climb. It’s designed to make premium performance apparel suitable for all athletic activities.

The Kore Short is one of their best products. It’s designed to be a land and sea hybrid for guys who like to combine both land and water-focused workouts all in one training session.

It’s also made to withstand any and all athletic activities so Vuori’s Kore is the perfect solution for anyone who loves variety in their workout

Vuori Kore Shorts Features Pros & Cons

Vuori Kore Shorts Features Pros & Cons
Vuori Kore Shorts Features


This soft and stretchy short’ll give you luxury feel regardless of how snug you pull the waist

It features an adjustable waistband that prepares you to engage in a variety of activities, it also has a thin yet soft liner which allows you both comfort with or without boxers

But remember to always tie the waist before washing so that it doesn’t get pulled out and you’ll have lasting adjustability

Color Options

Normally, when you are on the market for more athleisure wear, you’ll notice that most of the athletic apparel’ll only have a few different basic color options to choose from when it comes to performance gear you can see navy, black and gray or you will see bright neon colors such as pink or lime green.

However, Vuori offers its consumers one of the largest color and design selections to satisfy all preferences and tastes

So it can be easy to feel like you have your style when you’re wearing your favourite athletic gear because Vuori unlike other brands brings a bright set of additions to the usual bottom selection.


We have had nothing but good experiences with Vuori Kore shorts, so it’s no surprise that they’re getting love for their sweats although they are expensive.

Generally, a higher price buys higher quality one hopes and this Vuori option is certainly a testament to that.


When you are on the market looking for new workout bottoms, you are interested in how durable these bottoms will be; because, durability is a major feature that must be available in all performance clothes so that you won’t worry about engaging in tough athletic activities

Vuori makes clothing that is built tough and holds up well to a lot of wear with this Vuori Kore Shorts, the fabric feels great but the same suppleness

that you will love for feel can disappoint in longevity. Reviewers had various pairs of the Kore that frequently switched up for regular wear but soon felt disappointed after excessive wash

The colors occasionally would bleed on the Kore and the string that ties the bottoms often tangled and detached in the wash.

Additionally, Although these Kore Shorts are designed to be perfect for every activity, they lack some key components that certain activities need. For example, climbing needs a specific material to avoid piercing the fabric and getting caught on rough surface causing injury but unfortunately, these Kore shorts are prone to rips

Moisture Wicking

Performance shorts are a great comfortable piece of clothing especially worn in summers during exercises and the majority have some moisture-wicking properties to help you stay cool and dry during your athletic activities.

This technology is not only helpful but necessary and the lack of it, makes the performance gear useless.

Moisture-wicking technology intends to move moisture away from your skin and bring it to the surface of the material to quickly dry

With the Vuori Kore Shorts, you don’t need to worry about wiped out early in the game because their quick drying capacity, as well as moisture-wicking technology, help you stay fresh and cool

Odor Control

Most gym clothes get smelly after tough exercises or workouts and they need to be frequently washed to get rid of bad smell caused by bacteria growth

Good news!! these Vuori Kore Shorts can help you avoid such a problem thanks to their odor control feature. Vuori ensures that you won’t have to worry about fending the masses when you wear the Kore regardless of the range of activities you are performing


This is another good feature that you may find in Vuori Kore Shorts.

Their polyester and spandex blend is so incredibly light and pillowy soft against the skin ensuring that you get a luxury feel throughout the day no matter how long do you train when Vuori says that you can do anything in these bottom, they mean it.

whether you want to put on these shorts for training, casual wear or even for sleeping in, you can do that comfortably


These shorts feature a subtle, thin and soft liner, reviewers who don’t seem to like liners in other shorts and are likely to cut them out or opted for looser-fitting bottoms, ended by loving Vuori Kore Shorts.

The liner helps the Kore double as a bathing suit, with assistance from the quick-drying and moisture-wicking material

If you previously felt unimpressed by the liner of your favorite athletic wear, you’ll more than likely love this kore

For those who are strictly runners or gym-goers, this Vuori Kore Short is a great pick for switching up your workout due to its support

V4 Technology

All of the Kore’s best qualities come from the brands V4 Technology.

thanks to the four-way stretch fabric, the performance gear moves with you, embraces your curves and planes of your body.

This technology is responsible for all practical performance additions to the short making it so great at transitioning from wet to dry areas and versa

Featuring quick-drying properties, odor control, moisture wicking technology added to V4 technology help this short to be suitable for high-intensity activities like climbing


As we have already mentioned Vuori Kore Short is one short for every sport, it has a classic athletic fit, falling just above the knee with an anywhere and everywhere versatility.

Whether you are at the gym, at the beach, running climbing or at the bed, I think you will like these Vuori Kore Shorts because they are versatile and meet with both comfort and support

If you are doing more intense workouts they worked great!

The Kore is meant to do anything:

anything that you can dream about These Kore shorts are equipped with pockets to easily hide your personal things the back pocket is velcroed closed which means you can safely keep your items

So don’t miss this offer!! and get a pair of one of the best Vuori Kore Shorts for your summer adventures!!.


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