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The sun gets hotter as summer is upon us and nothing is better than putting on a cute pair of shorts to relax in the summer heat. Shorts are versatile and practical and can be paired with just about anything.

You can easily have a new pair of shorts without spending too much time or money searching for one that matches your style.

What Shorts Are In Style For Guys?

There was a time when shorts for men were really short but thankfully over time they got longer. We can now find many new guys’ fashion styles available on the market for summer 2022. This article’ll help you choose shorts that are in style for guys. So keep reading.

What Is The Perfect Fit For Shorts?

It seems that the current style is moving closer to the shorter side. The event to which you are wearing your shorts may dictate which shorts you should wear.

The best length for shorts is one where the shorts hit the bottom of your thigh. This fit will flatter all body types.

You could consider a pair of shorts with a cuff. Cuffed shorts are making a comeback They have a more polished look than cut-off shorts, which makes them ideal for many summer occasions. It also allows you to customize your shorts. If you want short shorts you can create them yourself and if you want long shorts, simply use a pair of pants to make them.

Shorts Styles for Guys

“Stay Cool With These Different Styles of Men’s Shorts.”

Denim Shorts

Denim Shorts are ideal for wearing them all season long. They come in a wide range of styles sizes and washes. The appeal is that they can span from the uber-casual cut-off style to super dark-wash denim in trendier cuts.

Denim shorts work well with any outfit. You can pair them with a tribal print shirt for summer afternoon outings or bold red knits for a patriotic look or white short-sleeved shirts for a night out on the town.

Denim shorts are useful for many occasions but when you choose the right pair and style correctly, they’ll be the perfect addition to your summertime wardrobe

Walking Shorts

Worn a bit lower on the thigh, even to the knee, walking shorts are our go-to for when-in-doubt situations. Just like any shorts, walking shorts come in several styles and cuts

They are versatile and practical and can be paired with just about anything

They’re comfortable enough for walking, match, and easy to slip into when running errands

These shorts are not only casual but go with just about anything what we really like about them is the versatility that they’ll offer. Wear them with any of your favorite T-shirts or polos then layer on a crewneck sweater for cool evenings or air-conditioned spaces.

You can even pair them with a long-sleeved button-down and an unstructured blazer for a dignified, nonchalant effect.

Chino Shorts

Men’s chino shorts are great options for a summertime business casual wardrobe They have a professional touch and can be worn anywhere from the office to the park

Thanks to their preppy feel and lightweight cotton twill fabric, they bring a refined touch to casual summer button-ups, polos and tees

Chino shorts come in many styles and various lengths, allowing you to fit that works best for you.

Athletic Shorts

Athletic Shorts are made with flexible and stretchy spandex material. They fit close to the body and come in several colors and prints that you might be tempted to wear them almost anywhere

Athletic Shorts are growing in popularity and are the latest summer trend Like biker shorts, you can pair them with unexpected items such as blazer, a tank top or a performance tee, a classic camp shirt or a polo. It just depends on the event or the occasion, you are wearing them for.

Sweat Short

Now, Let’s Take a look at this new current style for Guys

You can consider these sweat shorts as the summer-friendly version of your go-to sweat pants

They are a great addition to your warm-weather wardrobe. They look great when pairing with your favorite graphic tee or sweatshirt for running errands or throwing on with a button-up and blazer while working from home.

Technical Shorts

Stock up on staples with our must-have collection of technical shorts.

Built for training, hiking, golf, running and other outdoor activities. Cut from performance material with four-way stretch and moisture-wicking or water-resistant properties.

They come in multiple styles and colors. They are designed for every activity from running to hiking to playing golf to getting your pump on

So that’s the one I chose to share with you today. It has become one of the biggest streetwear trends for guys in 2022.

Performance Shorts

Many modern shorts were cut from performance material with a bit of stretch, moisture-wicking, quick-drying properties, and anti-odor finish but are constructed more like classic shorts with a real waistband, a zipper fly and pockets.

These are the shorts we can live in. They look clean and modern when worn with a minimalistic Pima cotton or graphic T-shirt.

Paired with a casual sweater or relaxed jacket and a pair of statement sneakers they make for a modern casual look.

Retro Running Shorts

There are many reasons for you to consider when selecting retro running Shorts as your clothing option

These shorts seem to move closer to the shorter side. They’ll keep you cool in the summer heat

They can handle regular washing and do not need any special treatment

You’ll love them for their fun fashion look. You can wear them for casual parties, backyard barbecues or workout Feel free to throw on a loose tank top or your favourite T-shirt.

Modern Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are making a major comeback in 2022 but with a new cut and design Many of today’s Cargo shorts for men come in slimmer silhouettes that feel sleek and modern. If you are up to date with today’s trends, this style is for you

Paired with a simple tee and a pair of statement sneakers, they make for a modern casual look

If you’re interested in a hip-hop-inspired streetwear look opt for a pair of oversized Cargo Shorts in a classic Khaki, that’ll suit more.

Printed Shorts

The Best style of printed shorts for this summer 2022 is a bold stripe made of different colors or camouflage

You can pair these patterned shorts with a classic Oxford in white or a polo shirt that you leave open and that’ll look great on you.

Which Brands Have The Best Shorts for Men

Online shopping has made life so much easier for all men out there even if you end up making your purchasing in store, you can do your research online to determine which styles and brands

that offer you the best shorts for Summer 2022. To help you narrow down your search We’ve highlighted a few of the best men’s shorts from the best brands.

1- Bonobos

If you’re looking for Summer Shorts that fit perfectly, try a pair of men’s shorts from Bonobos.

This New York – Based Brand prioritizes fit for all men of all heights builds and body sizes. Sure, the secret of their best-selling shorts is their signature curved waistband which conforms to the natural shape of your waist no matter is your body type.

Bonobos Stretch Washed Chino Shorts are sure to be a summer-friendly option. They feature a simple design that can be dressed up with a blazer and a button-down shirt or dressed down with your favorite basic tees and hoodies You can find them in extended size range as well as a wide range of colors. You can also find them in 4 length options and 3 different fits.

2- Levi’s

Finding the right summer short from the best brand can be a challenge but when it comes to denim shorts for men, Levi’s is hard to beat

Levi’s has been a leader in the jeans shorts market for generations and all their products are considered by many to be one of the most stylish versions out there, And thanks to their timeless cuts, their affordable jeans and denim shorts never go out of style.

Levi’s® Mens 505® Regular Fit Shortare a favorite pick for summer 2022. It features heavy-weight denim fabric with the addition of 1% elastic for a bit of stretch, a raw bottom hem, and classic 5-pocket styling

Honestly, it’s one of the most amazing denim shorts to wear on a daily basic

3- Carhartt WIP

Carhartt’s Work in Progress label is also one of the best brands that you should only trust it when looking for best men’s shorts.

To keep up with today’s top fashion trends, every practical piece offers a modern update to a classic workwear style

All shorts from Carhartt come in a wide of styles and colors so that you can stock up on multiple of your favorite products

All Carhartt’s products are the best attire for the summer. By having the shorts from such a brand, you can feel comfortable

Carhartt WIP Single Knee Short is one of the best shorts designed by such a brand. It is made from Carhartt’s organic Dearborn Canvas fabric with tool pockets, a hammer loop, and triple-stitched reinforcements at key stress points

To have the perfect fit, Carhartt Recommends ordering one size down from your usual pant size

4- Myles Apparel

When it comes to shorts for athletes, Myles Apparel is hard to lose It has created the perfect athletic shorts for men with the right balance of style and function

Myles Apparel Everyday Shorts can be one of their best offers they are made from lightweight, durable, double-weave fabric with a water-repellent finish and a modern tailored fit.

They also feature a secure back pocket and two bounce-proof mesh front pockets to keep your private belongings safe.

5- Public Rec

We can not finish our list of best brands that offer best shorts for men without talking about Public Rec Such a brand is making Comfortable athleisure for men that prioritizes style and fit.

Public Rec Workday Short is one of their best offerings It is a technical short designed for more formal occasions. This short’ll fit you well and has some stretch for freedom of movement

The modern slim-fit skims your hips and thighs with an 8 ¼-inch inseam that hits just above the knee making it one of the perfect shorts in style for guys for summer 2022

6- Olivers Apparel

Olivers Apparel is famous for its athletic clothing. If you want to look good, then this could be the perfect brand for you! From pants shorts tees and sweatshirts, Oliver’s apparel blends a timeless aesthetic with innovative materials and construction techniques. Every product from Oliver’s apparel is made of high-quality performance fabrics that maximize comfort and mobility, which makes it perfect for your busy life!

Oliver’s Apparel is a company that specializes in performance shorts and even includes them on their website. With these All Over Shorts, they use lightweight water repellent materials to make it comfortable for all-day wear.

These shorts are made with four-way stretch material so they will not only be comfortable when worn during outdoor activities, but also lounging around the house or running errands. They come in six different colors to match your favorite shirts and tanks too!


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