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This is The Softest Clothing in The World | Vuori Clothing Review (Guide 2023!)

What Is Vuori?

If you’re not familiar with the brand, Vuori has a wonderful mission to bring higher quality, great feeling athleisure wear to the masses while positively affecting the world. Their clothes are fantastic for lounging, running errands, exercising, surfing, climbing, hiking and basically anything else you can think of.

Vuori is a premium performance apparel brand inspired by the active California lifestyle and that originally made a mark in the fitness landscape with their designs

What’s really cool about vuori is that they’re completely carbon neutral. Yes, they technically have no carbon footprint

Vuori already offsets all of their carbon emissions through a partnership with a group called Climate Neutral. They are also working on getting rid of 80% from their shipping process.

In short, they are an emerging brand making a difference in the world.

I love shopping with brands that take steps to have a positive ecological impact! so what about you!!?

Full Review

The company was founded in 2015 by Joe Kudla in Encinitas California and from the time it was established, Vuori has done all its best to bring higher quality while caring for the world.

Thus, it is slowly growing based on the quality of their product and brand reputation rather than growing based on splashy advertising and design

Nowadays, Vuori is gaining a good reputation among its consumers, and in our view, it is an under-the-radar apparel brand that deserves much more recognition.

Is Vuori a Good Brand?

Whether you’re in the market for more posh athleisure wear or more interested in how ethical and sustainable your products are, Vuori is the best brand to opt for.

To be more clear, Vuori makes clothing that is of noticeably higher quality than other clothes in your wardrobe similar to what you might expect from a brand like Lulelemon, not only this, Vuori has a bonus for creating extra comfortable performance clothing and featuring understated west coast designs.

Vuori clothing is made to look and feel better than any other clothes.

Sustainability and Ethical Manufacturing

Vuori is also committed to manufacturing sustainably and ethically and I love that this brand offsets 100% of their carbon footprint, that’s possible because they’re able to buy enough carbon buy-backs to offset their shipping and operations.

In brief, Vuori is an eco-friendly and sustainable apparel brand that is committed to use high-quality materials such as Polyester derived from plastic bottles and Nylon derived from fishing nets as well as certified organic cotton by using these materials, the brand is doing something good for the planet while doing something good for yourself

All in all, Vuori brand is trying to do right by you and the planed and taking concrete actions toward a more sustainable future.

Vuori Quality

Vuori athleisure wear feels exceptionally lightweight and durable plus they don’t pill or fade like a lot of other brands. They are really designed for long lasting comfort and style for years to come.

Vuori has a history of quality clothing even when comparing with other fitness staples like Lululemon.

I can say anecdotally that Vuori’s clothing is premier in fit, function and soft stretch. The materials perform well, are comfortable to wear and are cut in ways that compliment your moving body, so it’s no surprise that Vuori brand is getting love for their sweats

Beyond anecdotes, Vuori requires that all of the suppliers they work with, follow the Vuori Code of Conduct. These standards address the fair treatment of workers, safe working environments and earth-friendly practices

More than that, Vuori makes clothing that is built tough and holds up well to a lot of wear.

Vuori excelled at choosing the best materials and crafting them into the highest performance apparel.

Vuori Price

Most Vuori’s athletic articles of clothing are priced more than the clothing you would pick up at your local sports good store. Generally, a higher price buys higher quality one hopes

So in our mind, it’s a justified price worth paying. After all, most of the key features can be found in Vuori’s clothing such as breathability, comfort, durability, adjustability, moisture wicking technology softness, odor control, support, etc… so you don’t need to go for another brand.

All of Vuori’s clothing is designed to wear comfortably in understated California syles and is designed to last for a long time

So according to me, I would rather spend a few extra dollars on something of a good quality that lasts longer and that checks all my quality boxes than spend less money on a product of bad quality that

I become dissatisfied with and that’ll soon. need to be thrown in a dustbin, so do you agree with me?!

Vuori Pros and Cons

In creating a complete Vuori clothing review, we find it helpful to list out the pros and cons

I think one of my favorite aspects of Vuori’s clothing is how versatile they are you can wear the same model from Vuori to train in, swim in, or for a casual wear. This makes them a good option for guys that don’t want to spend money on a ton of models and want that “all-in-one” style

Another aspect that you really like about Vuori’s clothing is the understated style with west vibes coast. All of Vuori’s clothing is designed to wear comfortably in understated California styles without restricting your movements

The last two features that you may also like about Vuori’s clothing are its strong commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing.

Vuori is committed to using 80% sustainable materials in just a few short years. and they are already close to that goal, using high-quality materials such as REPREVE and ECONYL that is to say polyester derived from plastic bottles and nylon derived from fishing nets.

Vuori is trying to take concrete actions toward a more sustainable future

Over the course of my review, I’ve found two potential cons that you must know. The first drawback to Vuori’s clothing is that they are more expensive than some lower quality brands but in my estimation a higher price buys higher quality one hopes.

Another drawback is the lack of more vibrant choices for those who prefer bold colors.

But anyway, We absolutely love Vuori. It’s a major part of our wardrobe that we recommend it to friends as an emerging brand.

Essential Vuori Men’s Clothing

When you’re searching for new workout bottoms, you want to seek something that’ll hold up even in the toughest workouts.

Fortunately, Vuori has everything you might need featuring comfortable cuts and fits for all body shapes. If you’re not sure exactly where to start, here are some of our favorite products.

  • Vuori Joggers Review

Sometimes a piece of clothing comes into your life that is just so good just so comfortable that you can’t stop wearing them.

One of our absolute favorite pieces of clothing that’s hard to go wrong and impossible to stop wearing it, is the Vuori Ripstop Traveler Jogger

So it was high time I did a brief review of these dreamy joggers that you may want to add to your wardrobe

These pants are incredibly versatile exceptionally comfy that you could sleep in them if you wanted to They are ready for any occasion

The relaxed fit offers wider-fitting pants down the leg making them extra comfortable and easy to move in. The fabric is super lightweight and breathable made from organic cotton with a Teflon coating. So normally it is also highly durable and also stain resistant

The Waistband and taper below the knee help keep these pants secure even during your most intense workouts.

The Ripstop Traveler joggers are comfortable pants made from the same material as Vuori’s Ripstop Climber Pants which are more slim-fitting pants and designed as proper climbing pants

They feature zipper pockets where you can stash a few credit cards, an elastic waistband, and moisture-wicking properties.

We also like The Vuori Transit Jogger which features zippered pockets for maximum security.

The polyester-based material used for the Transit jogger is abrasion-resistant, offers 4-way stretch, is moisture-wicking and quick-drying, it comes with back and side zip pockets, a signature drawcord and elastic ankle cuffs to tie everything together.

You can find it in 7 colors (Black, Charcoal, Navy, Ink, Dark Oregano, Smoke, and Cedar).

Everyone needs a pair of joggers or two in their wardrobe and both the Ripstop Traveler joggers and Transit joggers are the perfect addition.

  • Vuori Shorts Review

I tried the lined Kore Short and The Banks Short and both of them are a perfect addition to your wardrobe

Let’s start by Vuori Banks Short, I think one of my favorite aspects of this short is how great it is for casual wear. You can wear this model to the beach, or to the pool, to the gym, around town or for your favourite workouts

The Banks shorts are made with recycled plastic bottles. They have a scalloped leg The waistband is comfortable and lays true on the hips so there’s never any issues with material bunching or lack of security.

In the water, this short is okay and I think the quick-drying feature is awesome, but for running, it’s not designed to excel for this activity so if you are an avid runner, then I would highly suggest looking into running-focused shorts.

However, you can use the Banks shorts for running a few miles

Another favorite option is the lined Kore Short it might be the most popular piece of apparel in the company’s portfolio

The Kore shorts have a classic athletic fit, falling just above the knee with extra versatility

They are available in 2 lengths: a 5-Inch Inseam and a 9-Inch Inseam but beyond that their Polyester and Spandex blend is so incredibly light and pillowy soft against the skin that makes the shorts exceptionally easy and comfortable to wear

We also like the Vuori Trail Short, which features a slightly shorter inseam, pair it with the Tradewind Performance Tee and you’re good to go.

Essential Vuori Women’s Clothing

If you’re looking for leggings that feel like your second skin when you’re wearing them. We’ve found them for you. This Vuori Rib Studio Legging is the perfect addition to your wardrobe featuring flexible, four-way stretch, quick-drying, moisture-wicking with hidden stash pockets for storing things.

Sure you’ll wear them from studio to street to sea. They allow for a wide range of motion as you would expect from a premium performance legging

Another amazing legging to wear on a daily basis is The Vuori Daily Legging which features a high waist, drawstring tie, 7/8 length and cuffed ankles.

This model offers a timeless silhouette and colors. You can find them now on the market on 8 available cute colors including Black Camo, Black, Pool Blue and others You’ll want to wear them daily as the name shows “Daily Legging”

They are great for Yoga, running, hiking and even traveling. They also come with that Southern California chill Just a well-designed piece of premium apparel that performs as advertised

Alternatives To Vuori

Alternatives To Vuori
Alternatives To Vuori

Vuori is most often compared to Lululemon, Rhone and Prana so let’s see how the brands stack up

  • 1# Vuori Vs Lululemon

Both brands take time to choose the best materials and craft them into the highest performance apparel possible that’s why when we talk about quality, Vuori compares well with Lululemon

In terms of cost, Vuori’s clothing are much priced than the clothing you would pick up at any local sports good Store but in our mind, it’s a justified price worth paying since all of its products are of a high quality, versatile and last for a long time

Similarly, some of Lululemon’s clothing is more expensive, though we can’t find any discernible differences to justify the extra price

In comparing Vuori Vs Lululemon, Lululemon offers so many joggers that’s hard to tell if there is a specific performance advantage to any style, However Vuori’s offerings are a little more straightforward

For instance, the Vuori Performance Jogger is great for a workout while the Transit Jogger is great for lounging and the Traveler jogger is suitable for wearing around town, so, sure some stylistic differences exist.

In addition, both brands have strong sustainability gools, they are trying to do right by you and the planet and taking concrete actions toward a more sustainable future though sustainability is woven a little more deeply into Vuori’s fabric as a company.

What’s more Lululemon’s design choices are usually more vibrant whereas Vuori’s are a little more earthy which may be a drawback for those that prefer bold colors.

  • 2# Rhone Vs Vuori

Rhone is a men’s only brand which offers clothing in a good quality. Stylistically, it falls somewhere between lululemon and Vuori. It’s the perfect brand for men who are looking for casual wear that could pass in most offices.

Besides, Rhone’s design choices are usually a little more earthy which similar to Vuori but different to Lululemon that uses vibrant colors

Perhaps, the difference between Rhone and Vuori is that Vuori mostly offers performance activewear, with a bit of performance casual built-in while Rhone mixes in a bit more business casual but in our mind both brands complement each other and are perfect addition to your wardrobe. If you want to buy one of the best Rhone clothing pieces

then, I would recommend Rhone Commuter polo, It’ll be one of the most beautiful and comfortable polos in your closet

Like Vuori, Rhone has a positive ecological impact. They use organic cotton, recycled polyester and merino wool, while using FSC-certified post-consumer recycled paper as part of their packaging

  • 3# Prana Vs Vuori

Prana might have the closest vibe to vuori but there is a little difference between the two, Vuori has a broadly California vibe but Prana has more of a yoga and climbing vibe. Besides, Prana was established as a yoga and climbing brand but Vuori was founded to create performance apparel with a laid-back vibe.

In addition, while comfort and vibe. In addition, while comfort and vibe are secondary to the specific needs of yogis and climbers at Prana general comfort and understated look parlay into apparel designed for performance at Vuori

But if you are looking for something a little more functional you can go for the Vuori Performance Jogger or simply opt for one of Prana’s pants.

  • 4# Vuori Vs Mack Weldon

If you are not familiar with Mack weldon brand, let’s me say that Mack Weldon is most well known for their Ace Sweat pants and also their Airknit boxer-briefs

If you are looking for a pure-lounging jogger, then the Ace Sweatpant is a good choice for you, it’s certainly cool and feel good on the skin like your favourite joggers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • 1/ Who is Vuori Owned By?

Vuori is owned by founder Joe Kulda.

  • 2/ Where is Vuori Made?

It’s unfortunate that Vuori didn’t release much information about where their products are made. I know the company headquarters is in Encinitas, California, though.

  • 3/ Does Vuori Ship Internationally?

No, at the moment we only ship within the US and Canada. Hopefully in the future Vuori is looking to expand their delivery radius.

  • 4/ What is Vuori’s Shipping Policy?

The Vuori Review knows that the brand offers Free Shipping on $75 or more. The website will take 4–10 business days for domestic packages to get where they need to be. You can keep an eye on your purchase with a tracking number in a confirmation email from the company.

  • 5/ What is Vuori’s Return Policy?

Vuori offers an easy return process for 120 days. You can even get a free shipping label from their website. Once you’re logged into the Vuori site click on “my account” and then click on “returns.”

  • 6/ Where To Buy Vuori

In the mood to wear sweatpants, head over to Vuoriclothing.com to see what they have in Store. You can find them at select retailers.

  • Rei Co-op
  • Mec
  • Nordstrom
  • Altitude Sports
  • Sporting Life
  • 7/ Does Vuori have discounts?

This Vuori review discovered that they have a sale section with discounted rates for select items. They also have a refer-a-friend program where customers can get 20% off their next order of $150 by sharing the brand’s affiliate link.

  • 8/ How to Contact Vuori

For inquiries unrelated to this Vuori review, you can contact the company through:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Filling out the request form online
  • Direct messaging the brand’s social media

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