Let’s Play Fashion: Puzzle and Card Signs Print Tights

puzzle cards theme print tights

One of the coolest ideas behind Zohara Art on tights brand, is that she uses unique themes on her print tights, each season the designer comes up with some new exciting themes and patterns and this winter she present a new collection of fun Puzzle and Playing Card Signs inspired prints on trendy or classic base color tights.

The Puzzle tights create quite an optical illusion, when you try to follow the entire interlocking jig saw pieces, and even if you are not a gambler, the Card Sign Tights theme will give you a sophisticated look. These fun printed tights are a great way to show your individuality and set yourself apart when it comes to fall/winter fashion, you can pair the Puzzle Tights with your favorite sweater dress or trendy pair of winter shorts to add a fun spin to your outfit, when fall moves into the colder air of winter the tights will transition as well with your winter coat.

The Print Tights trend is not one that is going away anytime soon and one you can easily get on board with. Our collection of both puzzles and card sign tights come in unique base colors. You can get puzzle pieces on part of the leg, or puzzle pieces all over the legs. Wear one of these fun prints and just try not to get noticed for your fashion sense.

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