How to Style Biker Shorts: Best 12 Lovely & Attractive Outfit Ideas for Women

For many athletes, it’s fairely obvious that biker shorts is one aspect of the athlete’s wardrobe that is taken very seriously. After all, workout activities such as running, biking, climbing, hiking, etc engage the entire body and not just the feet and legs

So, choosing the suitable pair of shorts can be very significant in the sense that it can make a major difference in speeding up one’s performance and one’s recovery from certain injuries

Far from just being an athleisure staple, these days, biker shorts are go-to clothing item for casual outfits and now they’re simply a summer essential that can be worn with just anything.

Beyond its versatility, these types of shorts are incredibly popular and are still worn today, you can get them in any color or design imaginable

For many, they are not only allowed in gym class or during games. You are sure to see people in them after school and during practice, or see people wearing them for many other casual occasions.

They let the wearer give the appearance that they were laid-back and did not care about what they threw on if you have never tried biker shorts before or are looking for new ways to style your outfits with biker shorts, this article is written for you. So keep reading it.

What are Biker Shorts?

Biker Shorts, also known as cycling shorts, are skin-tight shorts usually made out of spandex designed for all types of athletes and exercise as they can serve multiple purproses.

They can help prevent certain injuries, they can improve the flow of blood in the wearer’s upper legs, they can protect the skin from friction caused by pedaling legs. They can decrease air resistance so that the runner can reach faster speeds and so many other purposes..

You can find these shorts in many colors and designs ranging from classic black biker shorts to tie-dye patterns

In addition to being athletic wear, bike shorts are a form of loungewear and go-to-clothing item for any casual outfits and they can even be part of a street style look

When to Wear Biker Shorts

You can wear biker shorts while participating in a variety of physical activities such as biking, jogging, running, weight training, gymnastics. etc. With that being said, that shouldn’t discourage any home-bodies or casual dressers from wearing them.

These bottoms are commonly worn during Summer and Spring due to their cropped length. They can even be layered with other articles of clothing so that the wearer can use them in colder temperatures.

How to Wear Biker Shorts?

Biker Shorts are stretchy and comfortable they are skin-tight shorts usually made out of spandex and can be paired with just about any casual wear including soft T-shirt that can be worn for any sport

Styling them requires no effort, as you can simply adopt the Princess Diana look and call it a day. With that being said it takes a visionary to reinvent these slim-fit bottoms into an instagrammable moment. Hoodies and tees? are you ready! We’re in the mood for a real challenge.

For those who are looking for how to style their outfits with these biker shorts, We’ll offer up some outfit ideas to consider. So let’s dive into

What To Wear With Biker Shorts: 12 Biker Shorts Outfit Ideas

1- Biker Shorts With a Plain Oversized tee and sneakers

This outfit perfectly demonstrates the power of a pair of biker shorts To form this look wear an oversized tee over biker shorts. Add some flair and choose your shorts in an eye-catching color like cherry red or a fun pattern like leopard print

Then complete the look by low-key sneakers and you are ready now to run errands so enjoy yourself and have fun

  • Any Casual Shoes complete this biker short outfit, from chunky sneakers to Vans
  • To stay cute, wear a scrunchie and style your hair in a quick updo
  • For errands like grocery shopping, sling on a practical bag, like a tote bag or a backpack
  • When grabbing coffee, bring a side pack purse for holding your money and cards.

2- Biker Shorts With a White Tube Top and Wedge Sandals

Now, let’s take a look at this beachy outfit, it’s fresh and feminine. To form it, wear a white tube top. Pair it with a pair of biker shorts. Dress it up with at least one accessory. A dark shoulder bag or shades will add a special appearance. To take the outfit to the next level, wear wedge sandals and that’s all the outfit is complete.

  • For a romantic feel, layer dainty necklaces on top of each other
  • To add the cute factor to your beachy outfit, put your hair in a high ponytail
  • for hanging around the city, Wear sneakers
  • For going to the beach, add to your beachy outfit some strappy sandals
  • You can get a chic all-white ensemble with white biker shorts
  • You can get a modern and urban all-grey ensemble with wearing grey biker shorts
  • For a trendy and edgy look
  • Stick to nails in soft, neutral tones for understated elegance

3- Biker Shorts With a Crop Tank and a Neon Purse

When it comes to wearing biker shorts Well, give off a chic and urban vibe with an understated crop tank in a solid color like black, white or red. Pair it with biker shorts in a different solid color to keep your outfit monochrome.

At the end, you can complete your look with one statement accessory like a neon satchel

  • If you wear jewelry, give your outfit a sophisticated touch by wearing black sneakers
  • When it’s hot out, put on any fashion sunglasses and you’ll look totally metro, bring along a cool water bottle like one with a trendy pattern or a fruit infuser
  • For a sportier look, swap accessories for a manicure matching your sneakers

4- Biker Shorts with a Vintage Sweatshirt, Sneakers, and Socks

This is a very lovely and adorable outfit, to achieve it, you can wear a cute Vintage sweatshirt that was popular decades ago. Pair it with your biker shorts. Pair them with two-toned sneakers and chunky crew socks

Throw you hair in a bun or a ponytail to look effortlessly graceful and outdoorsy

  • Wear biker shorts in a bold color like black, navy blue so that your vintage sweatshirt really pops
  • Play off the trend Princess Diana set in the 90s with a retro ” Fly Atlantic” sweatshirt

5- Biker Shorts with a Flowy Blouse and Dress Shoes

To look super casual, it’s time to experience this outfit. Simply pair biker shorts that are in bold color like bright pink, white, black with a dressy blouse that complements the shade of your biker shorts wear a statement or neutral purse as well as your favorite shoes for a glitzy evening

  • For this glammed up outfit, you can wear either flats or heels
  • You can go for more dramatic makeup like dark lashes and a smokey eye
  • You can opt for a leopard print blouse. It works well with biker shorts but if your biker shorts have already a special pattern, stick to a simple blouse instead

6- Biker Shorts with a Neutral Sweater and Ankle Boots

This is a very sharp and polished look. It is something that you may want to wear every day. Pair a high-quality sweater in a neutral tone like mocha brown, sandy yellow or beige white with your biker shorts. Give your look more polish by wearing black ankle boots or fashion sneakers with soft tones like rose gold or bronze

  • For girlish charm, go for a cute, slouchy sweater in a soft fabric like cashmere
  • To add the cute factor, put your hair in a top bun or style it in a french braid
  • You can throw on a chic purse like a crossbody bag with gold chain accents.

7- Biker Shorts with a Tie-front top and Platform Sandals

This beachy outfit is fresh and feminine. Grab a button-down dress shirt and tie it in the front. Pair it with black, white or navy blue biker shorts.

Style your hair with beachy waves complete, this amazing outfit with a neutral purse and platform sandals to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and beautiful beaches

  • Grab a button-down dress shirt that is bold colored, striped or patterned
  • Go for a neutral manicure if you chose a striped or patterned tie-front top.
  • Go for a bright manicure if you chose a bold colored tie-front top
  • for an ethereal touch, add gold teardrop earrings and a small gold pendant

8- Biker Shorts with a Matching Sports Bra and Athletic Shoes

Are you ready for a gym exercise? This outfit’ll really work well while speeding up your own performance so let’s take a look at it

Find a sports bra, match it with your biker shorts. Pair them with athletic shoes. Wear your hair down or in a sporty updo and that’s all. To add the cute factor to this sporty outfit, stick to natural makeup, ditch cosmetics altogether for a fully fresh and natural vibe

  • You can wear White Socks for a clean and fresh look
  • You can wear Black Socks for some fun color blocking
  • You can wear Socks with a fun print or pattern for a cute and quirky vibe

9- Bike Shorts with a Blazer and Open-toed Heels

Here is a very cute and semi-formal outfit. To form it wear a blazer, pair it with knee length biker shorts Throw in open-toed heels, Sling on a purse that matches your shoes, style your hair in piecey waves, then add an elegant statement accessory like a necklace (gold medallion)

  • You can go for a black top and black biker shorts with a neon blazer
  • You can go for a pastel blazer and match it with a white cropped tank and heeled sandals
  • To let your blazer pop, go for neutral manicure

10- Biker Shorts with a Cropped top, Cat-eye Sunglasses and Fashion Sneakers

This is a very eye catching outfit thanks to the cat-eye sunglasses It’s an outfit that’ll give you a special allure. To achieve it wear a simple crop top that’s black white, or striped. Pair it with black biker shorts for a metro style then add key finishing touches: Wear cat-eye sunglasses, a chic belt bag and fashion sneakers.

  • To dazzle everyone, show off cat eyeliner when you take off your sunglasses
  • To add vintage vibes, tie a chiffon scarf around your neck
  • Try bright red lips to really look like a movie starlet who’s out and about

11- Biker Shorts with a Long, Cozy Cardigan and Boots

When temperature decreases, and it’s too cold you can go for this warm outfit; choose a top, pair it with biker shorts and long cardigan that come as a matching set. Finish your look with knee-high or thigh high boots to add even more warmth and coziness

  • To keep you warm, stick to thick fabrics like ribbed Knit materials
  • Any long cardigan will pair well with a white sleeveless blouse with a V-neck
  • For chilly season, knee-length biker shorts are the best

12- Biker Shorts with a Leather Jacket, a Fun top and Boots

Put together any pair of biker shorts with these edgy pieces: A leather jacket is a timeless piece that’ll elevate any outfit

Go fully monochrome in all black or get totally unpredictable. For example you can go for leopard print biker shorts. Pair them with a white bandana top and platform boots with plenty of buckles. Add some flair to you outfit by throwing on your favourite sunglasses

  • For extra fun, pair a leather jacket with funky boots like red cowgirl boots
  • A chain necklace goes great with an all-black combination
  • A bright, colorful statement purse elevates an all-white outfit

How To Style Biker Shorts For Plus Size: 5 Simple & Chic Outfit Ideas

“This video Will show you, How to style your biker shorts when in doubt and has tons of inspiration and ideas.”

I hope you get some inspiration from some of these looks.

What Shoes Can I Wear With Biker Shorts?

When it comes to shoes’ choice that goes better with biker shorts, it depends first on what your shorts’ inseam length is and second on the event for which you are wearing your shoes.

Normally, most biker shorts end above the knee or at mid-thigh but there are extra-short bike too.

The choice of your shoes depends on the length of your shorts, so the longer your shorts are the lower the top edge of your footwear should be. This means, you can wear ankle boots or engineer boots with extra-short shorts but not with knee-length biker shorts

Shoes’ choice also depends on the event for which you’re wearing them

As biker shorts were designed for cyclists, training shoes and sneakers are one of the most obvious types of shoes to wear when styling your shorts. Yet some training shoes, aren’t comfortable for fashion or casual walking, so you can substitute them with Mary Janes, platforms, wedges, sandals, deck shoes, stilettos and even heels of all types

In brief, there are several great shoes to wear with biker shorts. Yet each choice depends on your style and the look you are going for

Sandals look great with biker shorts but so do low-top sneakers. Both options are casual and comfortable Sandals are great for the summer months while sneakers are more versatile and can be worn with just about everything Platform sneakers are a great choice as they make legs look longer and platforms are definitely in fashion for this year.

Low-top sneakers are another good way to make your legs look longer unless you are wearing something dressy

Our Top (3) Picks for The Best Biker Shorts of 2022

As the temperatures rise and we spend more time adventuring in the great outdoors, these biker shorts are going to become a staple summer 2022 look.

1- Baleaf Women’s 8″/7″/5″ High Waist Biker Shorts – Best Biker Shorts On Amazon

best biker shorts for women - Baleaf Women's 8"/7"/5" High Waist Biker Shorts

The most highly recommended pair of shorts are Baleaf Women’s High Waist Biker bottoms. These Shorts are one of the most fashionable and stylish selections, with over thirty-four different colors and 3 size options to choose from.

They are suitable for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. The fabric consists of a blend of both polyester and Spandex making them ultra soft and stretchy. These Shorts are high waisted to perfectly contain your figure

One of the Biggest plus sides to these shorts are the Big side pockets that allow you enough space for your phone, keys, cards

Therefore, you can go free and not worry about your valuables

What can we say more about these shorts?, they are number one best seller on amazon with over 80.500 rave reviews which is not surprising because our analysts and editors who road-tested them found that the shorts lived up to their claims and are chafe-free, breathable and moisture-wicking, So why not invest in them?!

2- Persit Women’s High Waist Print Workout Yoga Shorts With 2 hidden Pockets – Best Color and Pattern Bike Shorts for Women

best biker shorts for women - Persit Women's High Waist Print Workout Yoga Shorts With 2 hidden Pockets

Next to step up to the plate is Persit Women’s High Waist Print Workout Yoga Shorts.

These shorts are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. They are available in 16 different colors and sizes: ranging from XS to XXL. These Shorts are especially supportive with a high waist.

The high waist short is famous for its ultra-smooth and super soft fabric that ensures a good feel. It comfortably cuddles any figure. It remains in place, you’ll feel as if it is your second-skin. You’ll forget you’re wearing yoga shorts next-to-nothing sensation as you move.

These biker shorts from Persit’ll add a little extra spice to your closet, So hurry up and click Buy Now!!

Reasons to Buy:

  • 4-way stretch
  • moisture wicking
  • comes with a button closure that offers secure fitting for workout
  • features 2 pockets that helps in keeping essential items like keys and cash

3- Sunzel 8″/5″/3″ Biker Shorts for Women With Pockets – Most Comfortable Bike Shorts for Women

best biker shorts for women - Sunzel 8"/5"/3" Biker Shorts for Women With Pockets

As one of the most popular activewear brands, Sunzel is known for crafting products that are versatile, innovative and functional. Among their offerings, these biker shorts for women take the top spot for being stretchable and completely opaque. Made with a soft fabric blend of polyester and spandex. It wicks moisture away and allows your skin to breathe during intense workouts

It comes with a high-waistband that comfortably covers the belly and prevents muffin top. Best of all, there are big side pockets that allow you to carry your phone and other necessities

From classic black options to soft prints and vibrant colors, these are the shorts you’ll want to fill your workout wardrobe with!

So don’t hesitate and grab one or two items of these biker shorts I’m sure you won’t regret the choice.

5 Top Tips for Styling Biker Shorts

  • For a more casual outfit, choose an over-sized denim jacket. Pair it with black biker short, throw in high heel, platform or wedge sandals or just a plain pair of comfy sneakers
  • For a super-casual look, opt for a buttoned shirt in an over-sized fashion or just buy one a size or two bigger than your usual size. Pair it With your biker shorts and that’s all
  • For a more refreshing look, wear biker shorts with a checked jacket
  • Be simply minimalist with a black tee-shirt and white sneakers teamed with a subtle color of biker shorts
  • Wear High-waist bike shorts with a crop top, add a tailored blazer to create an interesting contrast between formal dress and a sporty style

How To Take Care Of Biker Shorts

Biker shorts should be treated like Lululemon leggings. Fortunately, you don’t have to send them off to the cleaners! We’ll show you how to take care of your biker shorts at home.

  1. Turn the biker shorts inside out. Set your machine to the gentlest cycle and use a mild detergent. Harsh solutions will usually lead to color bleeding.
  2. We recommend using a specific cleaner in order to wash high-performance biker shorts.
  3. Toss them into the dryer on its lowest setting. You can also opt to line dry them instead

Best Places To Buy Biker Shorts

Hurray! You finally know how to style biker shorts. Now it’s time to spotlight a few recommendations. We’ll feature some reputable stores to consider the next time you shop til’ you drop.


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