How To Wash Lululemon Leggings – Keep Activewear Looking Fresh & New!!

How To Wash Lululemon Leggings: What You Should & Shouldn't Do!

How To Wash Lululemon Leggings So They Remain in Tip-Top Shape for as Long as Possible

Choosing Lululemon Leggings That suit your style can be difficult but not as complicated as having your favorite Lululemon pieces last for a long time. As We all know we spend too much money on Lululemon clothing.

They are a bit expensive compared to other brands yet this price point is justified as Lululemon products are very high quality, comfortable, versatile and great value. Unfortunately, like all performance clothing, after a while, they tend to develop lingering odor that will not go away, they start to feel a bit uncomfortable and their wicking properties weaken.

Don’t be that smelly person and take care of your Lululemon properly to avoid such bad smells, Taking care of Lululemon gear isn’t difficult we’ll discuss what you should do and should not do below. So keep reading this article.

What You Should Do When Washing Your Lululemon?

First and foremost, We always want to encourage the following washing instructions for all The Activewear. So Let’s dive into progressively.

How To Wash Lululemon Leggings and Clothing
How To Wash Lululemon Leggings and Clothing

How To Wash Lululemon Leggings Properly

1~ Always Read The Care Instructions

Care Instructions are located on Lululemon Product Tags. They explain how to care for your performance clothing, So we recommend reading them before you wash your apparel.

If you have a hard time remember the details, you can take a photo of a rip tag before removing it and save these washing instructions digitally.

2~ Use The Appropriate Detergent

It’s necessary to use the right detergent when washing your performance leggings because it’ll preserve the fibers and help get rid of dust without damaging the fabric. We Recommend To Use Active Wear Laundry Detergent. It is made specifically for athletic wear and it comes in a powder form, We also suggest using powder over liquid detergent since the powder’ll dissolve and clean your athleticwear.

Active Wear Laundry Detergent
Active Wear Laundry Detergent

3~ Hang Dry Whenever Possible

Yes, The right method to keep your apparel last for years to come is to dry them on a hanging rack so, avoid drying your Lululemon in the dryer because this process can cause the fibers to wrap and lose their elasticity

Hang drying is not only great for synthetic fabrics, but it’s also great for the environment It uses less energy and preserves your clothing as much time as possible

Some Products can be tumble dried on low It’s okay but just remember to keep the temperature low

While all Lululemon fabrics are pre-shrunk, each time you machine dry your Lululemon Apparel, it does cause some shrinkage

4~ Wash With Like Colors

The perfect way to preserve your garments for years to come is to wash the same colors together. As Lululemon Fabrics can bleed, especially if it is a brand new item, We recommend washing colors together: Whites together and dark together

5~ Wash With Like Fabrics

Normally, Lululemon Pants are made of soft material so avoid washing them with rougher fabrics to prevent any damage It’s better to wash your Luon Leggings with other synthetics. Similarly, you would wash denim with denim, cotton with cotton, etc…

6~ Wash With Cold Water

Hot Water can stretch synthetic clothes or damage the fibers that make them stretchy. So, We always recommend washing with cold water because it will preserve the fibers

If you want your legging to continue hugging you in all the right places, wash them on cold!!

7~ Wash Activewear Inside Out

We always recommend washing activewear inside out. This practise can prevent fading and further pilling of your clothing

8~ You Can Leave The Bra Cups

After washing your athletic wear, you can remove the cups and let them dry separately if you want them to dry more quickly But it’s not necessary because you can dry your apparel on a hanging rack immediately and you’ll get the same result.

9~ Use A Washing Bag For Items Zippers And Buttons

Hardware on Lululemon can brush against other delicate items and cause pilling, fraying or tearing. To prevent such issues, We Recommend using a washing Bag to wash your items with hardware separately. We Suggest to use The Guppyfriend Bag for better results.

Most Athletic Wear fabrics are made with synthetic fibers that deposit into the ocean each time you put them through the washer. These are known as microplastics.

To cope with this problem, We Highly Recommend to use the Guppy Friend Bag when washing most of your athletic wear. This bag catches and prevents 99.5% of microplastics from entering our oceans and affecting marine life. Just remove it from the bag and throw it in the garbage.

By This way, you are protecting your environment and ensuring that your apparel last for a long time

What You Should Not Do When Washing Your Lululemon?

1~ Don’t Wash Your Lululemon With Towels

Towels can be tough on synthetics. The Cotton from towels will rub against delicate Lululemon fabric and cause pilling or little balls of lint on the surface of your fabric, So that, your legging will look used

Although you can remove pilling with a fabric shaver, I will always recommend you not to wash your lululemon with towels otherwise you’ll end up by having activewear that looks ancient after only a few washes.

2~ Do Not Dry Your Lululemon In The Dryer

To preserve your clothing for years to come, avoid drying them in your machine dryer because the heat from machine drying can cause the fibers to lose their elasticity. Instead, dry them on a hanging rack.

3~ Avoid Washing With Bleach

Chemicals, in general, quickly break down the fibers and cause your garments to lose their stretch. Bleach, is also hard on synthetics and can destroy the Lycra and Spandex in Lululemon’s proprietary fabrics. Not only this, bleach will causes discoloration. Black fabrics’ll turn into grey color and white fabrics into yellowish color

So avoid washing colored fabrics with bleach otherwise you’ll lose their cute colors but if you really want to brighten your whites, you can opt for OxiClean™ instead it’s efficient in removing stains

4~ Do Not Use Fabric Softener

I’ll say a big NO to fabric softener. Don’t use it on your athletic wear, otherwise, you’ll lose it for ever!!

Fabric softener is a red line. It’s a big NO-NO, It’ll cling onto your fabric fibers and cause it to lose its sweat-wicking properties. It will also create a wax-coat around athletic fibers and can trap in odor. But What shall I do when I accidentally get fabric softener on my athletic wear?

It’s a good question, you should quickly wash it on cold with only detergent to remove it before it’ll absorb into your fibers and become hard to remove

5~ Don’t Let Your Fabrics Sit Soaked In The Hamper

Well, it’s true that many of activewear fabrics are equipped with antimicrobial qualities. This prevent bacteria from growing on the surface but anyway, you shouldn’t let your fabrics sit soaked in the hamper for a long time as it may cause your athleticwear to become stinky and affect the rest of your clothing in the hamper.

The only remedy is to hang dry your apparel and then throw it in the hamper until the next wash

6~ Don’t Wash Your Lululemon With Denims Or Things With Zippers

Zippers can get caught on your Lululemon during the washing process and cause pilling, fraying or tearing.

We recommend keeping your Lululemon in perfect condition by avoiding washing them in the same load of laundry as other items that have zippers. This’ll protect your apparel against accidental abrasion. If your Lululemon itself has a zipper make sure it’s completely zipped up so it doesn’t destroy itself

Rougher fabrics like denims, washing towels also rub against the delicate Lululemon and cause fraying, ripping and pilling over time and pilling causes your leggings to look used

So avoid washing rougher fabrics with Lululemon pants and by this way, you’ll significantly extend the life of your Lululemon.

A Look At Lululemon’s Proprietary Fabrics

What should I wear? Hello! This is a question you might be asking yourself. In this guide, we will talk about the different fabrics how they feel and what they are intended for. You can use our descriptions of these fabrics to help you find The Lululemon Fabric that matches your taste in style. There are so many choices it’s hard to decide on one!

  • Luon®

Luon is a four-way stretch fabric that is crafted to fit like a second skin. It’s perfect for wearing to the yoga studio It is moisture-wicking too

There are various versions of Luon including Full-on Luon, and Seriously Light Luon and all of which are suitable for different purposes

Lululemon’s Luon line consists of jackets, joggers, tights and yoga pants

  • Luxtreme®

Luxtreme is a four-way stretch fabric that is manufactured to feel comfortable, you’ll feel as if you aren’t wearing anything It is engineered to fit like a second skin. The fact that it is sweat-wicking will also ensure that you stay dry during your most physical workouts.

There are three versions: standard Luxtreme, light luxtreme and Full-on Luxtreme Lululemon’s Luxtreme collection consists of sports bras, yoga pants, leggings, tights and more

  • Nulu™

Nulu: it is engineered to fit like a second skin, it is sweat-wicking and has a four-way stretch technology It doesn’t restrict any of your movement. It is so comfortable lightweight and buttery soft, It delivers all of the technical performance qualities that you need.

Lululemon’s Nulu collection consists of jackets, leggings, yoga pants, tanks, crops and more.

  • Nulux™

Nulux is so comfortable that you’ll feel like you are not wearing anything. Not only it is extremely smooth but it will also sit against your skin with light compression Did we also mention that it’s sweat-wicking?

Lululemon’s Nulux line consists of tights, cropped pants, sports bras and more.

  • Everlux™

Everlux: it is designed to wick away sweat and dry fast more than the rest of the fabrics. It’ll keep you dry by dispersing moisture from the skin in all directions. It is both lightweight and buttery soft it also features a unique double-knit structure which is a good bet to remain cool-to-the-touch on the inside

Lululemon’s Everlux collection consists of shorts, tights, cropped pants, and leggings.

  • Swift

Swift: it is engineered to be strong and light at the same time. Not only does it have two-way stretch technic but it also offers users freedom of movement

The Two other prominent features are being moisture-wicking and water-repellent It is also strong and will stand up to whatever you throw at it. There are three versions to choose from Swift, Swift Ultra and Swift Ultra Light

Lululemon’s Swift collection consists of long sleeve crews and pants.

  • Silverescent®

Silverescent is phenomenal at fighting odors. The material contains silver ions which kills bacteria not only this the material contains stink-stopping technology which prevents odors responsible for growing bacteria on fabric

Lululemon’s Silverescent collection consists of short sleeve crews, racerback tanks, polos and more.

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