Best Maternity Shorts of 2022 for Every Type of Body & Style

Best Pregnancy Shorts of 2022 - What to Expect

If you are a pregnant woman and you are sick of wearing uncomfortable shorts to the gym because those shorts are just too risky these days as your belly grows, wearing the best maternity shorts can easily be a wise option to go for. They offer you comfort while looking fashionable too.

You can wear them as loungewear or during your yoga sessions since they are cozy on the belly section and have the right fit around the legs They come in a bunch of different colors and patterns and at a great price point

They are also easy to pair with any tops and bottoms for a stylish maternity outfit If you are wondering where to begin, We have got you the 16 Best Maternity Shorts So let’s explore them

What to Look For In Maternity Shorts?

Buying The Best Shorts for Moms-to-be can be slightly stressful because finding the right size is strenuous Your belly grows too fast and you wouldn’t want to feel any discomfort. But worry no more because we have researched the most recommended well-fitted maternity shorts. The most valuable features

You need to look for in these shorts are function, waistband and stretch so keep these things in mind

  • Function

First and foremost, you should determine what type of shorts you need. Do you need athletic shorts for your pregnancy-safe workouts or casual denim shorts to add to your summer closet? or both? Determining the function of your maternity shorts will help narrow your shopping search.

  • Waistband

Most Maternity Shorts are designed to go under the belly or over the belly, Some Others have a full belly coverage design to provide enough room and stretch to fit the growing baby bump, other maternity shorts have side panels for additional support. Each design has unique pros and cons but consider what type of support you prefer

  • Stretch

Well, When you are looking for a new pair of shorts that are perfect for pregnancy both function and waistband are among the important things that you should keep in mind

In addition, the amount of stretch the shorts provide is equally crucial for staying comfy. For example, will the shorts be able to grow with you into your third trimester? Could they still work in the postpartum period after baby arrives?

Understanding how tight they are around or under your belly is another comfort consideration

16 Best Maternity Shorts for a Comfortable Pregnancy

We know How important it is for Mons-to-be to find the right pair of maternity shorts, that’s why, to ensure that you’re getting the right option for you, you have to go over some product reviews. Comparing the available options can help you decide more intelligently.

We have searched for the most recommended brands to help you narrow down your choices we have also included a comprehensive shopping guide below to help you choose the best maternity shorts for a comfortable pregnancy

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1- Best Maternity Denim Shorts: Signature By Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Maternity Mid-Rise Shortie Shorts

Best Maternity Denim Shorts Signature By Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Maternity Mid-Rise Shortie Shorts

Most Moms-to-be undeniably love The Signature By Levi Strauss & Co. That feature a full belly design and side panels for additional support. This item is the perfect wear during all nine months. They are so comfy and are mid to upper thigh in length The waist fits well enough that you don’t feel like you need to pull them up like you do with other uncomfortable jean shorts. A tummy panel is added above the waistband for belly coverage and back support

The Signature by Levi Strauss & Co Women’s maternity shortie shorts have a worn-in look and are finished with a clean cuff at the bottom They’ll give you the shortie-short vibe you crave without constricting your bump. This offer by Signature is definitely a wise investment for most moms-to-be

What can we say more!! these maternity shorts are super-stretchy and non-restrictive. They are made of 80% cotton, 18% Polyester, and 2% Elastane You can wear them comfortably as a casual wear

2- Best Maternity Shorts on Amazon: Foucome Women’s Maternity Athletic Shorts

Best Maternity Shorts - Foucome Women's Maternity Athletic Shorts

These Super Soft Maternity Biker Shorts offer a comfortable athletic design and are available in a wide variety of different colors (about 27 available colors)

They are comfortable with moisture-wicking properties. They have a 3D cutting with full-panel coverage which provide enough room and stretches to fit your growing baby bump. The stretch is great and can accommodate to most body types. The 4-way stretch technology and chafe-free flatlock seam provide maximum comfort and protection during every pose and movement.

These Women’s maternity athletic shorts are the perfect blend of comfort and style. They can be worn in the gym or paired with a tank for a casual Summer Outfit. They also feature two side pockets for holding all your small essentials, and even the largest smartphone

3- Best High Adabtibility: Foucome Maternity Jean Shorts

best pregnancy shorts - Foucome Maternity Jean Shorts

You can’t go wrong with grabbing one (or two, or three) pairs of these Foucome Maternity Jean Shorts. With over 3.100 five-star reviews, these are a favorite of expectant moms everywhere.

They are comfortable, fit as expected per the size chart, are well made and are cozy on the belly section. They feature a wide elastic belt that can be adjusted for an easy fit. They also come with a V-shaped, low-rise waistband that fits great around the underbelly without any pressure on the bump.

These jean shorts appear of high quality and can last for a long time. They are made of 85% Cotton, 10% Polyester and 5% Spandex for a little bit of stretch you can wear these cute shorts throughout pregnancy and during postpartum care Pair them with your favourite T-shirts, Crop-tops and blouses for a perfect Summer Casual outfit

4- Best Plus-Size Maternity Shorts: Fitglam Women’s Maternity Short

Best Plus-Size Maternity Shorts Fitglam Women's Maternity Short

These XX-Large maternity shorts from Fitglam are without question, a necessity for your wardrobe. This is the product that is great for everyday wear and for exercise during pregnancy so why not invest in them? Plus this pair of stretchy, Stylish maternity shorts are available in a wide variety of different colors. They are equiped with The Moisture Wicking and Quick-dry technologies to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

5- Love2Mi Women’s Maternity Shorts – Best Maternity Shorts

best pregnancy shorts - Love2Mi Women's Maternity Shorts

These super-soft loungewear shorts will quickly become a pregnancy favourite. For less than $20, how could you pass that up? Their curved hem and wide leg opening make This Maternity Shorts a perfect choice for workout

In addition, they feature a loose fit, and an elastic stretch panel on the belly which make them so comfortable. They felt great and soft without being restrictive.

They can be worn for hanging out at home or running errands. You can also pair them with a classic blouse and sandals for the daytime or dress them up with heels and a clutch for sultry Summer evenings. These can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on what you want to wear them to

6- Best Full Coverage: Poshdivah Women’s Yoga Maternity Shorts

Best Full Coverage Poshdivah Women's Yoga Maternity Shorts

The Poshdivah Women’s Yoga Maternity Shorts feature a full coverage design, The soft fabric contours your bump comfortably for a great curved over-the-belly fit which guarantees ideal comfort for your everyday life and for your belly

The fabric will not be seen through even when doing squats. Its ultra-comfortable stretch material will follow the evolution of your belly during your pregnancy

The Moisture-Wicking and quick-dry technologies keep you cool and comfortable too. This pair of shorts helps alleviate ligament stretch and lower back pressure and improves your posture.

It also provides gentle back support as your belly grows with no slipping or digging in at the belly. These Shorts include 2 deep side pockets for holding keys, cards and phone when you work and run, making you feel more comfortable and convenient

7- Best Stretchable: Motherhood Maternity Women’s Poplin Short

Best Maternity Shorts - Motherhood Maternity Women's Poplin Short

These Women’s Poplin Shorts are suitable for casual wear. Because they are made of 98% cotton and 2% Spandex, they are both breathable and comfortable

They have also a seamless stretch maternity panel which allows them to grow with your pregnancy while offering you a loose fit that looks and feels great. The fabric comfortably fits your back, thighs and tummy, too

These Motherhood Maternity Women’s Poplin Shorts come with a 4 ½ inch inseam and can be styled well with a solid tee or summer print T-shirts for casual wear

Finding maternity shorts that are comfortable and not restrictive is difficult but these are awesome Reviewers love that these shorts aren’t too short and include front and back pockets and the relaxed feel makes them a summer staple.

8- Best Full Over-The-Bump Support: Maccie Maternity Shorts

best pregnancy shorts - Maccie Maternity Shorts

If you prefer a loose-fit design opt for These Maccie Maternity Shorts. The elastic waistband and full panel design provide full and snug support to your growing belly throughout your pregnancy.

This item is also tag-free which eliminates the trouble with itchy side-seam labels. Plus, This pregnancy pair of short features curved hem and wide leg openings which make it suitable for yoga, pilates, weight training, cardio, cross-training and cycling Looking for Comfy and stretchy shorts

that’ll last you throughout your pregnancy, these Maccie Maternity Shorts may be just the ticket.

9- Best Fashion With Comfort: Hofish Women’s Maternity Shorts

Best Maternity Shorts - Hofish Women's Maternity Shorts

These Super Stretchy Maternity Shorts by Hofish will quick by become a pregnancy favorite. They have a loose fit and an elastic stretch panel on the belly. They are made of 75% rayon, 22% Nylon and 3% Spandex. They feature front and functional back pockets too

These Shorts are soft and help you stay cool without riding up They can be easily dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion or the event you are wearing them for

10- Most Comfortable: Ekouaer Maternity Shorts

best pregnancy shorts - Ekouaer Maternity Shorts

Why it’s great!! This Pair of Stretchy, Stylish Maternity Short offers a comfortable design and is available in 4 different neutral colors. This short is great for exercise, lounging or sleep. It is perfect for warmer times of the year since the material is cool, breathable and loose-fitting

The stretchy material allows the short to grow with your pregnancy and offers you a loose fit that looks and feels great. Yet you should keep in mind, these shorts should only be hand washed

11- Most stylish: V VOCNI Indigo Demin Shorts

Most stylish V VOCNI Indigo Demin Shorts

This Stylish Pair of Indigo Denim Shorts offers an underbelly fit and a ripped jean design. The distressed look is stylish and perfect for the warmer months

Made of a blend of cotton and denim material, with no uncomfortable buttons, zippers or studs, This Maternity Short gives you comfort during all the nine months of your pregnancy. It also provides you with a gentle back support as your belly grows with no slipping or digging at the belly

It can easily be paired with a simple T-shirt for daily wear and it never goes out of style

12- Foucome Women’s Maternity Ripped Jean Shorts Roll Hem Denim Shorts Pregnancy Summer Shorts

Foucome Women's Maternity Ripped Jean Shorts Roll Hem Denim Shorts Pregnancy Summer Shorts

It can still be frustrating when none of your old stylish and ripped jean shorts fit you anymore and you’re only a few months into your pregnancy. Worry no more with These Foucome Maternity Summer Denim Shorts as they are engineered especially to meet your needs, wants and expectations these exquisite maternity ripped jean shorts are what you are looking for.

They feature a V-shape low rise waistband design which fits nicely under the bump without pressure.

The unique ripped design also looks very stylish and can easily be matched with all of your summer Tops You can wear them for casual daily wear, party, going out, street, travel, etc… they are versatile and good-looking when styled properly

This maternity jean short is also crafted from a soft and breathable fabric (made of 85% cotton, 10% Polyester and 5% Spandex) making it one of the Best Maternity Shorts for Comfortable Pregnance So don’t hesitate and click “Buy Now”, I’m sure you won’t regret the choice

13- Best Soft Fabric: Jezero Women’s Maternity Shorts

Best Maternity Shorts - Jezero Women's Maternity Shorts

We know how important it is for expecting moms to find the right pair of maternity shorts.

That’s why, We listed The Jezero Maternity Shorts on our list for being one of the best maternity shorts for pregnancy. This product features a stylish patchwork design. The soft fabric contours your bump comfortably for a great curved over-the-belly fit

The relaxed fit also looks well-structured. When you put on These Shorts for the first time, you’ll feel how comfortable and how versatile they are. You can find them in 6 colors (Army green, Khaki, Navy, Wine, Red, A-black, White) and you can wear them for various occasions

These stretchy relaxed fit motherhood maternity shorts are super soft and comfy with practical four pockets to carry your personal belongings. They are easy to pair with any of your T-shirts, Sneakers or Maternity hoodie for a stylish maternity outfit.

14- Ingrid & Isabel Elastic Waist Maternity Short – Best Pregnancy Shorts

Ingrid & Isabel Elastic Waist Maternity Short - Best Pregnancy Shorts

It is absolutely worth to invest in one or two pairs of Ingrid & Isabel Elastic Waist Maternity Shorts

These relaxed underbelly Shorts are meant to be worn under the belly and don’t have a panel. They can easily be worn postpartum

They feature a regular fit, an elastic waistband, a pull-on closure and on-seam side pockets. Made of a lightweight and sustainable linen fabric, they are cool, breezy and comfortable. They are ideal for wearing out for the day or around the house

15- Best Underbelly Fit: Motherhood Maternity French Terry Underbelly Shorts

Best Underbelly Fit Motherhood Maternity French Terry Underbelly Shorts

These Underbelly Shorts are really versatile they are meant to fit below the belly and offer a comfortable fit. They are cool and can be worn in so many different ways. They are ideal for wearing around the house, sleeping in, doing exercise or for day-to-day wear. They come with 4-inch inseam and a drawstring waist, too.

You can find them in black, navy or grey. So just buy yourself one and enjoy the extra feeling of comfort.

16- Best Quick Dry Fabric: Maacie Cotton Linen Shorts

Best Quick Dry Fabric Maacie Cotton Linen Shorts

When Comfort is all what you need, opt for These Maacie Cotton Linen Shorts and let your skin breathe with this loose-fitting pair. Enjoy an extra feel of comfort while wearing them out at night or casually around the town. From the first try you will know how soft and comfortable they are

These fashion shorts are perfect for parties, dates, club, beach, and any other occasions in Summer They are designed with a ruffled hem, side pockets, open-patch back pockets and a wide leg with curved detailing, making them one of the Top picks when it comes to buying the best maternity shorts for pregnancy.

So don’t hesitate and hurry up to Click “By Now”, and enjoy the perfect wearing experience with these amazing and cute shorts.


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