What To Wear With High Waisted Shorts? | Summer Outfit Ideas 2022

Jeans are really a part of everyone’s wardrobe They are a very good item to opt for because of their durability, comfort, and versatility.

Over the years, jeans manufacturers have produced different leg styles among which are the high waisted denim. This time around, the high-waisted trend is not limited to jeans; high-waisted skirts, shorts and even bikini bottoms are commonplace apparel for the mannequins in storefront windows.

For these summer days, high waisted shorts rose back to reclaim their place at the top of the trend charts, they were the best casual wear for all people from different ages and, They are worth a shot for appearing always in fashion and style

This product guide is a list of the best styles of high-waisted shorts currently available on the market for summer 2022. The added value of the article we are creating, is to give the reader the best outfit ideas on what to wear with these dreamy shorts but before all these let give you some tips for wearing high-waisted shorts.

Our Top Advices for Wearing High-Waisted Shorts

First, try both super high-waisted shorts and mid-rise shorts to decide in which style you are comfortable more.

Mid rise shorts hit you just around your belly button while high-waisted shorts can often reach the smallest part of your waist which is usually above your belly button

High-Waisted Shorts, especially when worn with crop tops are worth a shot for creating a streamlined silhouette. They are great for pulling in your tummy and defining your waist which can help you appear at least more proportionate

It’s good to know which style suits you best so try a variety of styles to get the best fit for you

10 Best Styles of High-Waisted Shorts To Wear This Summer 2022

Best Styles of High-Waisted Shorts To Wear This Summer
High Waisted Shorts | Women’s High Rise Shorts

We have done this product guide for you when it comes to know about the different styles of High-Waisted Shorts currently available on the market

From denim to camouflage High-Waisted Shorts, you can find 10 Best Styles to choose from. They are all the best of the best but each style has its specific features and each style looks amazing and wonderful if paired with the suitable outfit.

Simply check out our list below and you can find just the outfit that you may have been searching for to wear to an event or even to your job this summer 2022.

Denim High Waist Shorts

As soon as the temperature feels comfortable to you, you can wear denim high-waist shorts.

They are a perfect option especially for people who are short in length because these shorts can help visually lengthen the leg. They’ll even make your thigh area look sleeker and slimmer which is an added bonus.

You can find this type of high-waisted shorts in different washes and colors including blue denim and black denim. They are so versatile and can be easily paired with any color of tops and shoes. Whether you go for high heels, any type of sandal, flats, sneakers or boots, they’ll look great with your denim high waist shorts.

High Waisted Denim Cutoffs

High Waisted Denim Cutoffs are a great look for women. You can pair them with cute tops and nice sandals or sneakers. Wear them at weekends for parties, cookouts or just for hanging out with your kids.

Mom Shorts

These high Waisted Shorts are an attractive option for women and can be even sexy when you pair them with a crop top or a lacey tank top. They can come in any cut and style making them a versatile and popular option. They offer a Paperbag Waist which’ll not give you the look of having a short torso

Some are even styled as shorts with an overlay that give the look of a skirt or a pleated short. You can pair them with sandals, sneakers or flats and wear them with a T-shirt, a polo shirt, long sleeve top or a blouse

High-Waisted Chino Shorts

High Waisted Chino Shorts are a longer pair of shorts for men or women. They offer a soft fabric with a dressier option

These cute shorts are made with soft material that can be worn in more formal settings. Some even have pockets which makes them super convenient when you are wearing them for day-to-day activities such as cycling, running errands, hanging out…

So They look just good when paired with sneakers or flats for these casual events but they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion in which you are wearing them

High Waisted Bermuda Shorts

Slightly longer in length, these shorts are an attractive option for both men and women of any age and can be dressy and formal, sporty and casual. You can wear them with a dressier top or a T-shirt, sandals or a pair of sneakers

For a very cute outfit, you can wear with these shorts crop tops, that’ll look amazing. High Waisted Bermuda Shorts come in any number of colors, patterns and designs including a floral shorts design

Pleated High Waisted Shorts

Women can rock a pair of pleated shorts that have a high waist. They can not only wear them for going to the park or hanging around but also for working at the office or business meeting

They can be dressed up or down depending on the event in which you are wearing them. They are so versatile and are available in many colors and styles. Some even boast a drawstring or Paperbag waist

High Waisted Short Shorts

High Waisted Short Shorts are cute, sexy and sleek, you can find them in a denim short, black shorts or even yoga or legging style short shorts

They are stylish and timeless and can be worn at many events

You can pair them with just about any type of top and shoes for a sexier look. For instance, you can pair them with sneakers, flats, sandals or high heels depending on the occasion

High Waisted Linen Shorts

Linen is a great material for summer since it keeps you cool and fresh during hot days. So High Waisted linen shorts are a great pair for both men and women (although they are well-fitted for more women than men). They come in an array of different colors and many of them have a pleated or drawstring style waist.

To make them look amazing on your body, you can pair them with a button-down blouse, a crop top, or a tank top. For a more Casual Look, You can go for fancier tops but if you want to experiment the look of a suit, I’ll recommend you to opt for a blazer. That’ll look amazing

High Waisted Bike Shorts

Biker Shorts are made with flexible and stretchy spandex material to make them convenient for many workout activities

High Waisted bike shorts fit close to the body and come in several colors You can not only wear them for cycling, but also for other sporting activities like jogging, running, yoga, aerobics class or even to the local department store These shorts look perfect when paired with crop tops and T-shirts

Many street style stars have created a juxtaposition by pairing their high waisted bike shorts with high-fashion pieces, from blazers and blouses to even heels

Some of the women’s styles offer tummy control while the men’s version sometimes offered a compression style to help them have more movement while cycling

Camouflage High Waisted Shorts

They are available for both men and women for a unique high waisted look and they come in a variety of color options including purple, military green, black, gray, pink and more

You can also find them in two options whether shorter or longer. and they are also easy to be paired with a matching crop top, polo shirt or solid color dark or pastel shirt. To finish the outfit throw on a pair of tennis shoes or opt for a pair of short boots or combat boots.

Complete The Look With Your Shoes

Finding the right summer shoes to go with your high-waisted shorts can be a challenge but it mainly depends on the occasions you are wearing these shorts.

Sandals are always a popular choice for shorts because they exude summer vibes but don’t think that you have to limit yourself to sandals when you wear high-waisted shorts.

You can wear any type of your favourite shoes without breaking fashion rules Try to Wear a flat sandal or summery espadrilles with your high-waisted shorts. A flat sandal and sneakers can make your outfit more casual

While heels (chunky heels for instance) might add more formality to your shorts

You can also opt for leather ankle booties, they will give you an instant city-chic vibe, too

Try Tights

Tights with high waisted shorts became a fairly popular and trendy combinations

Tights when worn the right way, allow you to explore different styles. After all it is mostly related to your tastes. Okay let’s find out how to create the perfect tights and high waisted shorts combination

Pair Black tights with distressed black denim shorts. This pairing includes plenty of texture and allows you to rock an all-black look that doesn’t make you appear shapeless. Match your tights and shorts with combat boots or ankle booties, then complete this all-black look with a fitted black crop top.

If you want to add a bit of variation to your look go for a black-and-white shirt

Add a Flannel

flannels are timeless pieces just like high-waisted shorts you can wear a flannel with the front tucked into your high-waisties to pull off a casual, laid-back look. Pass yourself off as city-chic with heeled booties, a distressed tee and a flannel tied around your high waisted shorts like an accessory

You can even spice up your trendy shorts by wearing an unbuttoned and oversized flannel as a cover up. This outfit will add instant intrigue to your look

Tops To Wear With High Waisted Shorts

Probably the most important part of your outfit is the top that will go with your High-waisted shorts

Women’ll look good in a crop top or a tucked-in shirt

For a daring look, ladies will better opt for a cropped or bralette top; and to make this outfit so appealing, the waistband of the shorts should not go higher than your navel.

For a simple look choose tanks, tees and camisoles in different colors and styles

For a simple yet elegant look, go for a camisole in a light color and pair it with a dark high waist shorts or vice versa

For a trendy look, form-fitting blouses with loose shorts or baggy blouses with fitted shorts’ll give you that classy feminine appearance

For a tough yet elegant look, choose a button-down shirt. For this outfit to work avoid an overly big shirt you can look good in a shirt that is checked, striped, printed or dotted and don’t forget to pair them with boots that’ll add you a smart look

For an outfit that is too simple, daring and casual there is nothing better than wearing jackets, cardigans and sweaters.

In warm weather, try to wear cropped sweaters and blazers that fall at your natural waist but in cold weather go for jackets and cardigans instead

What To Wear With White High Waisted Shorts?

Normally, white shorts go with light-colored tops to still have that clean look Always consider the style of your white shorts when looking for combinations

For casual summer outing, crop tops work best but long shirts will also do if tucked of left unzipped

Another outfit to opt for is a graphic tee but pairing with the suitable accessories like a bangle, necklace, chain or a light scarf

For the shoes (heels or pumps) you can match them according to your bag

What To Wear With Black High Waisted Shorts?

Black High Waisted shorts go better with a collar shirt in bright colors like yellow, beige or white, you can also opt for printed blouses with medium short on long sleeves that’ll look great too.

For a more laid-back look, choose a crop top, tank or tee in a light color. A white top’ll be perfect.

If you want to opt for a black top, accent it by adding color to the belt or shoes white lace tops with black high waist shorts is a good outfit for women. other bright colors or patterns are also perfect you can accent this look by adding a belt or decorated shoes.

If you are still stuck, pick a colorful pair of shoes and look for any top that matches the color of your shoes.

Use The Right Accessories

If you want a belt with your outfit, choose one that is thin and long enough to go around your waist. Some outfits come with belts sewn in them (or provided as an option), but make sure you have the right size or can adjust it if it doesn’t fit properly. It’s also ok not to wear a belt if you won’t tuck in your shirt underneath!


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