How to Measure Inseam On shorts? – Measurement Guide – 2022

Nothing is more frustrating or annoying than ordering a stylish pair of shorts online, getting all excited about it, and then finding out it doesn’t fit your right size. It may look too tight and restrictive or too loose and difficult to keep on. So, you’ll be obliged to exchange or return your order.

So What to do to avoid wrong sizes? The answer is simple, before you click that check-out button, you should make sure that you have taken the correct shorts measurements.

The easiest and most accurate way to determine the perfect length of shorts for your height is by measuring the shorts’ inseam.

Below, I’ll show you exactly how to measure inseam on shorts, so you can confidently order your next pair, Keep reading our article.

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How to Measure Inseam On shorts?

1- The Importance of Accurate Measurements

To prevent as many frustrations as possible, We’ve gathered some additional tips for buying well-fitting shorts for men let’s start!

Generally, well-fitting shorts should hit just above or below the knee. It all depends on your particular cut and personal style.

Shorts that are too long stop at an awkward mid-calf point, while those that are too short leave your thighs exposed

Taking precise measurements is of great importance for shorts because many styles have low cargo pockets or hem details making it hard or impossible to change the length

So, if you are just guesstimating your measurements and blindly hoping that your shorts fit, you’re risking wasted time and money but when you know exactly your shorts’ inseam, you can shop with confidence assured that you’ll find the well-fitting pair of shorts.

2- What Is The Inseam on Shorts?

Just like on pair of pants, the inseam of shorts is measured from the crotch to the bottom of the shorts along the inner thigh.

How To Measure The Inseam and Leg Opening On Shorts?

The best way to measure an inseam is to measure them on one of your pairs of shorts that you feel most comfortable in with a measuring tape. otherwise, you do have some options with shorts that typically fall into a handful of standardized lengths

For women’s shorts lengths usually fall into 3 main categories:

  • Short: 2 to 3 inch inseam.
  • Midrange: 3 to 5 inch inseam.
  • Bermudas 11 to 13 inch inseam.

As a woman, you’ll usually want to avoid going shorter than 2 inches that can lead to some unwanted “wardrobe malfunctions” You should also avoid the range of 8 to 9 inches. because this can leave you in-between look that can be hard to pull off

As for Men’s shorts, lengths usually fall into 2 main categories:

  • Short: 5 to 7 inch inseam.
  • Standard: 9 to 10 inch inseam.

As a shorter man, you’ll usually want to stick to shorter shorts, they may even make you look taller.

but bigger guys can go for standard shorts and keep the end of the shorts above the knee.

How To Measure The Inseam of Shorts Using a Measuring Tape?

You can easily get an inseam measurement by just following these steps.

Here how to do it:

  1. Lay your shorts down on a flat surface bike a table or on your bed and make sure that the leg of the shorts is perfectly straight.
  2. grab a tape measure and hold it at the bottom of the crotch.
  3. run the measuring tape along the inside leg until you reach the bottom of the leg.
  4. make sure your measuring tape hues closely to the hem so that it accurately reflects the length.

What’s The Outseam on Shorts?

The outseam runs along the outside of the legs and from a construction prespective it’s the line of stitching that connects the front and back leg panels.

How To Measure The Outseam On Shorts?

to measure the outseam on shorts, here is what you need to do. let’s start!

  1. The best way to measure the outseam is to take a measuring tape or you can improvise with a dollar bill (6.14 inches) or a credit card (3.375 inches), lay your shorts down on a smooth, flat and stable surface; making sure that the shorts’ legs are perfectly straight and that there aren’t any major wrinkles.
  2. lay your measuring tape at the top of the hip.
  3. run the measuring tape along the outside leg until you reach the bottom.

How To Measure Leg Hole Width and Circumference On Shorts?

It couldn’t be simpler to get both the leg hole width and circumference, but anyway here’s what you need to do:

  1. lay your shorts down on a smooth, flat and stable surface. Remove any wrinkles.
  2. measure at the bottom at the leg from the outside to the inner edges.
  3. double that measurement to get the circumference of the leg openings which tells you how large of a circle the leg openings make.
  4. compare the circumference of the shorts to tell circumference of your own legs.
  5. that’s it! decide if it’s a good fit!.

Closing Thoughts

When Summer is approaching and the weather gets hotter, many people start looking to update their wardrobe and purchase some of the season’s hottest trends. Shorts are great and one of the best trendy fashion options for all genders of all sizes.

However, getting a length that doesn’t work for your body can make shorts uncomfortable

Now, after reading our article, it becomes clear for you how to measure both inseam and outseam on shorts as well as the length of the leg hole width and circumference on shorts

That means, no more shorts that are uncomfortable or are too tight for your thighs!


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