Sexy Tights to Shake Things Up

Sexy Tights

Suffering from a sensual stalemate? Girl, we’ve all been there. We have a few ideas to really shake things up! Check them out!

The first step to recovery is feeling good about yourself. Inner confidence is wonderfully alluring and can be achieved with the help of a few faithful friends.
1. Red Lipstick. This is a classic but a minefield; smudging, unflattering shades, lipstick on your teeth. No thanks.
2. High Heels. They do add a swagger to your step but, let’s be real, they’re frickin’ uncomfortable. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
3. Sexy Tights. Flattering, comfortable and you don’t even have to shave your legs. #Winning.

Be it for yourself, or for a special someone, feeling sexy whilst warm and comfortable is fashion nirvana. We’ve selected our top, sexy picks from, certain to bring out your inner seductress.

For sweet suggestiveness, try “Starry Night” sheer black sparkly tights. These are subtle, with just a hint of spice. For a garter-like effect, try the “Gold Bracelet” sheer black tights. The gold band design wrapped around each thigh hints of naughtiness, with a touch of class. For a barely-there look, “Walk Like an Egyptian” sheer tights in nude hit the spot. The delicate, paisley-like print decorating each calf draws attention to your legs, and adds a stylish hit. Our absolute favorites are the “La Boheme” sheer tights in nude & gold. Evocative of the Roaring 20s with a golden, shimmering design caressing the length of each leg, this flattering pair will give you the confidence you need to show yourself off.

Trust us, you’re fabulous.

Print Patterned Tights La Boheme Nude Gold GS 51 3

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