Leg Wear Tip: How to Fix Ripped Tights in Two Minutes

fix tights with nail polish

A hole in a pair of tights can be pretty disastrous. Luckily, we’ve got a quick & easy tip to prevent disaster. As long as the hole is small, and hasn’t started to run, you can easily repair your tights, and it will take you no more than two minutes.

The magic ingredient? A bottle of clear nail polish! The nail varnish will bind to the sides of the hole, preventing it from expanding.

Step 1: Stretch your tights over an object so they are pulled as tight as they would be if you were wearing them. Be sure to stretch your nylons over something smooth, to avoid another hole.

Step 2: Locate the hole, and gently lift up the area surrounding it. Dab some fast-drying clear nail polish around the edges of the hole. Blow on the hole to speed up the drying time.

Step 3: Allow the first coat to dry, then repeat the process once more for extra reinforcement!

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