How to Measure the Inseam Women’s: 3 Easy Methods To Know

Since regular size pairs are designed for the masses, tall women find it difficult to choose their best-fitting pants.

After all, they have perhaps the trickiest fit of all. There is nothing more frustrating than ordering a pair of pants online and then finding it is shorter and doesn’t fit your right length

As a tall woman, you can never make them longer, so it’s another problem. knowing how to measure your pants inseam is vital because it allows you to confidently purchase clothes online, find the best-fitting pair of pants and protect yourself from the dreaded high-water look.

Below, I’ll show you exactly how to measure your inseam so that you assure that you’ll find the gift of sufficiently-long pants on the first try, So keep reading our article.

What is an Inseam?

An inseam measures the distance along the inner seam of a pair of pants between your groin and the bottom of your ankle

How do You Measure Your Inseam?

Method1: Measuring a Pair of Your Pants

1/ The Best Way to Measure your inseam is to take an existing pair of pants that fits you well and that is similar to the ones you want to buy

2/ Check the tag for the inseam just in case it’s printed there and use that inseam measurement to shop for similar pants but if your pants don’t have inseam measurement written right on the tag, you can still measure the inseam by yourself

3/ Fold your pants in half Lengthwise on a flat surface and make sure that the legs are perfectly straight

4/ Run a measuring tape from the crotch seam to the hem of the pants:

  • The crotch seam is along the center of the crotch of your pants. Find the spot where the crotch seam meets the seam that goes down your pants leg.
  • Place the end of your measuring tape at this point, then measure down to the hem.

5/ Make sure your measuring tape hues closely to the hem so that it reflects accurately the length

6/ Write down your inseam measurement and use it when you go shopping.

  • You can add 5-1 inch (1,3 – 2,5cm) if you want to buy new pants that you’ll wear with high heels
  • You can add 5 inches (1,3 cm) if you want to buy pants that are prone to shrinking

Method2: Having Someone Measure Your Inseam

If you want an inseam measurement that is based on your body rather than on a pair of your pants, you’ll probably have better to recruit a close friend to help you out and then try this

1/ Put on a pair of close-fitting pants that’ll make it easier for your friend to accurately measure your inseam. You can opt for athletic leggings or tight jeans they are both good options when it comes to measure your inseam

2/ Take off your shoes to guess exactly your right length because you should keep in mind that the added height from your shoes can interfere with your inseam measurement

3/ Stand up with your back against the wall and your legs just slightly spread

4/ have someone measure from the crotch seam of your pants to the floor:

  • the crotch of your pants that intersects with the pant leg seam
  • The distance between the crotch seam of your pants and the floor is your inseam measurement

5/ Write down your inseam measurement and use it to buy the perfect pair of new pants

Method3: Using a Mirror To Measure Yourself

1/ Take the measurements in your underwear so that the numbers’ll be more accurate and you are able to get as close to your body.

2/ Stand tall in front of a mirror so you can see your body. In this case it’s advisable to use a floor length mirror or the biggest mirror you have placing it just opposite your lower body

3/ Place your measuring tape where your thigh meets your groin.

4/ Lower the end of the measuring tape down to your ankles. Watch in the mirror so you can see when the measuring tape reaches your ankles.

5/ Stop the end of the measuring tape and watch in the mirror to make sure that you are satisfied with where the tape hits on your lower ankles

6/ Check the number on your measuring tape to get your inseam

7/ Write down your inseam so that you can use it when you go shopping for a new pair of pants

Considerations for the Best Inseam Fit Tips

When measuring your pants’ inseam take these tips into considerations:

  1. Wear well-fitting pants similar to the ones you want to buy because Very Baggy pants can interfere with a measurement and make it difficult to accurately measure in a straight line
  2. Take off your shoes, you want to be barefoot to accurately measure your inseam if you want to take the height of your shoes into account simply add some inches to your overall measurement once you have an accurate inseam
  3. Measure from the crotch to the floor, it’s easier to do this by the help of one’s friend
  4. Some pants shrink after they’ve been washed so if you are buying pants that are prone to shrinking, round your inseam measurement up to the nearest 5 inches (1, 3 cm)


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