4 Stellar Outfit Ideas Based on One Pair of Heart Tights

Fashion tights can easily enhance your style quotient. Whatever the season may be and if you go out on a hot date or for a casual fun day outing with friends, if you step out wearing printed tights, you are sure to grab a lot of attention.

The sexy design of heart tights that you would read about here, are of high quality, opaque, 120 denier and available in one-size fits all. Designed by Zohara, these tights with the hearts print on the back of both legs, come in Black or Nude and can portray you as a stylish, trendy and romantic girl. You will feel sexy and it will simply turn your outfit into a flattering one and can make you look like a style diva. Here are 4 stellar outfit ideas to help you get started:

If you want to add a nice fashionable apparel to your wardrobe, get yourself a pair of heart patterned tights. You would be tired of compliments regarding your sense of style and fashion.

Line Of Heart Print Tights Body Color & Black

Line Of Hearts Print Tights Black & Grey

A pair of black colored heart tights can be teamed with a gorgeous black top to get a perfect look, like the girl in this picture. You would look effortlessly sexy in this outfit and you can wear this glitzy attire for a hot date or to a fun party where you can chill and dance. The white hearts on the back of the black tights would make you look glamorous.

You would agree that the skin colored heart tights that you can see in this picture look extremely pretty. With a beautiful dress and matching heels, this apparel would look absolutely divine on you. The black little hearts on the front of this pair of tights would make you look girly and adorable. You can wear it on your first date so that your crush ends up falling more in love with you.

line of heart tights Body Color & Black

This is the best thing about fashion tights. You can wear it with so many outfits and in any season. You can wear the same tights in a slightly different way so that the black hearts inscribed on it can be seen from the back. It can be worn in both ways. It would look perfect with a black boot and a black coat. You can wear this pair of heart tights on a winter day and you will surely be able to make heads turn.


If you have a good sense of mix and match, then you can have a lot of fun with this garment. The same hearts patterned tights can also be teamed up with a black mini skirt and black top or alternatively with a black short dress.

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