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Six Patterned Tights To Jazz Up Your Halloween Costumes

print patterned tighprint patterned tights goldfish Gal Stern GS-49print patterned tights goldfish Gal Stern GS-49ts goldfish Gal Stern GS-49

Autumn has arrived, leaves are falling, and pumpkins abound. The time has come for you to start deciding what your Halloween costume and style will be as we welcome the holiday season. TrendyLegs has the perfect tights to elevate your costume this Halloween. Here are 6 patterned tights we think are perfect addition to any […]

Leopard Addiction: 4 Trendy Leopard Print Tights Ideas

leopard print tights

This winter, covering up and keeping warm does not mean style, fashion, and fun have to be covered up too. Instead of putting your legs into hibernation, have some fun with Zohara’s trendy leopard print tights. Leopard print is undoubtedly one of the hottest prints on the market. And to our utmost excitement, they rank as […]

Feather Print Tights: the Must-Have Fashion Embellishment

feather print tights

Feathers and fashion go a long way together, and now with advanced print on textile technologies, you can enjoy feathers print on high quality fashion tights, feather print tights can be wild; sophisticated and can help you transform that dull outfit into a gorgeous, delicate, and feminine look. With feathers printed tights, you can stop shopping […]

Let’s Play Fashion: Puzzle and Card Signs Print Tights

puzzle cards theme print tights

One of the coolest ideas behind Zohara Art on tights brand, is that she uses unique themes on her print tights, each season the designer comes up with some new exciting themes and patterns and this winter she present a new collection of fun Puzzle and Playing Card Signs inspired prints on trendy or classic base color tights.

Che Guevara Tights, A Freedom & Fashion Statement!

Che Guevara tights

Now you can make a freedom and fashion statement at the same time! More than just brand-mongering fashionistas are concerned with who they wear because clothing now has the power to send socio-political messages. For some it is just a fashion statement, but many are drawn to him as a symbol of the struggle against capitalism and the […]

3 Creative Print Tights for a Chic Halloween Costume

Halloween Print Tights

No fall fashion wardrobe would be complete without festive, fun, and stylish tights. With Halloween being the time to express yourself and have fun with costumes, we have three print tights perfect to complete your look. When getting ready for your Halloween party, our one size fits all print tights make a statement, whether dressed […]