TrendyLegs Presents: Zohara Print Tights Winter 2013/2014 Collection

TrendyLegs is excited to present Zohara Tights Winter 2013/14 Collection, the new collection include thigh high tights & footless tights in a variety of Colors, patterns and Prints. The Tights are one size (fits 0-16) and 120 Denier (thickness), so they are not just extremely cool, they will keep you warm and comfortable on cold winter days..

Tights. Once just an item to wear under your dress and it can be quite interesting to see what a keen sense of fashion and a little creativity using print tights can do to your outfits. Pattern & Tattoo Tights, are the hottest trend in fashion! From funky, playful, outrageous and tattoo tights, they’ve become a must have item if you wanna stay up-to-date in the fashion scene, print tights become a key accessory to add color, style, flare, texture and unique themes to any wardrobe.

The fun and quirky tights by Zohara come in unique print themes, from paisleys, hearts and stars to Love Text, tattoo tights and urban/city prints. The base colors range from classic black, Grey, Powder and body color to unique seasonal Orange, Purple and green colors and we love how the tights color compliments perfectly the playfulness of the print colors and patterns.

Print tights will add unique identity and personal style statement to any outfit. There are many ways to incorporate print & tattoo tights into your wardrobe. Print tights can give black, gray and camel neutrals a whole new look, you can ware them with a t-shirt, Short Skirts or a short pants, actually you can ware them with almost anything. Most important is to Wear your tights with confidence and you’ll be amazed at how they can transform any outfit and provide that extra bit of “wow”ness to your look! The new print tights collection by Zohara are simply beyond stunning and takes leg adornment to a whole new level.

P.S TrendyLegs offer 15% & Free Shipping to any order of 3 (or more..) Print Tights!

One thought on “TrendyLegs Presents: Zohara Print Tights Winter 2013/2014 Collection

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    Stephanie says:

    I found this wonderful site a week ago while I was searching for tight pants for my new college wardrobe. These are great tights with the softest feel that I have ever encountered! Extremely breathable, comfortable & ‘zero pinch’ fabric – feels as though it’s not on you & especially, for comfort dressing freaks, this product range is highly recommended.

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