What to Wear With White Shorts: 20 Perfect White Shorts Outfit Ideas

Don’t be afraid to experiment wearing white shorts. They look attractive and beautiful. They should be worn when it’s hot and sunny at the beach, park or out door festivals. They could also be worn to a formal event such as a summer wedding.

White Shorts are undeniably a staple in any woman or man’s closet and their versatility will allow you to dress them up or down. Just make your white shorts the centerpiece of your outfit and work around it.

They can be worn with almost anything else in your closet from jeans and button-up shirts to chinos and blazers. Try to create soft and sharp contrasts with your outfits to make them effective and eye-catching. You can complete the look with white sandals, sneakers, canvas shoes, etc

Remember, shorts are a vital summer piece and if they’re worn appropriately, they will give you both ease and confidence

Below, in this article, we will provide you with some outfit ideas, So, continue reading to know what to wear with your white shorts.

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When To Wear White Shorts?

White shorts will inevitably be a big part of 2022 fashion and it’s best to freshen your wardrobe with multiple pairs right now you can wear these shorts to cocktail parties, weddings, casual hangouts or neighborly barbeques and even to more other occasions.

In terms of the season they are typically worn during spring and summer. Their colorless nature helps to reflect sunlight which makes them quite breathable. So they are a great gift idea for hot and warm days.

What To Wear With White Shorts?

White Shorts are cool and comfortable clothing that work for many occasions. To create a fashionable ensemble you will need to find a balance between tops and bottoms and even accessories

In general, white is a super versatile shade that can be paired with any color including red, black, green, blue, yellow, etc. which makes styling an outfit way easier

But you should keep in mind, that there are different shades of white to choose from: including alabaster, chantilly lace, bone, and cream, so you need to settle for the right hue for example when you opt for cream shorts, you should pair them with light academia attire for more other details, check out these 16 different outfit ideas down below

What Goes With White Shorts for Female: Best Outfit Ideas With White Shorts

Finding the best outfit idea that goes with white shorts depend on the event for which you’re wearing them. If it’s for a beach party, it’s likely to wear a T-shirt and casual style of white shorts with sandals but if you attend a party at night indoors, it’s likely you’d wear a button up shirt with a more stylish short and lace up shoes

To make things even easier for you, I have put together a list that contains some beautiful white denim shorts outfit ideas for women, So let’s check out the interesting list now!!

  • Grey T-shirt with White Ripped Mini Denim Shorts

For a comfortable, minimal and refreshing look, you can pair white shorts with a T-shirt. For example, you can style a pair of white mini ripped denim shorts with a fitted grey t-shirt that’ll look really good. You can also go for white sandals for a refreshing and beautiful look.

  • Pink Floral off the Shoulder Blouse With White Shorts

In my opinion, this is the most amazing ladylike look. To form it, pair a pale pink floral printed off the shoulder blouse with white denim shorts. Finishing the outfit with pink platform sandals and you are ready to spend a nice day with some friends

  • Sky Blue Halter Neck Ribbed Crop Top With White Denim Mini Shorts

Here is a skinny fit outfit that is going to make you show your curves and look more sexy and attractive

To achieve this remarkable look, wear a sky blue halter neck ribbed crop top with a high waisted white ripped mini denim shorts to look taller and slimmer. Complete the outfit with pink ankle strap open toe heels. Carry a blush pink shoulder bag to freshen this well-balanced and beautiful outfit

  • Blue Knotted Chambray Sleeveless Shirt With White Denim Shorts

For those of you who like to achieve a low-key sexy summer outfit, you may want to consider this beautiful look wear a blue knotted sleeveless shirt to show a little bit of skin at your waist. Pair it with white denim shorts. Complement the look by rocking pale pink ballet flats to appear casual and ladylike.

  • White Denim Fringe Shorts With Black Top & Boyfriend Denim Jacket

If you want to talk your outfit to the casual level, here is a really good look that’s easy to form.

Just wear a black scoop neck vest top with a pair of white high waisted mini fringe denim shorts to look tall layer a slightly oversized blue denim jacket on top of these pieces. To complete the outfit in a refreshing way wear a pair of white sneakers.

  • White Button Up Shirt With Denim Shorts With Strappy Sandals

For a different and unique outfit, you may want to consiter this ensemble.

Wear a white button up shirt with a pair of white denim shorts. For the shoes opt for a pair of black gladiator sandals which the straps extend all the way to just below the knee and then you’ll get that stylish and unique look.

How To Wear White Lace Shorts: 6 Stylish and Refreshing Looks

By far our favourite type of shorts, white lace shorts are in fashion right now. They offer a fun and feminine look that can be dressed up or dressed down but if you don’t style them right, it can make you look like you are showing your undergarment because of that, I have compiled a list of 6 stylish and refreshing outfit ideas on how to wear white lace shorts appropriately and in beautiful ways so let’s take a look at them

  • Black Cropped Tee With White Lace Shorts

This pairing of a black cropped t-shirt with high-waisted white lace shorts’ll give you that minimal and refreshing summer look. Pair them with heather grey ballet heels and a black studded clutch bag to add some extra elegance to your outfit.

Keep in mind, the details are very important for example without the clutch bag and the ballet shoes your outfit would look quite awkward that is to say, suitable accessories can make a big difference

  • Blue and White Striped Tee With Denim Jacket Draped Over Shoulders

I f you are craving something more chic. You can never go wrong with a pair of blue and white striped T-shirts with denim jacket over your shoulders. For the bottom, wear the white lace shorts and heather grey canvas shoes. To complete this outfit, carry a brown purse

  • Wear With Dark Blue Knotted Denim Shirt

Undeniable proof that a dark blue knotted denim shirt and white lace shorts are amazing when worn together. Pair these pieces with a brown purse and a pair of sliver slip on sneakers to add a feminine touch

  • Wear With Red Blouse and White Sandals

Play around with other tones of reds and whites as this could liven up the outfit perfect for the summer

Red and White is an eye-catching color combination to use that in a white lace shorts outfit, you can go for a red breezy blouse and white sandals. Wear a boho style long necklace and a casual black purse to complete the look.

  • Navy Tank Top With White Lace Shorts

For those of you who like to dress like a minimalist, the good news is that wearing a long asymmetric navy tank top with white lace shorts can already look really good. Go for white boho style flip flops to keep the outfit light and breezy, then wear a necklace to achieve that smart and elegant look

  • Wear With White Tank and Linen Blazer

Let’s consider wearing a white linen tank and a white linen blazer The roughness in the fabric can add a lot of style to the outfit when paired with white lace shorts. To complete this artistic look, wear nude heeled sandals and floppy straw hat

What To Wear With White Shorts Men’s

What to Wear With White Shorts Men's
What to Wear With White Shorts Men’s

When deciding on the right Men’s outfit to go for when wearing white shorts, you need to take into consideration the color, materials and style of the shoe All three of these should match well with shorts to have that smart and elegant look. Here are some outfit ideas:

  • Men’s Navy Polo, White Shorts, Black Canvas Low top, Sneakers, Brown Woven Leather Belt

Pair a navy polo with white shorts for a casual style. A pair of black canvas low top sneakers will be a good addition to complete your outfit

  • Men’s Tan Polo, White Shorts, Brown Suede Loafers, Silver Watch

Another good outfit idea to go for is to consider wearing a tan polo with white shorts. For something on the classy end to round off this look, wear brown suede loafers

  • Men’s Navy Short Sleeve Shirt, White Shorts, Dark Brown Suede Tassel Loafers, Dark Brown Sunglasses

This combination of a navy short sleeve shirt and white shorts is easy to form. For the shoes, you can wear dark brown suede tassel loafers to inject an extra touch of class into this outfit

  • Men’s White and Black Vertical Striped Short Sleeve Shirt, White Shorts, White Leather Low Top Sneakers, Black Sunglasses

This off-duty combination of a white and black vertical striped short sleeve shirt and white shorts is super easy to put together, helping you look smart and elegant. White leather low top sneakers is a perfect addition to round off this ensemble

  • Men’s Grey Horizontal Striped Crew-neck T-shirt, White Shorts, Tan Leather Driving Shoes, Multi Colored Sunglasses

For a comfortable and modern style, you can pair a grey horizontal striped crew-neck t-shirt with white shorts. To bring a little flair to this outfit, choose a pair of tan leather driving shoes

  • Men’s Olive Crew-neck T-shirt, White Shorts, White Vertical Striped Canvas espadrilles, Dark Brown Sunglasses.

Here is a great outfit to go for when it’s time to clock off All what you need to form this look is to wear an olive crew-neck T-shirt with your white shorts. Add white Vertical striped canvas espadrilles and that’s all.

  • Men’s Navy and White Polka Dot Short Sleeve Shirt, White Shorts, White Canvas Low Top Sneakers, Dark Green Leather Belt

This pairing, of a navy and white polka do short sleeve shirt and white shorts is effortless and easy to imitate. To tie the look together, I would suggest to opt for white canvas low top sneakers

  • Men’s Light Blue Long Sleeve Shirt, White Shorts, White Leather Low Top Sneakers, Charcoal Sunglasses

A light blue long sleeve shirt and white shorts are menswear must-haves if you’ want to be prepared for anything without spending too much time searching through your wardrobe.

If not sure about the footwear, stick to white leather low top sneakers and here is an extremely easy outfit you can opt for

  • Men’s Black Crew-neck T-shirt, White Shorts, White Leather Low Top Sneakers, Black Leather Backpack

One way to wear the white shorts in an amazing and attractive way is to pair them with a black crew-neck t-shirt. To pull your full look together add white leather low top sneakers to this ensemble

  • Men’s Orange Crew-neck T-shirt, White Shorts, Grey Canvas espadrilles, Dark Brown Sunglasses

What about trying on this ensemble? you’ll love it from the first try. Just wear an orange crew-neck t-shirt with your white shorts then rock a pair of grey canvas espadrilles to add more sophisticated touch and extra dose of style

What Types of White Shorts Outfits Can You Get?

There is a lot of variety today in terms of white shorts types, styles and shades selections

As previously mentioned, there are different shades of white to choose from including alabaster, chantilly lace bone cream, coffee cream. A side from hue, design is another factor to consider. When you are struggling to form a cohesive fit

So let’s share with you some notable trends that are all the rage this season

  • Cargo Shorts: designed to accentuate your hips and waist. They come in several cuts and styles and many are made of soft yet durable cotton materials

I recommend wearing a slim top or a tucked-in-shirt to help create a perfect fit

  • Cotton Shorts: designed to billow out, this cut of cloth is ideal for summertime. It’s lightweight and breathable. These cotton shorts’ll remind you of the beach and make you feel like living in a matter of minutes. They come in different shades of white. Your heart won’t be able to settle on one!!!
  • Silk Shorts = synonymous with pajama bottoms. This is a great alternative to opt for during the Monday Blues
  • Denim Shorts: Will always be a popular option when it comes to stylish shorts, they are versatile, practical and affordable

You can now find them in different colors including white denim shorts they help you feel fresh during the humid summer months.

  • Sweat Shorts: this particular short features an elasticated waistband and a drawstring enclosure to give you extra comfort


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