What to Wear With Pink Shorts? – Colors That go With Pink

Pink shorts have made a major come back in the world of fashion this year. From pale pink short shorts to hot pink denim shorts and from mom shorts for women to pink Cargo and chino shorts for men, this article’ll help you choose the perfect outfit that’ll look great with your pink pair of shorts

These once-beloved pieces become synonymous to today’s trends and recently rose back to reclaim their place at the top of the trend charts this summer 2024

While pink shorts may be considered more for women, there is a wide variety of styles of pink shorts that are great for men to rock.

If you’re up to date with today’s trends, you may have owned two or three different pairs of pink shorts but you might find it can be surprisingly difficult to figure out something interesting and stylish to actually wear with your cute pink shorts.

Fortunately, We are here to cheer you up so we have compiled a detailed list for you to help you learn about what goes with pink shorts so that you can step out in style

So please keep reading our article in which you’ll find some types of pink shorts together with the best outfit ideas on what to wear with them

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Types of Pink Shorts:

  • Pink Denim Shorts

While denim is traditionally blue, it’s possible to find them in pink color. Pink denim shorts can come in any cut and any length, making them a versatile option.

You can pair them with a pink denim shirt, either in the same shade of pink or you can go lighter on the bottom and darker on top or vice versa.

You can also choose a white shirt with a pink denim jacket thrown over top if the weather is cooler or simply a white T-shirt if the weather is hot

Pair them with either white sneakers or nude sandals to complete this casual yet eye-catching outfit

You can also opt for a pair of pink denim high-waisted shorts for your board meeting or even pink short shorts or pink denim cutoffs if you are going to the beach. Pair them with a pair of oversized sunglasses, a large straw hat and a pair of flip flops to add an elegant touch

  • Pink Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts provide a refined look that should not be over accessorized

If you want to have a relaxing Sunday with your family or want to travel, just throw a pair of pale pink Bermuda shorts with a navy blue or gray striped shirt, a pink shirt of a different shade than the Bermuda shorts, a pair of big sunglasses, a cute blazer and white sneakers

When Worn with white flats or sandals, a floppy hat and a white leather handbag can make a lovely compliment

  • Pink High Waist Shorts

When wearing pink high waisted shorts your first choice is a shirt in white color, a pair of sandals or flats in the same color of your shirt and then you are ready to go to the office or to a conference with your child’s teacher

For a more pink suit type of look, wear a pink blazer with a pair of heels and a rockin’ leather handbag in pink, brown, gray, black, or white.

  • Pink Chino Shorts

Pink chino shorts are a comfortable pair of shorts for both men and women that can be worn to a variety of places and that come in a variety of styles and shades of pink

You can pair them with bright colors or pastel shader and you can even throw on a pair of boat shoes with them For a dressier style, add a belt, a dress shirt and dressier shoes

You can dress them down for a more casual look by simply opting for a polo shirt or T-shirt

  • Pink Khaki Shorts

Both men and women can rock a pair of pink khaki shorts. They look great with a navy blue or dark gray shirt. You can also pair them with a pair of tennis shoes or sandals for a relaxing look and feel.

To make them look more dressy, you can also dress them up with a button down shirt or blouse and even add a blazer

They are available for men or women for a fun and unique look

Men can wear a pair of brown shoes with the men’s shorts version, including dress shoes while women can add a sandal with a heel

  • Pink Cargo Shorts

These shorts are a great choice for women on the go since they come with several pockets for you to use for your keys, wallet and cell phone.

They are a longer pair of shorts for women that are comfortable and can be worn to a variety of places and on different occasions from a party to your child’s school or hanging out in the park with your kids

They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion in which you are wearing them

A cute pair of sneakers or flats will go well with these shorts or you can opt for a pair of short boots.

  • Pink Camo Shorts

You can find Camo shorts in a wide variety of styles and pink shades. From cargo style hot pink shorts in a camouflage print to yoga shorts, biker shorts, or military shorts with several pockets, this versatile print can be worn for different occasions and places

You can match them with a white or black T-shirt and sneakers to wear to the gym or go for a cute white tank top or crop top to wear to running errands

Pink Jogger Shorts or Biker Shorts

Both types of shorts are very similar and super comfy to wear. You can not only wear them for cycling but also for jogging, running, yoga, aerobics class or to simply lounge around the house

These shorts are normally worn with a tank top, crop top, T-shirt or other relaxed fit and style of top in a variety of colors with a pair of sneakers

Best Outfit Ideas on What To Wear With Pink Shorts Women’s

Ladies who like to create more a feminine and youthful look will definitely choose to add something pink to their outfit

For this outfit to work, I am going to talk about how to do that in a refreshing and cute way with the pink shorts

For a simple yet trendy look, I have gathered some outfit ideas for you so check them out now

  • Black and White Striped Tee With Denim Jacket & Pink Shorts

For a casual street outfit, you can pair a blue denim jacket and pink shorts with the iconic black and white striped long sleeve T-shirt.

To finish this casual and youthful look, throw on low top white sneakers and you are ready to go.

  • Black and White Checkered Shirt With Hot Pink Shorts

It’s a business casual outfit. To form this look, let’s bring out a black and white checkered shirt. Pair it with hot pink shorts. and To complete this business casual look, wear a brown leather purse and brown leather flats.

  • White Halter Top With Pink Mini Shorts

Pink ripped denim shorts can be cute and even sexy when you pair them with white Halter top and a gold belt, wear white heeled sandals to add a refreshing touch to the outfit

For a stylish and elegant look, opt for a black vest top with a hot pink mini shorts and complete this eye-catching look by wearing black heeled sandals

  • White Off The Shoulder Ruffle Blouse With Pink Ribbon Bow Flowy Shorts

If you have beautiful shoulders and skin, wearing an Off The Shoulder Top is one of the best options to look attractive and sexy.

For this outfit to work, pair this top with hot pink ribbon bow shorts and pink sandals to add an amazing feminine touch.

  • Black Vest Top With Mini High Waisted Shorts and Black Sandals

For a tough and elegant look, you may want to try to apply the black and pink color combination to your outfit

To make it stylish yet trendy wear a black vest top with a hot pink mini shorts and then complete the look with black heeled sandals

Best Outfit Ideas on What To Wear With Pink Shorts Men’s

While pink shorts are considered as a feminine clothing, there is a wide variety of styles of pink shorts that are perfect for men to rock.

One of the easiest ways to have a more masculine look is to add something special to your outfit something that has a masculine touch.

To better show you how to achieve this useful look, I have collected some really nice men’s pink shorts outfit ideas so follow us

  • Pink Shorts With a White T-Shirt

This is a color combination that can be viewed as a safe option. Pair your pink shorts with a solid white shirt or a shirt that has minimal clean print on it.

Balance the whole look with a pair of light grey sports shoes with white soles and laces to create an elegant appearance

  • Pink Shorts With a Blue Shirt

This is another color combination that can be a great beach option. To form this look, you can go for a blue shirt or a light blue and white checked shirt, and for the shorts it can be a solid pink

Then complete the look with a pair of thong sandals: This should help you in creating that beach vibe to the fullest.

  • Pink Shorts With a Black Striped T-Shirt & Denim Shirt

For a trendy look, choose a black t-shirt with thin stripes in white or grey. Striped T-shirt looks better with pink shorts. Add on a mid-blue denim shirt on top of it to create a layer.

You can spice-up your outfit by wearing casual ankle-length white shoes. And to complete this cute look, you can add a watch or a pair of black wayfarer sunglasses

  • Pink Shorts With a Black T-Shirt

Always consider the style of your pink shorts when looking for combinations.

For instance a solid pink short or even one that looks like a mix of ink in pink hues can be easily paired with black printed t-shirt and to compliment the look you can throw on a pair of ankle-high sneakers in grey and white with pink laces and white soles

  • Pink Shorts With a Floral Printed Shirt

To produce a masculine touch and a refreshing look to your pink shorts, go for a floral-printed shirt

Flowers are great and come in a variety of colors. However, when it comes to prints, you should make sure that the background compliments the print colors.

For instance, you can match a shirt that has a faded navy blue background and a print that has big faded green leaves and pink flowers with light pink shorts

To avoid making your look bad you can wear slide-on shoes in off-white or even a pair of thong sandals.

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