It’s Summer and you stand in front of your open closet door, looking at the different shorts’ shades and wondering “What am I gonna Wear? Okay, whether you are a Man or a Woman you can go straight to “green shorts” they are in fashion this year Green is one of the most popular shades for both men’s and women’s clothing.

It’s a bold color to wear and will be the center of attention wherever you go. It looks good on just about every skin tone, making it the best shorts’ color for all persons.

You can find different shades of green from light to dark green or everything in between and they are all fashionable and good-looking Green Shorts are also the perfect summertime. Staple that can be worn by women and men alike They can also be paired with many outfits

So if you are looking for some ideas on what to wear with green shorts, We’ve got you covered. Here are our picks of what goes with green shorts So try one of the following outfit ideas

What To Wear With Green Shorts for Women: Top 12 Stylish & Beautiful Outfits

For a look that offers fashion and style, wearing a pair of green shorts is a perfect idea. Although there are many different green shades for women’s and men’s shorts, styling them and pulling them off isn’t that challenging.

There are many ways to make sure your look is always in style. To make things even easier for you, I have compiled some interesting green shorts outfit ideas for you to reference. Let’s have a look right now.

  • Black and White Polka Dot Sleeveless Blouse With High Rise Mini Shorts

To create this Vintage and unique outfit with a modern spin and feminine touch, you can opt for a black and white polka dot sleeveless blouse and a pair of dark green high waisted mini shorts which can make your legs look extra long and slim and thus, make yourself look natural and attractive complement this outfit with a pair of black open toe heels to tie the whole look together cleanly and elegantly

  • White Tank Top With Green Tie Waist Mini Shorts

For a approachable and casual summer look, you can simply wear a white slightly cropped tank top with a pair of green tie waist high rise mini shorts. Wear a pair of white heeled sandals to complete the outfit with a refreshing touch.

  • White Button Up Shirt With Green Khaki Mini Shorts

To look minimal and casual, the white and green color combination is a good one to use

For example, you can wear a white button up shirt and a pair of green khaki Mini Shorts to look minimal. For the shoes, you can simply wear a pair of leopard printed ballet heels to match perfectly with the rest of the outfit and to wrap up the clean look.

  • Women’s Green Double Breasted Blazer, Light Blue Denim Shirt, Green Vertical Striped Shorts, Brown Leather Backpack

Everyone deserves a laid-back outfit in his wardrobe. Just reach for a green double breasted blazer and green vertical striped shorts. Both items are super comfortable and’ll look nice when combined together For added ease, finish your look by carrying a brown leather Backpack

  • White and Black Color Block T-Shirt With High Waisted Elastic Waist Mini Shorts

Now let us go for a t-shirt that comes with some black striped design on the sleeves Now all you need to do is to pair the t-shirt

With a pair of mini green shorts and finally put on a pair of pale pink slide sandals to complete the look.

  • Women’s White Chiffon Cropped Top, Mint Lace Shorts, Brown Leather Crossbody Bag, Silver Pendant

For those of you who love wearing green shorts, here is an outfit idea that you can’t miss. To form this casual and cool outfit, you can wear a white chiffon cropped top with mint lace shorts

For the accessory, you can simply carry a brown leather crossbody Bag to add a feminine touch to the outfit

  • Black and White Polka Dot Vintage Shirt With Tie Waist Mini Shorts

Here is another outfit that involves the black and white polka Dot blouse but this time it is a long sleeve boyfriend shirt To form this outfit, just go for a pair of mini green shorts and match it with this long sleeve shirt. For the shoes wear a pair of white pointed toe heels and the whole outfit is complete

  • Grey and White Striped T-Shirt with Green Mini Shorts

When comfort is imperative, this pairing of a grey and white Striped T-shirt with green mini shorts is always a winner For the shoes, wear a pair of black ballet flats to complete the outfit in a clean and elegant way.

  • Hailey Baldwin Wearing Black and White Print Sweatshirt, Green Bike Shorts, White Athletic Shoes, Black Print Cap

This combination of a black and white print sweatshirt and green bike shorts makes for the perfect and safe casual getup that can still look really interesting. Look at how nice this ensemble goes with a pair of white athletic shoes. You’ll look really sporty and casual.

  • White V Neck Lace Camisole With Green Tie Front Mini Shorts

this is a low-key sexy and artistic outfit that you may want to wear when you are on a, Summer holiday

To form this look, choose a white V neck lace camisole at the top. Pair it with a pair of green tie front mini shorts. For the shoes, wear a pair of nude heeled Sandals Add to this ensemble a white straw hat to look refreshing and artistic.

  • White Hawaiian Shirt With Olive Green Shorts

A white Hawaiian Shirt and olive green shorts paired together create a refreshing look. Complete your ensemble with a pair of white sneakers or nude strap flat sandals to easily bump up that cool and relaxing outfit. A Brown shoulder bag can come in to make your look more artistic.

  • White Oversized Button Up Shirt With Tie Waist Khaki Mini Shorts

A white button oversized button up shirt and a pair of tie front mini green shorts

Worn together are a casual and breezy outfit for ladies who love cool and stylish looks for the shoes, wear a pair of black strappy heeled sandals to look extra stylish

What to Wear with Green Shorts for Men: Top 12 Stylish Outfit Ideas

If you wonder to know What Goes With Green Shorts, Here are some Suggested Combination for You:

  • Men’s Navy Crew-neck T-shirt, Green Sports Shorts, Black Canvas Sandals, Black Sunglasses

To achieve a contemporary and modern look, consider teaming a navy crew-neck t-shirt with green sports shorts. This dapper ensemble comes together perfectly when you introduce a pair of black canvas sandals.

  • Men’s Navy Long Sleeve Shirt, Green Shorts, Navy Canvas Espadrilles, Burgundy Sunglasses

For an outfit that’s super straightforward, that can be worn in many casual occasions you can opt for a navy long sleeve shirt and green shorts. To tie the whole outfit together, throw in Navy Canvas espadrilles and that’s the look that you may love from the first try

  • Men’s Teal Print Crew-neck T-shirt, Mint Shorts, Pink Sunglasses

This is probably the easiest and simplest outfit among this lit. To achieve this laid-back menswear style, you can wear a teal print crew-neck t-shirt with mint shorts. Have fun with things and complete this ensemble with a pair of black leather sandals to look refreshing and cool.

  • Men’s Black Windbreaker, Green Shorts, Grey Canvas Low Top Sneakers

This is a very lovely casual look To achieve that, you can wear a black windbreaker and green shorts. Pair them with grey canvas low top sneakers and you’re all set looking spectacular

  • Men’s White Short Sleeve Shirt, Mint Shorts, Black Leather Sandals, Black Leather Watch

For a laid-back and trendy getup, go for a white short sleeve shirt and mint shorts, complete this ensemble with a pair of black leather sandals

  • Men’s Light Blue Long Sleeve Shirt, Green Shorts, Red Canvas Slip-on Sneakers, Dark Brown Sunglasses

A light blue long sleeve shirt and green shorts are an easy way to introduce muted dapperness into your daily casual fashion mix. Red Canvas slip-on sneakers will be a welcome complement to this look

  • Men’s Grey Crew-neck Sweater, Mint Shorts, White Canvas Low Top Sneakers, Silver Watch

This casual pairing of a grey crew-neck sweater and mint shorts is extremely easy to throw together without a second thought, helping you look awesome. Let this laid-back and cool combination truly shine by wearing nice white canvas low top sneakers

  • Men’s White Short Sleeve Shirt, Mint Shorts, White and Blue Canvas Low Top Sneakers, Navy Sunglasses

A white short sleeve shirt and mint shorts are the kind of a winning off-duty ensemble that you need when you have zero time. Dial down this look by slipping into low top sneakers

  • Men’s Mint Hoodie, White Crew-neck T-shirt, Mint Sports Shorts, White Athletic Shoes

A mint hoodie and mint sports are enough to achieve a cool street look for men in Summer. Complement your getup with white athletic shoes for extra fashion points.

  • Men’s Light Blue Dress Shirt, Green Shorts, Brown Boat Shoes, Brown Leather Belt

A light blue dress shirt is quite eye-catching already, so pairing it with green shorts is enough to create a kind of a never-failing combo that you so desperately need when you have no extra time to dress up. Our favorite of a multitude of ways to round off this look is a pair of brown boat shoes

  • Men’s Black Floral Crew-neck T-shirt, Green Shorts, Dark Brown Leather Sandals, Black Floral Baseball Cap

For those of you who love wearing Green Shorts, here is an outfit idea that you can’t miss. To form this outfit, you can wear a black floral crew-neck t-shirt and green shorts. Complement your look with dark brown leather sandals to keep it fresh

  • Men’s Burgundy Windbreaker, White Crew-neck T-shirt, Green Shorts, Brown Leather Boat Shoes

To look very stylish yet casual, here is the outfit that you can opt for Team a burgundy windbreaker with green shorts. For extra style points, finish this coordination with a pair of brown leather boat shoes.

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the green shorts outfit ideas that I have just talked to you above. You can give these outfits a try as they can make you look refreshing and lean effortlessly.

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