What to Wear With Black Shorts? – Awesome Outfit Ideas for Black Shorts

There is nothing better than putting on a comfortable pair of shorts to relax in the hottest days of summer season. After all, shorts are an essential wear in everyone’s wardrobe since they are practical, functional and versatile, pairing well with just about any outfits as well as accessories.

They are available on the market on different styles, cut and designs to satisfy all tastes

There is an array of color options out there but the most preferable one is “Black”.

It is seen as the most prestigious color that can be easily worn at any occasion.

Black shorts are so practical and easy to pair with the right shoes or tops, making them the star of any show.

If you need help figuring out what to wear with your black shorts, We have compiled a detailed list for you to learn about the various types of black shorts available right now as well as learning what looks best paired with them so that you can step out looking your best this summer in a great pair of black shorts. So keep reading our article.

Types of Black Shorts

Just like any shorts, black shorts come in a wide variety of styles and cut

We’ve narrowed down 6 specific types of black shorts that are perfect for the smart summer look so let’s take a look at them.

1- Denim Shorts

They are suitable for different sizes and body types making them a perfect companion for various occasions, while denim is traditionally blue, it is possible to find black denim shorts too and these shorts are not only designed for everyday wear but are also able to be paired with any tops or shoes.

You can also find them in different cut and lengths, making them so popular.

2- Bermuda Shorts

What is special about Bermuda Shorts is that they are slightly longer in length They work great as daily wear, formal wear or for other athletic activities Bermuda Shorts come in an array of color options, patterns and styles including black shorts.

3- Chino Shorts

This legwear is renowned for its soft comfort, classy style and outstanding fit

It’s perfect for women who go for stylish and innovative designs

These chino shorts are made with soft material that can be worn in more formal settings. They come in different styles and various lengths allowing you to find your right fit

4- Paperbag Waist Shorts

A Paperbag waist cut means the garment has a little extra fabric at the waist to give it that cinched “Paperbag” look when belted. This cut creates a very flattering and feminine silhouete.

You can get this pair in several colors and designs all of which are so attractive and can easily be paired with any tops or shoes like tee, cami, trainers, sandals, etc…

5- Biker Shorts

This item is worth buying for those who prefer stretchable, lightweight comfortable and moisture-wicking

Workout short. It contours body figures and form a perfect look

You can find this type of shorts in several colors including black.

They fit wonderfully and they’re so flexible and comfortable

The most inspiring quality about these shorts is the way people have styled them.

Many street style stars have created a juxtaposition by pairing them with high-fashion pieces from blazers and blouses to even heels. So biker shorts were not restricted to be worn as an athleisure wear but they can also be used as casual.

6- Athletic Shorts

These Shorts fit the criteria for all shapes and sizes, with great fabric, fit and functionality.

Like biker shorts, they aren’t reserved solely for athletic activities anymore, you can pair them with high-fashion pieces from blazers and blouses to even heels and that’ll look amazing, we challenge ourselves to take a fashion risk this summer with these fun combinations

What To Wear With Black Shorts?

After choosing which style of black shorts you want to wear, you have to figure out what to pair with them.

So whether you are looking for a soft feminine look this summer or want something a little formal or something more casual yet trendy, We are here to make things much easier for you and cheer you up

So let’s look, below, at some popular options to pair with your black shorts.

  • Tops

Sure, the most important part of your outfit is the top that’ll go with your black shorts

Not all types of shorts can be paired with the same tops: Keep that in mind!!

Dressier shorts like chino shorts or Bermuda shorts’ll often call for a more formal shirt. For instance a polo shirt or a traditional button-down shirt with a nice linen top can complement the short black bottoms nicely

For black denim shorts, you can go for a simple cotton shirt or consider a t-shirt style cotton top that has a close fit to the body

Other types of black shorts can be nicely paired with a summery sweater-style cotton top or close-fitting top

Because black shorts are so versatile, just any color top can will work well with them so you can opt for black, white, jewel tone, yellow, red, green, pastel, or even a fun metallic-colored top.

  • Shoes

Once you decide which tops you are going to wear with your black shorts, you have to complement the look with the suitable summer shoes

Probably, sandals are always a popular choice for shorts because they are a summer footwear. So, try to choose a flat sandal, wedge or summery espadrilles with your black shorts.

A flat sandal can give you that casual look while heels might add more formality to your appearance

You can opt for any sandal colors including nude, black, white or metallic-colored ones

If you don’t prefer sandals, you can opt for boat shoes they’ll surely look amazing on black shorts. They are not only comfortable to wear but they are more practical for a more casual outing or formal settings

Depending on how casual your black shorts are, you can go for trainers, tennis shoes or white sneakers too

  • Jackets

To pull together your look, you’ll want to add some accessories Adding a cute jean jacket to your outfit can give you that great-looking appearance while keeping you warm on chilly summer nights

If you want a more formal look, you can add a blazer-style jacket it’s a modern and a formal buttoned or open style option that can be well paired with either chino shorts or Bermuda

Lastly, if you want a simple look that keeps you warm on chilly nights, consider adding a light sweater cardigan to keep your shoulders covered and at the same time will pull together your outfit

Best Outfit Ideas on How to Style Black Jean Shorts

Denim shorts are number one bestseller on Amazon and most people are thinking of the blue denim shorts when it comes to denim shorts.

So let’s agree blue color rank number one, but do you know that black color rank number two? Yes, it’s true black denim shorts become a popular and versatile option and today I am going to talk about how to style them.

What To Wear With Black Shorts Female?

What To Wear With Black Shorts Female
What To Wear With Black Shorts Female
  • White Button Up Shirt With Black Denim Shorts

To start off this list of casual and stylish outfit ideas for women, I am going to show you this elegant outfit. Here you can see that black denim are paired well with a white button up shirt

To make this outfit look more classy, you can add a black leather belt for the shoes, you can wear a pair of black open toes shoes to add a feminine touch

  • Black Denim Shorts With Vest Top and White Crochet Long Cardigan

For an absolutely ladylike look, you may want to try this outfit. You can wear a black vest top with your black denim shorts, layer a white crochet cardigan over them and complete the outfit femininely by wearing black suede heels.

  • Heather Grey Oversized T-Shirt With High Waisted Black Denim Shorts

To achieve a lovely and a feminine look you can wear a heather grey oversized t-shirt with black high waisted mini denim shorts. Finally wear a pair of black crew socks and black shoes to add that girly touch to the outfit.

  • Black Shorts With Grey Tee and Pink Tie Dye Shirt

To form a refreshing and casual look you can wear a grey t-shirt and black denim shorts combination with an extra twist the twist is the unique pink tie dye boyfriend shirt that is layered on top of the pieces

Finally, wear a pair of white sneakers to add some casual look to the outfit

  • Black Shorts With Black Sleeveless Top and Silver Long Necklace

Here’s a stylish and all-black outfit that is especially for designers and people working in the creative industry. For the top you can wear a black sleeveless top paired with black washed denim shorts

Finish this cool all-black outfit with black sandals and a black leather purse to look just slightly more professional

  • Black Denim Shorts With Royal Blue Vest Top

If you are looking for a casual and at the same time eye catching outfit, pair-black denim shorts with royal blue vest. Complement your outfit with white sneakers or nude sandals

  • Black Denim Shorts With Cropped Black Vest Top and Combat Boots

This is another all-black outfit but this time it looks low-key sexy and slightly tough. To form this new look, you can wear a black cropped vest top with black denim shorts to show just about an inch of skin at your waistline to look sexy and have an eye catching outfit.

For The Shoes, You can go for black combat boots to keep the outfit more stylish

  • White Knotted T-shirt With Black Denim Shorts

One of the simplest way to style black denim shorts is to pair them with a white t-shirt. knot your t-shirt to look more youthful and sexy To keep that casual street outfit, wear white sneakers.

  • Wear With Black Crew Neck Sweatshirt and Blue Denim Jacket

You can try this casual and cozy street look, it’s easy to pull off just wear a black crew neck sweatshirt with a denim jacket. Put on your black denim shorts and complement your outfit with black leather ankle boots and that’s all, you are ready now to go to some places with friends and have a nice day

  • Black Silk Wrap Blouse With Ripped Denim Shorts

Pairing a black silk wrap blouse over a black vest top with black ripped denim shorts is a good pick for an artistic stylish outfit. You can finish this all-black outfit with black ballet heels and a black leather purse to make it slightly cool.

What To Wear With Black Shorts Men?

What To Wear With Black Shorts Men
What To Wear With Black Shorts Men
  • Men’s Beige Quilted Shirt Jacket, White Crew-neck T-shirt, Black Shorts, Pink Canvas Low Top Sneakers

To show you some really good way to style your black shorts, I have put this outfit idea for you. So let’s take a look!! For an ensemble that can be worn in several ways, opt for a beige quilted shirt jacket and black shorts and for the footwear you can add a pair of pink canvas low top sneakers.

  • Men’s Black Crew-neck T-shirt, Black Shorts, Black Rubber Flip Flops, Black Baseball Cap

For an absolutely casual masculine look, you may want to consider this outfit that use an all-black outfit

Here you can see that the black shorts are paired with a black crew-neck t-shirt. For the shoes, you can wear a pair of black rubber flip flops and if you want you can add a black baseball cap

  • Men’s Navy Chambray Long Sleeve Shirt, White Crew-neck T-shirt, Black Shorts, Black Leather Slip-on Sneakers

for an off-duty outfit with a modern take, you’ll really adore this amazing combination. Just consider wearing a navy chambray long sleeve shirt with your black shorts, then finish your outfit by wearing a pair of black leather slip-on sneakers and that’s all.

  • Men’s Black Short Sleeve Shirt, Black Shorts, White Canvas Low Top Sneakers, Silver Bracelet

To form a nice casual outfit, you can wear a black short sleeve shirt with black shorts and then finish this outfit by throwing white canvas low top sneakers.

  • Men’s White and Navy Print Short Sleeve Shirt, Black Shorts, White and Navy Leather Low Top Sneakers, Red Rubber Watch

Let’s have a look at this cute yet casual outfit. To form it, wear a white and a navy print short sleeve shirt with black shorts and then finish it with white and navy leather low top sneakers

  • Men’s White Polo, Black Shorts, White Canvas Slip-on Sneakers, Navy Canvas Belt

For an off-duty ensemble, wear a white polo. with black shorts, then complement the whole outfit with a pair of white canvas slip-on sneakers.

  • Men’s White and Black Horizontal Striped Crew-neck T-shirt, Black Shorts, White Canvas Low Top Sneakers, Black Sunglasses

During those summer days, it’s always good to pair black shorts with a white and black horizontal striped crew-neck t-shirt for a casual and stylish look white canvas low top sneakers will be a welcome complement for your outfit.

  • Men’s Grey Crew-neck T-shirt, Black Shorts, Grey Canvas Low Top Sneakers, Navy Sunglasses

Another casual look is pairing a grey crew-neck t-shirt with black shorts, This combo just works wonders!

one the footwear, you can throw grey canvas low top sneakers.

  • Men’s Light Blue Chambray Long Sleeve Shirt, Navy Crew-neck T-shirt, Black Shorts, Grey Athletic Shoes

If you want to feel more comfortable in your clothes, consider wearing a light blue chambray long sleeve shirt with your black shorts. To add a relaxed touch to your look, complement this ensemble with grey athletic shoes

  • Men’s Mint Floral Short Sleeve Shirt, Black Shorts, White and Black Leather Low Top Sneakers, Dark Brown Sunglasses

Team a mint floral short sleeve shirt with black shorts, these items play really well together and will add serious style to your day-to-day off-duty repertoire. Round off with a pair of white and black leather low top sneakers and the whole ensemble will come together perfectly.


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