When it comes to must-have wardrobe stylish summer clothes for women, shorts rank number one, as they are cool and comfortable wears that can work for many occasions.

While most women love these versatile garments, picking the most popular and trendy shorts can be daunting. With so many different styles of shorts available now at the market, it can be overwhelming to figure out what shorts are in style for women at the moment.

Between denim shorts and Bermuda shorts to super chic mini shorts, choosing the right shorts that suit your style can be difficult. It can be hard finding something to wear, especially with the various available options for shorts, this season.

Below, We try to answer your most asked question which is” What shorts are in style for women? surrounding what to wear with them to give you an outfit idea this summer season, hopefully So keep reading our article?

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In order to provide a well-organized guide, we’ve categorized the types of shorts for women and girls into 20 distinct styles. This will allow you to easily navigate through the various options and find the perfect pair to suit your needs and preferences.

Types of Shorts For Women and Girls

There are many different types of shorts available for women and girls, each with its own unique style and features. Here are some common types of shorts that are in style for women this summer:

  • #1- Denim Short

For casual wear, it’s tough to best denim shorts. They are practical, durable and comfortable. The options are limitless when it comes to denim shorts too, you can choose between short denim shorts with a high waist or a longer pair of denim shorts that give you plenty of coverage.

You can also find in addition to the traditional blue denim other denim’s colors including white, black, pink, gray, etc…

To complete the look, wear a loose white shirt or a basic T-shirt with your denim shorts. Amp up the look with a shiny pair of sunglasses and a cane hat to feel adventurous. For the shoes, you can opt for Tan footwear or sneakers.

  • #2- Cargo Shorts

Yes, women can rock cargo shorts, they are so versatile, durable and comfortable. They feature many pockets to store essential things and have a looser fit to give you extra comfort when you are moving or bending

Cargo shorts are good for hiking or working on projects around the house, they are also perfect for picnics You can find them in several colors, cuts and styles but many are made of soft yet durable materials

  • #3- High Waisted Shorts

Since High-Waisted shorts have a high waistband that will come up near the belly button, they’ll give you plenty of coverage and support. Also, keep in mind that high-waisted shorts can be made of different materials including cotton and denim.

In addition, The best parts about these shorts are their flattering cut and comfortable styling making them the right kind of summer shorts for women

  • #4- Feline Print Silk Shorts

Feline prints will always be a popular option when it comes to stylish shorts for youngsters. They are quite trendy and can be worn for a shopping date with yourself.

They are comfortable and practical women often hesitate to wear Feline Print Silk shorts but trust us you’ll look so pretty and attractive once you do: You’ll be the star of show and the talk of the town

To complete The Look: We recommend wearing a satin cream camisole top or a red cotton shirt with your Feline Print Silk Shorts. A chunky gold necklace and gold hoops, red lipstick and oversized sunglasses’ll amp up the look. and wearing stilettos’ll go well with the whole outfit and’ll give you an utter chique look.

  • #5- Pleated Shorts

Pleated Shorts are coming back in style this summer 2023. They are the perfect addition to your closet. They come in a range of fabric and color options, they can be shorter or longer. You can also find them in a high-waist style

The pleats are often featured at the front of the short and are sewn in with button closure. They are suitable for different sizes, making them a perfect companion for various occasions.

  • #6- PaperBag Shorts

This PaperBag short is renowned for its comfort, versatility and outstanding fit

Typically, these shorts have wide leg space and are cinched at the waist, too.

They come with a tie-it-yourself detachable belt and come in so many colors and prints

To complete the look: We suggest wearing ribbed tops with Paperbag Shorts. Maybe layered, dainty gold necklaces’ll add a feminine touch to the outfit.

  • #7- Bermuda Shorts

In the 1950’s, Bermuda shorts were introduced to the US as sportswear for women They were adapted for the office during the 1980s when designers teamed them with taylored blouses vests or jackets business shoes and hosiery

And now, Bermuda shorts become one of the most popular short style options for women. They tend to be longer and will brush just to the top of the knee cap. Slim cut and somewhat fitted they are now perfect for people of any age

This Summer 2023, you can find Bermuda Shorts in several different materials and patterns allowing you to easily match them with other tops and buttoms

  • #8- Chino Shorts

Normally, chino shorts are designed for more formal occasions yet still have that casual style. The inseam length can be 4 or 5 inches. depending on your style.

The chino shorts feature an excellent, flat front and look great with a shirt tucked in or left out They can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion for which you are wearing them

That’s it! I’d like to receive your comments about this!!

  • #9- Leather Shorts

These shorts are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. They are available in different colors and styles and are practical for every season from Summer to winter, So grab one, two or three pairs of these leather shorts and wear them all year around. All you need to do is to choose the right outfit with these shorts according to each season

For example In Summer, We suggest wearing a white V-necked tank top and a nice pair of sandals with your leather shorts

In Spring, We recommend wearing the same leather short with classic or boyfriend shirt, denim jacket and a pair of sneakers

In autumn, it’s better to go for an oversized sweater, nice fashionable jacket and a pair of boots

In winter, you can opt for the same outfit but you may add a coat and high boots for chilly days

  • #10- Bike Shorts

This workout short is unmatched in providing maximum comfort, and A1 performance It doesn’t restrict any movements and conforms to each move and pose

They are made of elastic spandex and fit close to the body. So this item is perfect for buyers aiming for ample support and stretchable fabric

Biker shorts come in several different lengths, ranging from super short bike shorts to longer, these utilitarian shorts are perfect for many events: cycling, hiking, climbing, running errands, yoga, boarding, swimming, etc

Bike Shorts can also be casual shorts worn with a t-shirt or dressed up for a fun night out on the town

Versatile as they are, Bike Shorts are a practical and convenient choice for active and busy women.

  • #11- Booty Shorts

By definition booty shorts are sexy shorts for girls but nooo!!

They can also be great for women over 40. Keep in mind though, that women over 40 have more than earned their right to wear whatever length and style of shorts that they want to and should not be limited in their choices

Please feel free to wear these booty shorts even if you are a 61 years old. Booty shorts are long enough just to cover your booty and nothing else

To complete the look, wear any damn thing with booty shorts, you’ll still end up looking sexy, attractive and eye-catching

We would rather recommend you wearing a tank top or even a sports bra, knee high boots, a shade of chocolate brown lipstick and white pearl hoops

That’s it, I would like to receive your comments a bout this amazing look

  • #12- Printed Cotton Shorts

Oh yes, these printed cotton shorts will remind you of the beach. They come in so many colors and prints: floral, tribal, Aztec, polka dots, stripes and much more.

To complete the look, match crazy prints together for example, a printed silk shirt will look amazing on printed shorts. To balance this outfit, you can add dainty jewellery with sliders and thus, you’ll make your print on print work like a charm!!

  • #13- Skorts

They are a mix between a skirt and shorts. The fabric can vary from cotton to polyester.

Normally skorts are coming back in style for women this Summer 2023

They are so comfortable and reduce the feeling of being shy or timid when you are wearing skirts. You can wear them confidently without any embarrassment

To complete the look, a pair of red and black checkered skorts goes well with a full-sleeved black bodysuit, finish the look with wearing your hair in a french braid, wearing some chunky rings on your fingers and putting white sneakers on your feet

  • #14- Scalloped Shorts

They are normal shorts with scalloped edges. They often come in fun and cute prints or with laced edges. So they are worth a shot for young girls

To complete the look: We recommend wearing a snug blouse or a crop top with these scalloped shorts. Wear your hair in a loose bun, dress your feet in flip flops and a coat of sheer lip gloss and that’s it

Try this outfit idea and I’m sure you’ll love it for the 1st try.

  • #15- Mini Shorts

Mini shorts can be great for all women and girls. They so sexy yet versatile. You can wear them for the beach, walk, party-look casual occasions, sport or even at work if there is no dress code.

They are available in High-Waisted style to suit everyone with every body type You can also find them in a wide variety of colors, cuts and designs making them a good companion in these summer days

  • #16- Athletic Shorts

Say hello to these Athletic shorts The most comfortable, stretchable and lightweight garments. They can be flattering on any body type and never restrict any movements.

This is the product that is mainly designed for active and busy women each pair of these shorts come with an elastic waistband and is made of lightweight and breathable material just to provide you with extra feeling of comfort and ease of movements. They are perfect for workouts, beach or for taking a jog outside

  • #17- Cut Off Shorts

Cut Off Shorts are literally a pair of jeans that has been cut off to turn into shorts. They are stylish, trendy and in style this year

If you want, you can learn how to cut jeans into shorts for perfect DIY Cut-offs and enjoy a unique and a different look.

To complete the look, it’s advisable to wear a snug t-shirt and an oversized boyfriend denim jacket with your cut-off shorts. That looks splendid!

Wear ankle length boots or converse and a big belt to balance the outfit

  • #18- Linen Shorts

You can’t go wrong with grabing one or two pairs of linen shorts. linen is a good material to opt for when Summer is approaching It is a soft fabric very similar to cotton, so it’s breathable and can wick any moisture.

It will keep you fresh, cool and dry throughout the day you can find these dreamy shorts in great pastel colors as well as sizes to satisfy all preferences

To complete the look, We suggest wearing pastel linen shorts and match it with the same colored pastel shirt for a simple yet refreshing look or you may wear a basic white t-shirt and a pastel colored blazer for that vogue look

for the shoes, you can rock block heels or sneakers, For the accessories, carry a sling bag, and a slim watch on your wrist

  • #19- Roll-up Shorts

As the name suggests, these shorts are rolled in one or two inches from the cuff You can do it yourself and have your DIY Roll-up shorts

They are stylish, feminine and trendy. So why not invest in them and have a different look this summer

To complete the look, just put a spin on things for example when going to the beach get your high-waisted roll up short and pair it with a bikini top or a puffed sleeve crop top, go easy on the makeup. As for your hair, let them curl loose and as for shoes, wear flip-flops

  • #20- Lounge Shorts

They are ultra comfortable when it comes to fit and fabric. They are made from cotton or silk. You can also find them in plain, printed or even scalloped. They are a versatile summer-staple

To complete the look, you should wear your lounge shorts with your favorite T-shirt and flip flops while sipping on some pina Coladas

What Shorts Are in Style for Women?

These are 20 Popular Types That are going To Be in Women’s Shorts 2023 Summer Fashion:

  1. Denim Short
  2. Cargo Shorts
  3. High Waisted Shorts
  4. Feline Print Silk Shorts
  5. Pleated Shorts
  6. PaperBag Shorts
  7. Bermuda Shorts
  8. Chino Shorts
  9. Leather Shorts
  10. Bike Shorts
  11. Booty Shorts
  12. Printed Cotton Shorts
  13. Skorts
  14. Scalloped Shorts
  15. Mini Shorts
  16. Athletic Shorts
  17. Cut Off Shorts
  18. Linen Shorts
  19. Roll-up Shorts
  20. Lounge Shorts

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