Today I’d like to talk about stylish and comfy dark teal shorts which you can add to any styled outfits this Summer. These shorts crept their way into our dress codes and have become increasingly popular in men’s fashion particularly in their dark tints

Anyway, before we get into some of the Best Teal Shorts Outfits for Men, did you know the hue is cyan green and that it gets its name from a bird called the Eurasian teal, which has a similar colored stripe on its head!!

The phrase is often used informally to refer to all cyan colors. it can be formed by blending cyan with a green foundation or darkening it with black or grey color as needed

However getting back to what to wear with dark teal shorts for men, Here is a list of colors and items that go best with teal shorts and how to pair them in a proper way

So keep reading our article and you’ll discover Top 10 Dark Teal Shorts Outfits for Men.

How to Style Your Teal Shorts?

  • Men’s White and Navy Print Short Sleeve Shirt, Teal Shorts, White Canvas Low Top Sneakers, Dark Brown Sunglasses

When you need to go about you day in a casually stylish look, try teaming a white and navy print short sleeve shirt with teal shorts.

Add a pair of white canvas low top sneakers to this getup and the whole ensemble will come together. Complement this stylish and casual look with a pair of dark brown sunglasses to put the whole thing together

  • Men’s Light Blue Denim Jacket, White Crew-neck T-shirt, Teal Shorts, White Canvas Low Top Sneakers

If it’s comfort and versatility that you appreciate in menswear, choose a light blue denim jacket and dark teal shorts. If you’re not sure how to round off, complete this ensemble with a pair of white canvas low top sneakers.

consider teaming a light blue denim jacket with a white crew neck t-shirt this combo is extra versatile and provides instant cool. If in doubt as to the footwear, complete your ensemble with a pair of white canvas, low top sneakers and the whole ensemble will come together

  • Men’s Black Polo, Teal Shorts, Black Leather Low Top Sneakers, Black Sunglasses

Rock a black Polo with teal shorts for a casual menswear look. Tone down this get up by finishing with black leather low top sneakers to tie your full look together.

  • Teal Shorts With Mint Green Shirt

Rock a mint green shirt with dark teal shorts if you seek to look cool and casual without much work. Now all you need to do is to fold your sleeves up until your elbows and put on a pair of white ankle-length casual shoes

  • Men’s Grey Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt, Teal Shorts

This relaxed casual pairing of a grey plaid long sleeve shirt and teal shorts is a tested option when you need to have a casual outfit with a modern spin

  • Men’s Pink Crew-neck T-shirt, Teal Shorts, Blue Print Baseball Cap, Beige Watch

A pink crew-neck T-shirt and dark teal shorts combined together are a perfect match. Blue print baseball cap and a beige watch are the perfect complement for your outfit

For a laid-back look, you can’t go wrong with this outfit. It’s extremely versatile and up for whatever is on your itinerary today

  • Teal Shorts With Striped T-Shirt & White Shirt

To form this amazing outfit, all what you need is to wear dark teal shorts with a stripped T-shirt. add a solid half sleeve white shirt and leave the buttons loose so that your T-shirt has sufficient room to breathe and both your t-shirt and shirt can set in with your teal shorts. Wondering how to finish this look? Wear a pair of tan sandals to amp it up

  • Nick Wooster Wearing Blue Vertical Striped Blazer, White Crew-neck T-shirt, Teal Shorts, Dark Brown Leather Belt

Go for a simple but at the same time casually stylish outfit combining a blue vertical striped blazer and teal shorts. This combo is the ultimate casual style for any guy

  • Men’s Grey Crew-neck T-shirt, Teal Shorts, White Canvas Low Top Sneakers, Light Blue Baseball Cap

do you like to inject your menswear collection with some elegant and cool touch? if yes, choose a pair of grey crew-neck t-shirt and match it with teal shorts. To complete this elegant look, wear a pair of white canvas low top sneakers

  • Men’s Orange Crew-neck Sweater, Teal Shorts, Tan Canvas High Top Sneakers, Orange Socks

If you are looking for an off-duty and at the same time sharp outfit, team an orange crew-neck sweater with teal shorts. When it comes to footwear add a pair of tan canvas high top sneakers. This off-duty pairing is perfect when you need to look nice in a flash.


Dark teal shorts are a great way to add a little color to your outfit They can be worn with many different outfits. Just remember, you can pair dark teal with both dark and light colors but to be on a safer side opt for lighter colors when you are wearing light teal shorts. Anyway, Dark or light teal shorts are the perfect summertime staple for men this year. So why invest in them

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