What are Volley Shorts? – [2022 TOP Picks]

The Weather is hot and the sun is out which means it’s time to go to the beach and play some beach volleyball with some friends. You know that much, but do you know what to wear to enjoy your game?!

Since you have already had some positively stunning swim shorts, you may want to consider getting Volley shorts. But, keep in mind that you should always look for quality Volley Shorts selection and don’t simply look for the first type option that you see in front of you

Volley Shorts are great for a more active holiday. These smart shorts are lightweight and built to drive out sweat. They are designed not only for volleyball game but you

Can also wear them for water use because many of these shorts are crafted with the same material composition as regular swim trunks.

Volley shorts are also versatile and practical and can be paired with just about anything. Mix and match different tops and accessories to make your Volley shorts the star of the show!!

If you need more information about these volley shorts keep reading this article.

what are volleyball shorts?
what are volleyball shorts?

Volley Shorts Vs Board Shorts

Volley shorts are looser in fit than board shorts, they are a bit shorter in length and feature an inside drawstring or an elastic band to keep the short in place whereas, board shorts typically don’t have an elasticated waistband and are longer in length

Added to that, the bottom width of the legs will also be a little larger on volley shorts It generally runs around 11 3/8″ while the traditional board shorts, it only runs around 9 7/8″. This extra room at the bottom is meant to allow for more freedom of movement while playing some beach volleyball

Volley Shorts Vs Swim Trunks

Volley shorts are built with the same material composition as regular swim trunks and have a lot of features in common

Both of them are shorter in length than board shorts. Both have an elasticated waistband and both typically have a mesh lining

However, We can find a bit difference between the two: Volley shorts have a shorter front rise than swim trunks. Volley shorts also have smaller legs openings than traditional swim trunks

Can You Wear Volley Shorts in Water?

Can You Wear Volley Shorts in Water?
Can You Wear Volley Shorts in Water?

Of course yes!! These volley shorts have a quick-dry fabric which means that the short’ll get dry quickly. They are also equipped with an elasticated band to keep the short in place while you are doing water activities

They are also designed with the same material composition as regular swim trunks to offer enhanced movements and thus maximum enjoyment while you are in the water

That means you are able to spend the whole morning playing some beach volleyball with your friends and when it gets too hot in the afternoon, take a dip in the ocean Don’t worry about having your shorts wet because they’ll dry fast under the sun rays.

What are Volley Shorts exactly?

Volley shorts originated in the mid-1980s with the boom of beach volleyballers.

They are a medium between more form-fitting swim shorts and long board shorts with the addition of extra room at the bottom width of the legs to allow for more freedom of movement

They are a wonderful addition to those who are ready to get themselves into a more active holiday and have that protection combined with comfort

Do Volley Shorts Come With a Mesh Lining?

This is Both Yes and No!

Since volley shorts are built with the same material composition as regular swim trunks, you can find some of them with mesh lining. It all depends on your own preferences or needs, but you should keep in mind that if you want extra support, it’s advisable to go for one with a lining mesh.

Who are for Volley Shorts?

Volley shorts are for both Men and Women. They are great for all body types including bigger men with big legs and oversized women. They should be in both genders’ swim trunk collection.

Best Volley Shorts: Top 6 Picks For Women’s

Best Volleyball Shorts for Womens
Best Volleyball Shorts for Womens

1- Best Women’s Volleyball Shorts: G Gradual Spandex Compression Volleyball Spandex

Best Women's Volleyball Shorts G Gradual Spandex Compression Volleyball Spandex

This Volleyball Spandex short is constructed with durable materials built for long-lasting comfort and breathability. Made with 87% polyester and 13% Spandex for an ideal balance between compression and comfort.

This Comfortable Volley short features an elasticized waistband to keep the short in place while engaged in some beach volleyball activities.

Added to that, the shorts have a thicker fabric so don’t worry if they get wet, they are completely non-see-through and retain their shape even after several washes They have also a gusseted crotch for ease of movement

These shorts are not only designed for beach volleyball but you can also swim in them since they are built with the same materials composition as your regular swim shorts

They are lightweight, quick-drying and moisture-wicking to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

You can find them is sizes ranging from X-Small to X-Large and in different cute colors. So click Buy Now and enjoy your vacation.

2- Best Body-Hugging: Cadmus Women’s Workout Volleyball Spandex

Best Volley Shorts - Cadmus Women's Workout Volleyball Spandex

Take a glimpse at this Volleyball pair of shorts. It’s the perfect choice for workout

Since it is made of quick-drying fabric, it’ll help you keep dry and comfy throughout the game. The triangular gusset on this Volleyball Spandex pair of short allows for a full of motion Added to that, it has flatlock seams to minimize chafing and increase your feeling of extra comfort

The material is moisture-wicking, so you remain cool and dry throughout the game

You can spend the whole morning playing volleyball on the beach and when gets very hot in the afternoon, you can dip in the water and swim in them. its quick-drying fabric’ll keep you dry just in an instant

What’s more, they are available from X-Small sizes to XX-Large

Let be honest, these volley shorts should be in every women’s swim trunk collection. They are there for you to be flexible in your daily activities. So don’t miss this offer and click Buy Now.

It’s high time to buy for yourself one of the best volleyball shorts and enjoy your favourite activities.

3- Best Anti-Chafe: Bodyprox Women’s Volleyball Shorts

Best Anti-Chafe Bodyprox Women's Volleyball Shorts

Anyway, these Volleyball Spandex fit as expected, are comfortable, wash up nicely and look good. I would recommend them not only for their comfort but also their utility – You’d be amazed to find that these shorts have the longest inseam among all the other products in our guide, they measure at four inches. They also include key

features like moisture-wicking breathable material quality, reinforced flatlock stitching for smoother movements, and a premium blend of polyester and spandex for an extremely comfortable fit.

They contain 15% spandex for an ultra stretchy material and 85% Polyester to keep your skin dry. They are made with the best for the best!! They are versatile shorts that you can wear different activities like yoga, biking, running, volleyball, or working out in the gym

4- Best Low-Rise: Mizuno Inseam Volleyball Spandex – Runner Up

Best Low-Rise Mizuno Inseam Volleyball Spandex – Runner Up

This volleyball Spandex is made of innovative fabric consisting of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex for an ideal balance between stretch and comfort

While they don’t have the longest inseam on the list, the 3,5-inch inseam is definitely on the longer side compared to standard options in the market, Plus these Volleyball spandex shorts provide impeccable mobility for high-impact movements like running

In addition, they run true to size You can find them in XX-Small sizes to XX-Large and you can choose from a variety of colors including Black, Black/Diva Blue, Charcoal, Navy, Red, and Royal

5- Best Women’s Volleyball Spandex Shorts: BALEAF Spandex Volleyball Spandex

Best Women's Volleyball Spandex Shorts BALEAF Spandex Volleyball Spandex

The Baleaf Spandex Volleyball is made to look and feel better than any other short you’ve worn before. Made with extremely stretchable fabric, this volley short is one of the softest shorts on the planet.

It’s also made to not pill or fade for long-lasting comfort and styles. This Volley short comes with moisture-wicking capabilities and is offered in 9 different color options for added diversity.

They are so exceptionally comfy that you could swim in them if you wanted to Also the material is made with 90% polyester that is phenomenally breathable ensuring you feel cool and dry throughout the day.

6- ASICS Women’s Low Cut Volleyball Spandex – Best Overall

best volley shorts - ASICS Women's Low Cut Volleyball Spandex – Best Overall

Travel days or every day adventure awaits in these made-to-move Volley Shorts fully equipped with a lightweight, quick-drying and ultra-stretch fabric. Available in sizes from XS to XXL, these spandex volleyball shorts come with three pairs per pack.

The triangular gusset on this pair allows for a full range of motion. It also has flatlock seams to minimize chafing and increase comfort The flat elastic waistband offers a smooth fit that stays in place

Best Volley Shorts: Top 4 Picks for Men’s

Best Volleyball Shorts For Men
Best Volleyball Shorts For Men

1- Best Men’s Volleyball Shorts: Roadbox Workout Shorts, 7 Inch With Pocket

Best Men's Volleyball Shorts Roadbox Workout Shorts, 7 Inch With Pocket

The Roadbox Workout Shorts are a perfect addition to every man’s Wardrobe

They are here for you to be flexible in your daily activities. Great for all Men’s body types but actually flattering for bigger men with big legs

These volleyball shorts are made with a blend of 88% Polyester and 12% of spandex for extra comfort and durability. They have also 4-way stretch material for extra stretch and flexibility

This model is ultra-lightweight, it weighs around 7 ounces, So you can enjoy the light experience for the longer period

It also features the moisture-wicking technology and a quick-dry fabric to keep you dry and cool throughout the day

The Roadbox workout Shorts are also famous for decreasing friction… You can find them in 6 different sizes and this gives a perfect fit for men of every height.

2- TSLA Men’s 2 in 1 Active Running Shorts

best volley shorts for men - TSLA Men's 2 in 1 Active Running Shorts

Yes as it is entitled, this model can be used as a two-in-one Volleyball short. The package includes one built-in black tights and a pair of blue-colored outer shorts

These Volleyball shorts for men are suitable for running, marathons, soccer volleyball, tennis, badminton, hiking, jogging and other Workout activities and sports.

They feature an elasticized waistband for keeping the short in place with the addition of a drawcord near the waistband to encircle your waist and assure ultimate comfort during the game

Like the other products mentioned on our list, they also use a few technologies such as moisture sensing and sweat-wicking.

You can use them for every indoor and outdoor activity. They are really versatile and come in different sizes from X-Small to 3X-Large

3- MAGCOMSEN Men’s Quick Dry Running Shorts

best volley shorts - MAGCOMSEN Men's Quick Dry Running Shorts

The Magcomsen workout Shorts is a combination of polyester and spandex materials It has a ratio of 92% of polyester and the remaining 8% is of spandex fabric

This durable fabric shows resistance to wear and tear. It is a perfect option for long-term and constant use

It comes with an internal drawcord and an elastic waistband for absolute comfort

The length is perfect, it’s not frumpy but it is long enough to stay put where they don’t ride Up!!

With two sets of side pockets, it’s easy to save your personal belongings there. These 2 pockets are also equipped with very durable zipper closure just for the safety of your things.

4- Hurley Men’s One and Only 17″ Volley Board Shorts

What are Volley Shorts - Hurley Men's One and Only 17 Volley Board Shorts

Hurley Phantom products work great and dry right away which is perfect for those of us who like to play in the water!Hurley Phantom products are a smart investment since they don’t lose their color after several washes. This means that you can enjoy your new swimwear instead of wanting to replace it after only one or two uses.

I would highly recommend Hurley Phantom items because I have had good experience with them so far and will continue to buy them for myself in the future.

  • 100% Polyester
  • 2-way stretch
  • Drawstring closure
  • Mechanical stretch
  • Straight hem
  • Side pockets with mesh pocket bags
  • One and Only woven label
  • Back pocket storage with velcro
  • Fastlane screen pr


All the products mentioned on our list are chosen from the best brands

They are made from the best to the best too!! It can be hard to differentiate between different short styles such as Board shorts, Swim trunks, hybrid shorts, walk shorts and volley shorts because they have many features in common, My opinion is to find a style and a fit that is right for you and that conforms to your needs.

Other Questions About Volleyball Shorts

1/ What Are Volleyball Spandex Shorts?

Volleyball shorts advertise the ability to move freely during matches. They come in different materials, but most often use a combination of polyester and spandex. Nylon, which is used instead sometimes because it makes shorts lighter weight and more comfortable for sweatier games can also be found in some clothes.

2/ Can Volleyball Spandex Shorts Improve Your Performance?

Although it depends on the player’s unique skill set, if you are wearing uncomfortable sportswear then it is likely to hurt your performance. ”Therefore, wearing stretchable spandex shorts while playing volleyball is an excellent decision.

3/ What Is The Best Inseam To Get In A Pair Of Volleyball Spandex Shorts?

While some players might prefer a three-inch inseam, others might be happier with more coverage provided by a four-inch inseam. Ultimately what’s most comfortable for you is the length that is best to wear.


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