What Are Soffe Shorts? | The 8 Best Soffe Shorts You Can Find on Amazon

Good news for ladies! Soffe Shorts or Cheerleader Shorts are making a comeback this year and are readily available on the market. For those of you who haven’t yet had a clear idea about What Are Soffe Shorts?

You may have Asked Yourself Some Questions Like: What do Soffe Shorts Look Like? How Are They Worn? What Are They Good For?…

We are here to remove any ambiguity and answer some of your questions So don’t worry. This article is going to explain to you what are Soffe Shorts, thus, keep reading it you’ll discover an amazing product that you shouldn’t miss.

What Are Soffe Shorts?

Soffe Shorts are also known as cheerleader shorts, they remind us of our early teenage years when we were at the gym class or walking on the beach. They remind us of the late 90’s and early 2000’s when they first became popular and almost every adolescent during this time wore them

The good news is that they are making a comeback this Summer 2022 as their apparel and market share are rising They have been considered as the best go-to cheer short for everyone because they have proved to be as ideal for tumbling and lounging as well as everything in between.

Soffe: About Us

Our Soffe’s legacy started in 1946 as a distributer to Military exchanges and college bookstores but we have never looked back as we always dream of making it to the top. Thus, We have expanded our focus to include activewear for all types of athletes and exercise

And due to hard work, determination and strong will, Soffe is nowadays a famous market-leading, all-American lifestyle activewear brand for men, juniors and children we take the current styles and combine them with on the field sensibilities to create cute performance uniforms, practise gear and accessories.

What Are Soffe Shorts
What Are Soffe Shorts?

What do Soffe Shorts Look Like?

Soffe Shorts have a classic telltale look to them. They feature a white exposed elastic waistband. The waistband is about 1,25 inches thick and to be honest it can easily be rolled down.

These shorts come with a 3-inch inseam and rolling them makes them look even shorter but this length is much more appealing to the wearer.

The authentic Soffe Short also has a notch cut in the shape of a V on the side at the bottom. You can also see Soffe Shorts layered on top of compression pants or shorts and they come with a snug fit, but if you are looking for a looser fit, you may have to size up.

Soffe Shorts are available in an array of color options, So you can easily find a pair that can match your tops

How Are They Worn?

Soffe Shorts are constructed from a cotton jersey blend that can be paired with just about anything. For example you can wear them with any color of your favourite t-shirt, pull them on over your favourite sweat pants when the weather is cold, or like many other wearers do, you can wear layered camis with them for more a laid back look.

Anything can be matched with Soffe Shorts as they are so versatile and you can now find them in the market in 44 different colors just to cheer you up and enjoy wearing these comfortable shorts in various shades

Best Soffe Shorts on Amazon 2022

1- Kelly Green Soffe Shorts – Soffe Juniors’ Authentic Cheer Short

Best Soffe Shorts on Amazon - Soffe Juniors' Authentic Cheer Short

Right Now, Soffe Juniors Authentic Cheer Shorts are definitely in fashion. Although they were crafted in the early 80’s and gained popularity during that time

They’ve slowly grown in popularity in recent years. A simple trends report will reveal a gradual increase in the baseline of popularity over the last 3 years

Today, This short is one of best-selling products on Amazon and this was for some reasons. This Iconic Soffe Short is made of 50% cotton plus 50% Polyester jersey that is durable enough to last through high school and college yet soft enough to sleep in.

In addition, this short features classic vents on the side which existed in just about every Short Soffe made at that time. While the side vent detail is a Classic Soffe design, it is the contrasting roll-down waistband that has become Soffe’s defining component

There have been many knock-offs over the years, yet, there is a deeply rooted connection to the original, Classic Soffe Short that has made this style endure.

With multiple colors, prints and sizes this nostalgic short will be the only thing you’ll want to wear!!

2- Soffe Men’s Authentic Ranger Panty – Best Men’s Soffe Shorts

Soffe Men's Authentic Ranger Panty - Black (2 Pack)

If you’re planning on moving around a lot, These Soffe Men’s Authentic Ranger Panty move with you, without chafing, irritation or over-heating The self-covered elastic waistband keeps the range panty in place and feeling comfortable during the most intense of activities, then it is designed with the most comfortable brief liner and inside pocket to hold your keys or ID.

This Short also features a 2,5″ inseam and is made of loose fitting soft tricot fabric designed to withstand the tough workouts or that infamous Silkie Hike. Get this pair in several colors, prints and graphics, all of which are great to be worn in the gym, running, on a hike or anywhere in between.

Reviewers Say: “They Fit Wonderfully and They are So Comfortable…”

3- Black Soffe Shorts – Soffe Girls’ Authentic Cheer Short

Best Soffe Shorts on Amazon - Soffe Girls' Authentic Cheer Short
Best Soffe Cheer Shorts – Amazon

This Item is worth buying for girls who prefer soft, comfortable and durable cheer shorts. There’s no need to worry about the material because these shorts are made with high-quality 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester Blend fabric that offers durability. This fabric contours body figures and form a laid-back look.

Girls can Use This Pair of Cheer Shorts for their fitness activities, yoga, walking around, or other types of workouts. This pair of shorts feature a V-notch on each leg for more flexibility and ease of movement, a 2,75″ inseam, and an elastic closure. The fabric is also machine washable which provides easy cleaning.

So don’t miss the opportunity and click “Buy Now”

4- Soffe Girls’ Team Shorty Short Poly

Best Soffe Shorts on Amazon - Soffe Girls' Team Shorty Short Poly

Inspired by a classic running silhouette, This Team Shorty Short is an all-time girls’ favorite.

It has contrasting mesh inserts and is made with a woven polyester microfiber. It features a 100% Polyester crepe liner for added modesty. Not only this, it also features a white drawcord, an elastic waistband a 3,25″ inseam, and a low rise fit.

This one is worth a shot for girls who like shorts that guarantee more comfort and flexibility It looks simple but elegant when worn and easy to match with other outfits

This Soffe Girls team shorty Short is the fashionable Short for a girl to use when running or doing a variety of activities, Great to wear when playing sports or on the go

5- Soffe Women’s Lowrise Slick

Best Soffe Shorts on Amazon - Soffe Women's Lowrise Slick

It’s a classic design but it comes back with a new cut. It possesses high quality fabric for comfort and performance. As it’s made of 100% nylon, it’s super easy to handwash and dry. As it is so comfortable and lightweight, you can sleep in it. You can Wear This Amazing Short as bathing suit bottoms when you swim or as shorts when you are hiking

In brief, This one is a great pair of shorts that is astoundingly lightweight, quick-drying and well-made

6- MJ Soffe Soffe Short – Best Soffe Shorts Womens

Best Soffe Shorts Womens - MJ Soffe Soffe Short

Inspired by a classic running silhouette, This Short has contrasting side mesh inserts for breathability and cool comfort It features 100% polyester crepe liner for added modesty. It’s made from lightweight, and moisture-wicking fabric. It is also topped with a drawstring in the elastic waist and finished with a 3,25″ inseam, What is more, is that offers coverage with a secure, low rise fit

So that you can easily slip on This Team Shorty Short and get ready to run

7- Soffe JRS Authentic Short – Best Women’s Plus Size Soffe Shorts

Best Soffe Shorts on Amazon - Soffe JRS Authentic Short Women's

The Soffe JRS Authentic Short Women’s is a simple pair of short that is available in XL. The material used to make these shorts is 100% cotton which makes them very comfortable to wear. It also allows you to wash the shorts once they are dirty and since it’s 100% cotton it dries quickly. Complication Point: The product description doesn’t offer many details about what separates this product from others that are similar or offer different features for customers.

8- Yellow Soffe Shorts – Soffe Women’s Mesh Teeny Tiny Short

Best Soffe Shorts on Amazon - Soffe Women's Mesh Teeny Tiny Short

This short has also a low-rise fit but it is made of breathable birds eye mesh. It is finished with a 2,25″ inseam and tricot lining. It is super comfortable too. The only recommendation is to wear the proper underwear as it can see through the fabric. If you don’t mind the “lookers” at the gym These Shorts are for you.


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