What are Hybrid Shorts? / Best Hybrid Shorts In Summer 2022

Our favorite versatile, multipurpose hybrid shorts for warm weather adventure

Shorts are a fantastic choice for anyone who is ready to go on a trip in the near future to some island or beach paradise when the weather is warm. It’s time to enjoy the warm weather and the beautiful sandy beaches but it’s also high time to look for the latest trends in clothes.

Since you have already had some positively stunning swimsuits, you might want to consider getting Hybrid Shorts for a more active holiday.

Get yourself into a pair of Hybrid shorts. It’s a kind of shorts that combines both factors of walking and board shorts that you know and love

In this article, we are going to dissect all the important information about these Hybrid shorts. So keep reading.

What Shorts are Becoming More Popular?

Hybrid Shorts are quickly rising in popularity. They become the perfect style for both men and women this summer 2022. We call these shorts a hybrid because they are a cross between board shorts and walking shorts

This means that Hybrid shorts are made out of materials that can withstand high volumes of water and dry accordingly but still looks refined like a walking short.

They allow you to go from walking around throughout the day and jump into the water when you are ready to get wet. When you are finished in the water, your shorts dry quickly and you can hang around about the rest of the day.

Board Shorts Vs Walking Shorts

Board Shorts are your normal swimsuits that are made to get wet and dry quickly:

They are designed for water use whereas walking shorts are the shorts that you put them on to go out for dinner, picnics, parks or hanging around with friends: They are designed for casual wear.

Board Shorts are the best for quick-drying shorts that wick away moisture but walking shorts are shorts that you are not as comfortable getting wet in yet are equally as great for casual wear and everyday conditions like hanging around with friends.

What are Hybrid Shorts?

A hybrid short combines both features of board shorts and walking shorts. This means, you can try them for both water use and casual wear.

These shorts look like a typical pair of shorts but have the same qualities that you may find in board shorts

In addition, the hybrid short was created to solve all of your shorts issues at once Constructed with a 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking and breathable material, these hybrid shorts are great for all occasions.

Features of Hybrid Shorts:

  • Material

Hybrid shorts are crafted of a lightweight and 4-way stretch fabric to deliver versatile comfort for dynamic activity.

They are also constructed from a quick-wicking and breathable fabric that pulls moisture away to keep you cool and dry when you’re out of the water.

  • SPF Protection

Another prominant feature about Hybrid shorts is that they have unique material to provide protection from the UV rays of the sun.

These shorts usually have a UPF in them to keep the sun from burning your skin. The UPF50-rated fabric is meant to block the sun, protects you from harmful UV rays and long-term skin damage.

  • Functional

One downside of board shorts is that they are usually bright in color and can’t be worn to any event. On the other hand, Walking Shorts look good, have cute colors and can be worn at any occasion.

Hybrid Shorts mix these two types of shorts together and try to solve all of your negative short issues at once

These shorts come in many different styles and types. You can find Hybrid shorts in both colors bright and neutral.

Neutral colors include black, brown, tan and olive. These more subdued colors are similar to what you find in a chino short.

Hybrid shorts come with pockets that offer space to store essential things while on the go

They can also have a textured look These textures include a heathered look and space dye. They come in solids and stripes to present a more stylish look than the traditional solids.

Best Men’s Hybrid Shorts In Summer 2022

1- Best Affordable Hybrid Shorts: Quiksilver Men’s Union Amphibian Hybrid 20-Inch Outseam Water Friendly Short

Best Affordable Hybrid Shorts Quiksilver Men's Union Amphibian Hybrid 20-Inch Outseam Water Friendly Short

This Hybrid short is made of innovative fabric consisting of a blend of heather and polyester for an ideal balance between stretch and comfort.

The short has a very distinctive fabric that felt very crisp and was likely to dry faster than all the other shorts

The material is moisture-wicking, so you remain cool and dry throughout the day.

This Union Amphibian Short is crafted of recycled polyester, featuring a fixed waistband, slat pocket and zip-up fly. It gives you the classic look of a chino walk short with the feel and function of a Quiksilver stretch boardshort.

What’s more, This amphibian short comes in a Regular Fit With a 20-inch outseam. It’s a mid-length short, that is neither short nor long

You can find it in 24 colors as well as sizes ranging from 28 To 44. For good maintenance, you should wash it only by hand.

2- Volcom Men’s Frickin SNT Static 21″ Modern Hybrid Short

Best Men's Hybrid Shorts - Volcom Men's Frickin SNT Static 21 Modern Hybrid Short

Since these Hybrid Shorts are made of quick-drying fabric, they help keep the wearer dry and comfortable throughout the game. The 4-way stretch material allows for a full range of motion, too

They are constructed from 80% Polyester, 12% Cotton and 8% Elastane for extra comfort, durability and flexibility.

They are the shorts that you can swim in them but they don’t feel like swim trunks or board shorts, they don’t even feel like regular cotton shorts but somewhere in the middle

They feature button closure, printed stripe neck taping, woven label and logo buttons. They have also a right pocket that has a mini pocket for your keys.

3- Billabong Men’s Classic 4-Way Stretch Quick Dry Hybrid Short

Best Men's Hybrid Shorts - Billabong Men's Classic 4-Way Stretch Quick Dry Hybrid Short

Designed for a sleek and comfortable fit, this classic hybrid short is made with our quick-dry, breathable hybrid fabric that can be born in and out of the water and with a 4-way stretch for ease of movement.

This classic chino-styled short features a back pocket with zipper, plus a flag label at left hip waistband, word mark label above back right pocket, and welded logo on bottom left leg hem.

It is a perfect accessory on weekend trips or trips to the beach or when you plan on going out for food or drinks afterward because you won’t need to change

You can find these shorts in 8 colors including, Navy, Asphalt, Black, Grey, Khaki, Charcoal, Gravel and Black 2. They are also sized 28 To 44 to suit all Men’s body type.

Best Women’s Hybrid Shorts In Summer 2022

1- Tuff Athletics Women’s Hybrid Shorts

Best Women's Hybrid Shorts - Tuff Athletics Women's Hybrid Shorts

Made with extremely stretchable fabric, these hybrid shorts provide impeccable mobility for high-impact movements like hiking and other outdoor activities. Also, the material is made with 95% Nylon that is moisture-wicking ensuring you feel dry throughout the day

You can find our Top model in 7 colors including Black, Cabernet, Crocodile, Ensign Blue, Pageant, Blue, Wild Ginger and Purple, and sizes from X-Small to XX-Large.

2- Best Women’s Hybrid Swim Shorts: Body Glove Women’s Standard Rider Elastic Waist Hybrid Swim Short

Best Women's Hybrid Swim Shorts Body Glove Women's Standard Rider Elastic Waist Hybrid Swim Short

This Hybrid Swim Short is a Combination Of Nylon and Spandex materials. It has a ratio of 80% Nylon and the remaining 20% of spandex fabric. They are stretchable, comfortable and durable.

One of the great features of these hybrid Swim Shorts is that they have unique material to protect you from the UV rays of the sun: They have a UPF 50+

Moreover, This model is designed for high-intensity games and workouts.

You do not have to worry about the fabric getting wet because this model has a quick-dry feature which means that the short’ll get dry in an instant. As for Washing instructions, only hand wash is recommended.

3- Best Women’s Hybrid Volleyball Short: Core Flatfront Vortex Hybrid Shorts

Best Women's Hybrid Volleyball Short Core Flatfront Vortex Hybrid Shorts

At last, We present to you our best budget Volley Shorts that are versatile

Moreover, this pair of volleyball shorts are available in 2 colors including navy and Black as well as in sizes ranging from X-Small to X-Large.

It has breathable material, making it comfortable for you to wear them

The design allows for proper air circulation near the crotch and thigh area. It also features the wide waistband that you need for comfort, Lined, Flatlock gusset, and 3-1/2-inch inseam.

It is natural for women to sweat during intense activities like biking, running, hiking… Sometimes heavy sweating may cause irritation or itching to them.

Yet these Hybrid Volleyball shorts feature quick-dry technology to avoid the above situations.


I hope I did a successful job at putting the best hybrid shorts of 2022 in front of you and I trust that you’ll be able to find something that fits your needs. Just keep in mind that hybrid shorts are perfect for trips to the beach on weekend trips or when going out for food or drinks later because you won’t need to change!


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