How to Wear Colored Tights

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Are you intimidated by the bold shock of colored tights? There’s no need to be. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to style them with our outfit ideas, trust us.
In many ways, solid colored tights are much easier to style than patterned tights. Think about it, with a block color beneath, you can wear printed dresses, without the fear of looking overdone.
There is a secret to stylishly wearing Colored tights: pick an overall color palette for your entire outfit and stick to it. Let’s analyze some case studies to prove it:

Mustard Yellow Tights

mustard-yellow tights outfit by theclotheshorse trendylegs

Fashion Blogger Rebecca, creator of The Clothes Horse, has chosen a neutral color palette, allowing her yellow tights to take the spotlight. Paired with a cream/beige dress and shoes, with a denim jacket (denim is basically a neutral in this day and age), the tights uplift her outfit and add a touch of playfulness.
Note: there are no clashing colors, no competing accessories and no over-complication.

White Tights

White Tights Zohara Outfit Lostinthehaze

Fashion Blogger Jo, creator of Lost in the Haze choses a monochrome palette with metallic accessories. Her black and white striped dress is complimented, but not dwarfed by her white tights. Silver shoes and a gold bag add a stylish twist, whilst continuing to work within the color palette employed.

Blue Tights

Blue Tights Gvozdishe Trendylegs

Lidia from fashion blog gvozdishe wearing navy Blue tights in a sporty look! Lidia is wearing Sapphire blue puffy coat, light blue sweater, suede shorts, dark Blue tights by Zohara and sneakers in this refreshing look!

Our Challenge

Try our theory out at home with burgundy tights. Find a patterned dress featuring the same shade of burgundy as your colored tights, then ensure that any shoes and accessories are either neutral colors, or colors found in the dress. We would go for a tartan dress and tortoise shell classes for a nerd-chic look.

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    randy says:

    Love wearing tights of all colors and have many plus many styles. But being a male wearer that wears as fashion plus support, look , feel and warmth. Am on my feet all day and helps with fatique.

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