Vuori Sunday Performance Short Review – Must Read This Before Buying

Vuori Sunday Performance Short Reviewed & Rated In 2022

The Vuori Sunday Performance Short is quickly becoming a go-to short option for many guys everywhere. Those who are familiar with Vuori Sunday performance Joggers expressed a feeling of full satisfaction when they tried Vuori Sunday Performance Shorts for the first time as they found in them all the key features that make them the best Men’s apparel for workout activities Similar to Vuori’s Sunday Performance Joggers, these performance shorts are also built to be worn for both daily wear and general workouts

Overall, I really enjoyed the Vuori Sunday Performance for being versatile, breathable and practical but this doesn’t mean that these shorts haven’t got some drawbacks

In this Vuori Sunday Performance Short Review, I’m going to break down all of the key details that you should know about this short before clicking “Buy Now”.

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The Vuori Sunday Performance Short
The Vuori Sunday Performance Short

Who Should Invest in The Vuori Sunday Performance Short?

The Vuori Sunday Performance Short is a good short option for anyone that likes to vary his training on a weekly basis.

For example, if you like to run, jog, lift or doing light workout warm-ups. Then you’ll enjoy how this short performs. It’s a good short for taking the thinking out of your training gear selection

This model has a 4-way stretch component which makes it comfortable and easy to wear in a variety of settings. This feature helps to make the Sunday Performance short a good tried and true option

that can withstand things like friction and rub that can come from running. In addition, this model has deeper front pockets and back zipper pockets for holding small essentials like keys

The Vuori Sunday Performance Short is also a solid option for anyone who wants to rock these shorts outside of the gym, too

That being said, this short’s price point is pretty high which could be a turnoff for some but I personally think that is tough to fault this Vuori Sunday Performance short due to its versatility and ability to excel in so many different settings

Vuori Sunday Performance Short Pros

Of all The performance gear, I think the Vuori Sunday Performance Short takes the cake as the short that I go to and wear the most and here are three of my favourite pros that come along with this short

  1. Comfortable fit and feel in different settings
  2. Good Pocket system for casual
  3. Great Short for a bit of everything

The first aspect to like about, the Vuori Sunday Performance shorts is their overall comfort and fit like Vuori Performance Joggers, these shorts are so comfy and easy to wear

The waistband on these shorts fits well It squeezes the waist enough to stay secure without having to tie the drawstring when wearing these shorts casually

The next aspect to like about the Sunday Performance Short is their pocket system. This short features two deep left and right front pockets which are good for restoring small essential belongings such us Cards, Keys, Small Mobile Phone, Wallet

The back left and right zipper pockets with the side zipper pocket are also nice for providing you with an additional means to store your things like important cards and keys

The final thing to like about the Vuori Sunday Performance Short is that it’s a good training short for pretty much everything. I vary my training a lot on a weekly basis and the Sunday Performance Short is never a training short that I have to worry about in regard to limiting my performance

In addition Apart from some workout activities, you can use these shorts at home, coffee shops, running errands, and when walking the dogs.

Vuori Sunday Performance Short Pros
Vuori Sunday Performance Short Pros

Vuori Sunday Performance Short Cons

As a whole, the Vuori Sunday Performance Short is a consistently strong performer in a variety of settings but there are a few cons to note about this short

  1. Outward Facing Drawstring is “Meh”
  2. Price is pretty high for What they are
  3. Not Great Shorts in Wetter / Sweatier settings

The first potential drawback with the Vuori Sunday Performance Short is its drawstring. This model features an elastic waistband with an outward-facing drawstring, it’s true that it isn’t the biggest issue in the world but anyway

it is something annoying especially when you don’t want the drawstring to show or cause your shirt to poke out

In my opinion, if Vuori Would tackle this problem and manage to turn the drawstring in internally to hide it in certain settings then it would be an easy adjustment that would level up this short’s performance and overall look

The Second drawback that can come along with the Vuori Sunday Performance Shorts is their price point. At a price of $84 USD, this short is a pretty pricey but anyway good quality means high price and this Vuori Sunday Performance Short is of a good quality and it will last for longer

The final drawback worth knowing about the Vuori Sunday Performance Short is that water can wreak havoc on certain colorways

In rainy settings and settings where you’re getting wet, this could be worth considering


To discuss the performance of the Vuori Sunday Performance Shorts, I’m going to break down how they perform in a variety of contexts. This way you can better decide if this pair of shorts is worth buying or not and if these shorts fit your needs or not.

Sunday Performance Short Rating

Sunday Performance Short Rating
Sunday Performance Short Rating

Testing The Vuori Performance Short for Working Out

For Working Out, The Vuori Sunday Performance Shorts can work, but they’ll definitely have some performance limitations To be more obvious, these shorts are a little bit heavy compared to other training-focused shorts and this heavier fit and feel will certainly limit their performance in some serious training such as cardio and power training so I’d suggest looking into other performance-focused shorts

In addition, although these shorts come in a 4-way stretch component, they don’t compare to how much stretch you’ll get from something like a Vuori Kore Short. So If you’re hitting legs and tackling heavy squats then you may feel limited on this front

I’m not the biggest fan of these shorts for serious training but for casual workouts and training they do a pretty good job

Testing The Vuori Performance Short For Daily Wear

In the context of daily wear, the Vuori Performance short does a good job I think most users will enjoy the overall fit and comfort found in these shorts. The pocket system in these shorts is also a bonus

Basically, they are a go-to short option for those who are wanting a short for some lounging, light activity and wearing in public

Another perk of these shorts is the minimalist branding, I really like that there’s only a small reflective Vuori Symbol on the front leg and small “Vuori” branding above the back right pocket

but what I really dislike in these shorts is their price being so expensive in comparison to other training shorts

So I wish if the price’ll be a little lower so that I’ll be able to invest in many colorways freely

The Vuori Sunday Performance Short Pros
The Vuori Sunday Performance Short Pros

Vuori Sunday Performance Short Sizing

For the Vuori Sunday Performance Short, most guys should be safe going true to size based on their sizing recommendations

This short’s waist runs true to size for their respective sizes and they offer a fair amount of stretch to accommodate different size thighs

The inseam in this short is also 7.5″. It can be perfect or bad. It all depends on your own preferences

In the Vuori Sunday Performance short, I wear a size medium and they fit well (in this review I’m wearing a Medium (M) – Black Vuroi Performance Short)

Below, I’m going to provide my dimensions so you can cross-reference how Vuori Performance short fits on me, then hopefully apply that or get an idea

  • Inseam: 32″
  • Height: 6′ 0″
  • Weight: 181 lbs
  • Waist: 32-33″
  • Mid-Thigh: 23.5″-24″
  • Hip (circumference around butt): 40″

This model’s material is slightly heavier so they don’t have the same maximal stretch component to them

Additionally, I still think their 4-way stretch construction should be fine for most guys

when relaxing and wearing these shorts casually, I’ll typically go for commando shorts when I’m training, I’ll wear compression shorts I like that these Vuori Sunday Performance Shorts are heavy enough because I can rock them without underwear

Now, if you have additional sizing and fit questions for the Vuori Sunday Performance short or how they compare to other brands, please drop a comment below and I’ll try to help you out accordingly

Price Breakdown

For the Vuori Sunday Performance Short You can expect to pay $84 USD.

In my opinion, I think this price point is high compared to other Vuori Shorts and premium brands

Some Shoppers don’t regret buying these shorts although they are expensive because they are able to wear these shorts in different training settings and they are super comfortable but as far as I am concerned I think that money is hard earned and doesn’t grow on trees, isn’it??

So I think the price is so high. Anyway, I think that your budget should dictate if this pair of shorts is right for you or not.

To finish, if $84 USD is stretching your budget, then I wouldn’t break the bank for these shorts. They’re good in terms of performance but not worth a potential financial bind as there’ is nothing really “innovative” or proprietary about them

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Construction Details

If you’re concerned about the construction specs for this model, I’ll provide the list that Vuori Sunday Performance Shorts provide on their site below:

  • Fabric Details: 88% Recycled Polyester, 12% Elastane.
  • 4-Way Stretch.
  • Elastic Waistband.
  • Deep Front Left / Right Pockets.
  • Two Back Zipper Pockets.
  • Relaxed Fit.
  • Side Leg Zipper Pocket.
  • Moisture-Wicking.
  • Front-Facing Drawstring With Metal Aglet.
  • Knit Material.
  • Inseam Options: 7.5″.
  • Waist Size OptionsXS (28″), S (30″), M (32″), L (33-34″), XL (36″), XXL (38-40″).

If you have additional questions on the Vuori Sunday Performance Short You can drop a comment below.


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