Vuori Banks Short Buying Guide & Review | 2022

If you are looking for shorts that feel exceptionally lightweight, durable and last for many years, then, you can’t go wrong with Vuori’s brand.

Vuori is a company founded in 2015 and its wonderful mission is to bring the best athleisure wear in terms of quality, versatility, durability and softness to the masses while taking concrete actions to protect the environment.

The Vuori Banks short is one of Vuori’s most popular training shorts and for good reason. This model is of a high quality, it’s lightweight, durable and very versatile.

It’s designed to be a land and sea hybrid for guys who want to combine both land and water-focused workouts all in one training session

It’s an ethical and sustainable product too, making it a great gift. Who should buy the Vuori Banks short?

The Vuori Banks short is a lovely option for guys who love extra comfortable and soft apparel that is suitable for training, running, swimming or for everyday wear.

In my opinion, I thought Vuori as for as I’m concerned

Banks Short was a great gift idea for any event. So if you are on the market for a pair of workout shorts that offers just enough stretch making it all-around wear and that is unmatched in quality material, price and excellent workmanship then I think you’ll like the Vuori Banks short

It’s an awesome option for both training and casual wear, Plus the polyester used in these shorts is made out of recycled material so, in some ways, you are also helping the environment.

Vuori Banks Short Pros

This Vuori Bank short offers sufficient comfort thanks to its soft stretchy and breathable material. It’s easy to maintain and does not change its color despite multiple washes You can wear this model to train in, swim in or for daily use.

It doesn’t look overly like a gym-focused short and this makes it a good option for the guy that likes to train casually and use the same pair of shorts for other activities like swimming, running errands or surfing. It’s suitable for all guys who want that “all-in-one” style of short

In addition, this pair of short is a guy-friendly option. It features a secure and form-fitting waistband as well as a quick-drying fabric to provide sufficient security and support

The last aspect that I like about this short is how deep the pockets are. These pockets are a nice touch. They’re great for holding your phone and wallet, there is also a back pocket if you want to use it when rocking

Vuori Banks Short Cons

However, some buyers claimed that this pair of short has two potential cons.

The first drawback to the Banks Short is that the legs can ride up at times, especially when moving into deep hip flexion. so if you have beefier quads, adductors and glutes, then you might experience this being an issue for you. so keep this in mind when looking at this model.

The other drawback is the lack of a built-in compression liner

Vuori Banks Short Price

For the Vuori Banks Shorts, you may pay around $68 USD. For other Vuori short models or other brand’s Shorts like Lululemon and Ten Thousand, this price is consistent too. Day-to-day, swims and runs

On a day-to-day basis, I think that Vuori Performance Short is ideal for anyone looking for a comfortable casual wear

Whether you are wearing them out. and about, for a casual brew with friends or any other occasion, be confident that they don’t look overly like a gym-focused shorts

In the water, the short offers a quick-drying feature to keep you dry and cool you can even use them as board shorts and be sure that they don’t restrict your movements while surfing as they’ve just enough stretch making them all-around wear

As for running, they are okay just for few miles but if you are an avid or diehard runner, I would recommend you to go for running-focused shorts instead

Vuori Banks Short Construction

There is no question that Vuori has gained its place, made a mark in the fitness landscape and become one of the most popular brands

In our view, it is an under-the-radar apparel brand that deserves much more recognition

When crafting the Vuori Banks shorts, manufacturers have used a few proprietary construction features to ensure that they excel in their respective activities. Below, I’m going to break down some of these features so keep reading.

1) Material

Each pair of Vuori Bank shorts is made from four to five recycled plastic bottles simply because Vuori is committed to doing something good for the planet and for yourself as well.

The short is crafted using a blend of 44% recycled polyester, 44% regular polyester and 12% elastane for enough stretch. It’s also available in either a 5 or 7,5-inch inseam and has an elastic waistband as well as a drawcord

Not only this, the fabric is extremely light and thin but strong providing you both comfort and support.

In addition, the short comes with a small zippered pocket on the front and a single zippered pocket on the back Each pocket is mesh-backed so if you wear them for swimming, they’ll drain easily

The zippers are sturdy, and easy to open and close, too

What’s more, Vuori Banks short also offer anti-odor properties to keep you fresh all day long

2) Design

The design of Vuori Banks short is so impressive. The faux-fly stitching gives the shorts a sort of formality; making them versatile that you can wear them at any occasion and no one can point out that you have on gym shorts

The fabric looks attractive. Described as “linen”, they have that textured look of a dark linen shirt or a broken-in pair of jeans, further adding a sense of decorum.

The scalloped hem adds a 1970s vibe that is right on trend this year

There are also two subtle logo hits one on the front leg, another on the back pocket and there’s Vuori’s tasteful signature

3) Value

Vuori Banks short is a good option for the guy that doesn’t want to spend money on a ton of short models and wants that “all-in-one” style of short that can be worn for various occasions at the same time.

You can expect to pay around $68 USD. It’s a little cheaper compared to a lot of the leading activewear shorts that are so expensive.


A fresh take on athleisure and a staple in your wardrobe, the Vuori Banks shorts are premier in fit, function, durability and versatility.

This short will keep you moving freely. It’s designed to take you from land to sea and beyond that’s why it’s best described as “all-in-one” casual short that’s hard to be beaten. So why not invest in them

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