Valentines gifts for her

Valentine’s Day is creeping up slowly but surely, have you a gift planned yet? What did you get for her last year?

Many of us don’t remember to be honest, but let’s try and not let the day of love sneak up on you this year, again! Plan ahead now, there is still time to surprise your loved one with a wise and practical display of your affection. But what to get, where to go and how to go about it?

What’s better than gifts and chocolates when it’s Valentine’s Day? This year, instead of giving flowers, “sexy” lingerie, chocolates or anything else that can be labeled as both boring and cliché, and if you’re not a mushy-hearts-and-chocolates kind of person, we can help you.
How? With printed tights of course!

Why our Printed Tights are the best gift for Valentine’s day?

  • They are on trend, one size fits everyone without issue – so size is one worry to tick off the list.
  • They are original showing you made a thoughtful effort, they come in many colors so they can match any outfit
  • You can send a message with the hearts and love text print without saying anything at all
  • They are on a budget…You can give them as a gift to any female loved one – mums included!

A top seller we have are the sexy nude tights with black hearts printed vertically along the back of the legs. There is a factual reason for getting these – all women want to look and feel sexy, you know it and they know it, however, women can be a contrary bunch.

Line Of Heart Print Tights Nude & Black

It has to be subtle so that they don’t think you are saying, ‘you need to be sexier’ and these funky love text tights provide that subtlety, they are cute and sexy without being obvious and give the illusion of stockings which we both know men and women love. You LOVE stockings!
These love text tights are perfect to match with any outfit in black, are 120 denier so will also be comfortable and cold. Maybe for the alternative lady in your life into a bit of rock and roll.

Funky Love Text Print Tights Black & Grey

The black heart print tights are for the confident girlfriend, sexy and they know it, however, you are not asking your lady to be a vixen or a prostitute but be their confident and sexy selves, trust me these will bring out that girl power even more – so watch out!

Line Of Hearts Print Tights Black & Grey

For the cutsie babydoll in your life – sweet and colourful is how she normally dresses pinks and baby blues all round. You will be praised for thinking out side of the box and not taking the ‘easy’ way out. Ideal for Valentines traditional colours.

Without being typical, especially with the black hearts, of course if your woman is a typical girlie girl you can always get the sheer nude tights with pink hearts!

Sheer Heart Tights Lostinthehaze Lookbook 800

For the lady who does what she wants and gets what she wants – like these tights! The Pink and black heart tights are for those who know who they are and just love to be themselves.

Love Me Tender Printed Hearts Tights Pink
Love Me Tender Printed Hearts Tights Pink

All these tights keep flexibility and shape wear after wear so they are the gift that keeps on giving! As they are one size fits all both length and placement are sufficient without requiring excessive pulling or discomfort. Each of our valentine’s tights are tried and tested looking great with flat shoes and high heeled shoes.

P.s. With all of these sexy tights there is a way to save buy 3 pairs and save 20% and get Free Shipping on your order!

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