Trend Alert: 3 Geometric Fashion Tights!

geometric fashion print tights

Tired of stripes polka dots and flowers but love those funky prints and patterns? Hip geometric fashion tights are your solution!

Geometric patterns are back and they are everywhere, from the vintage to the modern, the orderly to the frantic, or the standard to the bizarre, geometric shapes are taking over! These 4 patterned tights designs by Zohara will get you ready to take the geometric plunge!

Rock these Rock and Roll trendy patterned tights featuring scattered triangles on opaque tights. The Blue & grey pair is great for casual wear with short denims, an oversized t-shirt, and comfy flats, whereas the black & gold printed tights will add a touch of bling to any sharp, black evening outfit. This geometric pattern is great for creating an original subtle accent without causing too much of a fuss.

Rock & Roll Geomatric Fashion Tights Blue & Grey

Don’t be square, wear triangles! This featured set of grey and orange printed triangle tights is everything but boring. Give your outfit a little rhythm with this trendy design. This item is not for the timid; wear the orange triangle tights with other patterns for a hip contrast. Pair either one of these tights with a striped black and white top, black shorts and cool flats for a chic-urban look.The key to pulling this look off is balance. Be sure to wear orderly patterns with this dynamic trendy design.

Triangles Pattern Print Tights Orange & Black
Triangles Pattern Print Tights Grey

The trendy diamonds tights feature a unique tidy black diamonds print pattern on a turquoise or mustard-yellow tights. This dainty design is a fun alternative to the classic polka dot trend with a cool twist.

This striking Triangle Sheer Tattoo Tights in Nude & Black is both delicate and bold. The unique pattern of triangles clashes with the fabrics sheer delicate texture in a fun, interesting contrast. Wear this sophisticated patterned tights with a little black dress and a pair of black pumps for a solid look that showcases the original, artsy design of this item.

geometric fashion printed sheer tights

Don’t spend a fortune on patterned pants and tops when you can incorporate this fun trend into your wardrobe while staying on budget, take the geometric fashion with these exciting patterned tights designs!

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