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Footless Tights Color Pedi

You’re probably making a massive fashion faux pas without even realising it. Ever considered matching your pedicure to your footless tights or leggings? We didn’t think so. Read on to learn more about this latest fashion trend and tricks of the trade.

The weather is slowly getting warmer and the winter chill has left the air. Bikini temperatures are still, sadly, a world away. Enter footless tights and leggings. These style lifesavers will keep you warm, whilst allowing a spring breeze. Once you begin uncovering your feet, major grooming is required.

You probably haven’t had a pedicure all winter and we can’t blame you, but now that your feet will be making a regular appearance, they need work. There is nothing worse to us hosiery addicts that a pedicure that clashes with leggings or footless tights. So let’s review the rules.

Rule One

Thou shalt not be too ‘matchy’. black & Gold tights are usually paired with black or gold nail varnish. Instead, go for a complimentary nails color such as burgundy.

Rule Two

Thou shalt be controlled. The brighter the tights, the subtler the nails. With pink footless heart tights, a nude nail would be fabulous.

Rule Three

Thou shalt be balanced. For playful, cute tights such as these grey footless tights, balance the quirkiness with class. Opt for a classic dark red pedi to keep your look age appropriate.

Rule Four

Thou shalt color block. Take the color blocking trend southside, and apply it to your toes and tights! These footless grey tattoo tights can be paired with a similar shade of varnish, for a sleek and uniform look.

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