The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Tights

Diamonds In The Sky Stars Print Patterned Black Tights Zohara F248 BGR M1

Tights are a winter staple. Anyone who denies that is deluded, and are on a fast track to pneumonia, don’t join them.
There are, however, certain rules that you should be following to ensure that you look chic, and not chilly/skanky/inappropriate [delete where applicable]. Read on below for the ultimate Dos and, more importantly, Dont’s of wearing tights.

1. Don’t Blame it on the Weatherman.

Fishnets in the depth of winter, with your goose-bumped skin poking out of the holes is not chic. If it’s cold, cover up.
Our “Weekend Delight” tights available in black, grey and violet offer the best of both worlds; 120 denier, opaque tights to keep you cozy, with a pop-art ice cream cone motif for a whiff of summer nostalgia.

2. Keep it Classy.

There is a difference between sexy and. . . well, skanky. Learn it.
If your skirt is short enough to offer up a glimpse of your underwear, an opaque pair of tights is preferable. Sheer, nude tights are suited for slightly longer lengths. Our “Wild Thing” pair fits the brief.

3. Know your Audience.

Flaunting a patterned, colorful pair of tights at Coachella will earn you many admiring glances. This may not be the case if you wear them to the office.
Of course, there are those perfect pairs which go with absolutely everything , like Zohara’s “Diamond In the Sky” tights.

4. Appreciate.

For the vast majority of us who don’t feel confident enough to strut in head-to-toe color, clashing prints etc. – tights are our friend. Inject a touch of color, a hint of print, a bit of fun with a pair of tights that you feel comfortable in.

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