Ten Thousand Interval Short Review – Best CrossFit Shorts For Men 2022

The Ten Thousand is a well-known company that makes a wide variety of products ranging from workout shorts to more casual wear. One of the Ten Thousand’s most popular products is The Interval Short which is marketed to be as a good option for CrossFit and this was for two reasons:

First, these shorts come with a 4-way stretch shell which is breathable and lightweight. Second, they have a good amount of durability for the demands of CrossFit. Essentially, these shorts are quickly becoming a go-to for guys everywhere

They work well in so many training settings and are a good training short to wear when you don’t feel like thinking about your gear choice and selection. Personally, I adore wearing Interval shorts as they are versatile, comfy and convenient to wear in many training settings. But, despite enjoying this short as a whole, there are a couple of cons which we’ll discuss below.

In this Ten Thousand Short Review I’m going to dive into various Topics to help you decide if these shorts are a good fit for the context of your Training wants and needs

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Who Should Invest in The Ten Thousand Interval Short?

Who Should Invest in The Ten Thousand Interval Short
The Ten Thousand Interval Short

If you vary training on a weekly basis, for example, if you like to lift, run and tackle more athletic-focused, all in a week’s training cycle then, the Ten Thousand Interval Short can be a really good option to go for.

This pair of shorts can tick a lot of training boxes and they have a good amount of durability that comes along with them. In addition, This model comes with a perfect pocket system which helps make it a solid option for anyone that wants to rock these shorts outside of the gym, too

The Interval Short is not the most cost-efficient training short on the market, however, if you plan to use them for everything then I think the price can be more justified


Ten Thousand Interval Short Pros

The Ten Thousand Interval Short Pros
The Ten Thousand Interval Short Pros

Over the course of my review process with the Ten Thousand Interval Short, I’ve found four of my favourite pros and things to like

  1. Great for Pretty Much everything
  2. Waistband lays true and doesn’t bunch
  3. Good Long-Term Durability
  4. Compression Liner provides a nice Amount of Security

1 The first aspect to like about the Ten Thousand Interval Short is that it’s a great option for pretty much everything If you vary training often on a regular basis, then you can count on this pair of shorts

Whether you are tackling heavy back squats or running, the Interval short is really one of the perfect choice to opt for

You can wear these training shorts for CrossFit, to sprint, do agility work, tackle Hiit Workouts, and even wear them on a daily basis. You can find them in multiple colorways to meet your needs

2 Another Pros with the Interval Short is the construction of their waistband. This short has an elastic waistband that lays flat on the waist. It doesn’t bunch because

The drawstring faces internally and sits on the inside of the thicker elastic waistband and this helps limit the bunching issue

3 The Third aspect to Like about this short is its durability. This training pair of shorts features a 4-way stretch shell that moves well with you when doing various workout activities like running, lifting… etc and the shell itself is breathable, lightweight and does a pretty good job at being abrasion-resistant.

For example, you won’t experience any glaring issues with these shorts breaking down during deadlifts. clean & jerks and during CrossFit workouts.

Apart from the durability of these shorts’ shell construction, the pockets are also fairly durable and more specifically the zipper pocket

4 The last but not the least thing to like about the Ten Thousand Interval Short is the compression liner if of course you chose the liner option.

The liner in Interval short holds everything tight and the shell never really caught up on the liner when training

10 Thousand Interval Short
10 Thousand Interval Short

Ten Thousand Interval Short Cons

Over The course of my testing and review process I’ve enjoyed the Ten thousand Interval short but there are a couple of cons worth mentioning

  1. not the most cost-efficient
  2. drawstring can move in washing Machines and dryer
  3. customer Service can be hit or Miss

The first drawback that I could see in The Interval Short is that it is not the most-cost-efficient training short on the market with a price range of $64 to $68 USD, these are definitely what I would consider a premium training short especially when you compare their price to companies like Rhone and Lululemon

The other potential drawback that I could see is that the drawsting can shift in the washing machine and dryer

So I would recommend you to run your washer on cold and delicate and let most most of your gear air dry. This decreases the chances of the washing machine and dryer causing early breakdown to your gear

This method can be applied to washing not only Interval Short but other shorts from Rhone, Vuori, Lululemon, etc…, So That, you’ll prolong their durability and lifespan

The final drawback that I could see in the Interval Short is focused on the customer service of Ten Thousand which can be very hit or miss


To discuss the performance of the Ten Thousand Interval Short, I’m going to break down how these shorts do in key contexts. First I’ll talk about them in the context of lifting and CrossFit. Second, in the context of Hiit training, and third I’ll discuss their performance for running and daily wear

This way you can cross-reference, this short’s overall performance and see if they fit the context of your wants, needs and preferences

The Interval Short Rating

Ten Thousand Interval Short Performance Rating
Ten Thousand Interval Short Performance Rating

Ten Thousand Interval Short For CrossFit and Lifting

For heavy lifting and CrossFit, the ten thousand Interval Short does a good job I think most users will enjoy their material and how stretchable it is due to the 4-way stretch shell and leg gussets

The Shell does a pretty good job at not pilling when barbell knurling rubs across the material. and this is a bonus for anyone who regularly barbell deadlifts and tackles clean and jerks

For CrossFit, the Interval Short also works well. Since Crossfit can be so varied, You’ll need a short that has good mobility durability and security and all these features are found in Interval Short. So Why not invest in them.

Ten Thousand Interval Short For CrossFit and Lifting
Ten Thousand Interval Short For CrossFit and Lifting

Ten Thousand Interval Short For HIIT, Classes and Versatile Training

For HIIT training, classes and versatile training, the interval short works well, too

  • The Breathability of this short is a good pros for training in more intense sessions
  • The anti-odor tech is also a good pros for working out in busy classes or tackling sessions in warmer weather where you can be exposed to sweating
  • The 4-Way Stretch Shell is also a nice feature, it helps the short performs well in various training settings
  • The waistband is another good feature as it provides security without bunching up

Ten Thousand Interval Short For Running and Daily Wear

For running purposes, the Ten Thousand interval Short does a fairly good job

In my opinion, this short perform well for short and mid-range distances and they also perform well for sprint work but if you want to do super long-distance runs, it’s better to find a running short that fit your training wants

For daily wear purposes, the Interval Shorts can work pretty mainly if you’re wearing them for travel or out and about to run errands. Since, these shorts come with pockets, you can hold some essentials like phone and wallet security. Added to that their simplistic look makes them usable for a more casual appearance

Ten Thousand Interval Short For Running and Daily Wear

Ten Thousand Interval Short Sizing

You can find these Interval Shorts on the market in 3 different inseam lengths including 5″, 7″ and 9″

Personnally, I often go for the 7″ inseam as it’s a good length for most training activities. In addition, they are not so high to where you get a ton of rub from barbell knurling

In the Ten Thousand Interval Short, I wear a size medium and they fit well below I’m going to provide my personal dimensions and visual of how the interval short fits on me

I’m wearing a Medium 7″ interval Short with a liner. Well the inseam length is okay and I can technically get away with wearing a large but I find the waistband can be a little loose at times

  • Waist: 32-33″
  • Mid-Thigh: 23.5″-24″
  • Weight: 181 lbs
  • Height: 6′ 0″
  • Hip (circumference around butt): 40″
  • Overall I like The medium 7″ Interval Short

If you have additional sizing and fit questions or how they compare to other brands don’t hesitate to share with us your questions. Please drop a comment below and I’ll try to help you out accordingly you are welcome!

Interval Short Liner Vs No Liner

I will recommend you to go with the option with the built-in liner since the outer shell is light and blends well with this short’s compression liner. Besides the liner has a good length to where it doesn’t ride up or cause the shell to stick

What I have already said doesn’t mean that no-liner shorts aren’t good on the contrary the no liner short works really well but if you want to go for this option I only recommend you to make sure that you have a good compression liner and keep in mind that. They are a bit too light to wear without a liner when training and lifting

Price Details

You can expect to pay between $64 to $68 USD for both the no liner and liner short options

I think this price can be more justified when you take into consideration that you can use these shorts for everything. They are so versatile and tend to last a while

Shop Interval Short

Construction Break down

Let’s Now give you some important information about the construction specs related to this model

I’ll provide the list that Ten Thousand provide on their site below:

  • 4-Way Stretch Shell
  • Anti-Odor Treatment
  • Thicker Elastic Waistband
  • Available Inseams: 5″, 7″, and 9″
  • Liner Options: Liner and No Liner
  • Perfect Pocket System
  • Leg Gussets
  • Shell fabric: 86% Polyester, 14% Spandex
  • Shell weight: 133 GSM
  • Shell construction: Four-way stretch poplin

For additional questions on the Ten Thousand Interval Short’s construction, you can drop your comment below. Wait us for another article!


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