Style Tip | How to Wash Tights Correctly – Without damaging Their Texture

Finding The Most Comfortable Tights For Cold Days is absolutely gorgeous. That’s why, you do your best to make them long-lasting.

However, you need to keep in mind that tights are so delicate and they require a careful laundering process. You shouldn’t throw them in the laundry with the rest of clothes as they may get ruined and lose their elasticity.

Instead, it’s advisable to hand wash them in a sink filled with lukewarm water and use detergents. that are specially made for delicate clothes. This way, you’ll maintain color, fabric integrity, and durability for longer

than you thought. Here, in today’s guide, you’ll find some helpful instructions on how you can wash tights without damaging their texture and thus ensure them to withstand the longest days of cold winter.

How To Wash Tights Correctly?

Step1: Use Detergent Made For Delicate Clothes Plus Lukewarm Water

How To Wash Tights Correctly - Use Detergent Made For Delicate Clothes Plus Lukewarm Water
Mild Detergent

Fill a sink or a bucket with warm water and add half a cup of mild laundry detergent in it.

You can use any detergent that’s made for delicate clothes, but make sure that you are using lukewarm water as hot water can actually reduce elasticity of the tights which then leads to a saggy crotch and an ill-fitting pair of tights; besides Washing them in hot water also increases the likelihood of runs.

So don’t forget to opt for warm water, instead to avoid these bad effects.

Step2: Turn Your Tights Inside Out

how to wash tights correctly - Turn Your Tights Inside Out

Before washing your tights, turn them inside out, doing so, will prevent lint from building up while they are in the wash. then, swirl them in the lukewarm water and scrub gently the areas that are most prone to bacteria, stains and dirt like the feet and crotch area

After that let soak for up to 20 minutes so that the detergent’ll interfere in the tights’ fabric and fight stains Then, give your tights one final gentle massage.

Step3: Rinse Them Again and Again in Clod Water

Rinse Them Again and Again in Clod Water

Next, rinse your tights under fresh cold water to make sure you get rid of soak. As usual, just be gentle even when you are rinsing them.

Step4: Air Dry Your Tights

how to wash tights correctly - Air Dry Your Tights

Never dry your tights in the dryer as the heat can damage the nylon and elasticity. The dryer can also tear or snag them too.

Instead, We highly recommend that you squeeze any water out of your

tights, then hang them or lay them flat to dry. Normally, they don’t need more than an hour to fully dry

With a bit of care when treating your.. Trendy legs, you’ll be able to retain its shape and you will help extend its durability.

How To Wash Tights In Washing Machine?

How To Wash Tights In Washing Machine?
How To Wash Tights In Washing Machine?

If you intend to wash your tights by machine here are some recommendations that help you wash your tights properly

First of all, put your tights in Panty Hose washer Bag; this innovative mesh laundry bag protects your delicate hosiery in the washing machine. It keeps them isolated from the rest of laundry and this’ll keep them from getting stretched, torn, tangled and caught while the machine is spinning. If you don’t have a mesh bag, it’s not a problem, you may use a pillowcase as an alternative but you have to simply knot the opening

Second, place this wash bag or pillowcase into your washing machine and add a little bit of detergent.

Third, put your machine on a gentle/hand wash cycle.

Finally, never use the drying cycle on your washer or put your hosiery in the dryer. because the strong heat produced by these machines and the constant spining can damage the fabric of your thighs. It’s advisable then to squeeze gently any water out of your tights than lay them flat to dry in the sun

Normally, they don’t need more than one hour to fully dry.

After taking all these tips into consideration you are able to ensure that your tights will last as long as possible and keep them in perfect condition.


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