Spring in Bloom: 6 Floral Tights to Nail Your Look This Season

floral tights

The sun is shinning, flowers are blooming and your warm weather clothes are finally making their way back into your closet. We’ve put together a list of 6 floral tights that will add a fresh take to your favorite spring looks.

1. For a sophisticated take on floral

these nude and black blossom patterned tights have you covered. The thin black lines elongate your legs while the flowers bring a unique detail.

Blossom Print Patterned Tattoo Tights Nude & Black

2. Feeling exotic?

These tropical blossom tattoo tights have large red flowers that wind their way up one leg, bringing a hint of the tropics to your style.

Tropical Blossom Print Patterned Tattoo Tights Black, Green & Red

3. For a sexy look

Go with euphoria back floral print tights. Their burgundy coloring is bold and the small grey flowers that run up the back of the leg only enhance their sultry appeal.

Back Flowers Print Patterned Tattoo Tights Burgandy & Grey

4. Romance is in the air?

With flower power patterned tights. The delicate sky blue flowers float across your legs as if they are being carried in the wind.

Flower Power Polka Dot Print Patterned Tights White & Black

5. Not sure you’re ready for florals?

Start simple with spring awakening floral print tights. They have the look of classic black tights but with a cream floral detail that runs up the side of one leg.

Spring Awakening Floral Print Tattoo Tights Black & Cream

6. For a tattoo style thats not permanent..

tulip garden floral tattoo tights are the way to go. The winding black flowers climb up one leg, looking as if it’s drawn onto the body.

Tulip Garden Floral Tattoo Tights Light Grey & Black

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