Sale! 7 Printed Tights For A Trendy Look!

Upgrade your winter look with these 7 pairs of trendy printed tights on sale!

This list features 7 pairs of fashionable tights suited for every occasion. Weather you like the bohemian, preppy or casual-chic look this fantastic variety is sure to upgrade your wardrobe and get you ready for a stylish winter.

Check out these featured sale items for a cool gift idea or for an outfit upgrade solution.

This striking pair of orange “Henna Tattoo” tights are quite the fashion statement! Exotic colors and patterns seem to never go out of style, particularly when paired with solid black outfit. Wear them with a black tunic dress and a pair of pumps for a sophisticated ethnic vibe. These opaque tights are great for spicing up any ordinary outfit with a little oriental charm.


We know, white tights can be intimidating but when you pair them with the right outfit choice this happening trend can transform any look from bleak to chic! These Opaque “Leopard” printed tights are the perfect example of how to do so. Wear this funky tights with any neutral basic that you have in your closet. Rock this trend with a solid colored t-shirt, a black mini skirt and a pair of sneakers for a hip casual-chic look.

Leopard Print Footless Tights White 1

Brighten up your outfit with a little starlight. This pair of black opaque tights with grey scattered star pattern is perfect for adding a little charm and mystique to your winter’s attire. Pair these tights with a snug winter dress and dainty red ankle boots for a whimsical winter look that’s bound to get you noticed.


Are you a hopeless romantic? Than this pair is the one for you! These funky grey “Love Text” opaque tights feature a rhythmic pattern of terms used to define love and passion according to the Wikipedia dictionary. Give the gift of trendy love tights to a loved-one or wear them with other items that signify love and passion such as a feminine red dress for a dashing romantic outfit.

funky love text tights zohara F124-MGB-19

This stylish pair of blue opaque tights, patterned with a cool grey world-map print are a great gift idea for the world travelers amongst you. Pair them with short denims and a chic hoody for casual and comfy travel gear. This pair is quite the conversation starter. wear them on your next exploration or send them to someone you love whose traveling oversees.

World Map Print Footless Tights Blue

This urban pair of an “Arrow Line” print screams modern elegance with its black minimalist pattern and crisp grey shade. This opaque pair is a best seller in the urban street scene. Wear it with shades of black and grey and rough fabrics and textured for a rugged urban look that’s sharp, edgy, and sophisticated.

Arrows print fashion tights by zohara

Tattoo prints are big this season, this opaque purple pair with its black“Nature Tattoo” print is the epitome of what makes this trend so fashion forward. This funky pair is ideal for the alternative bohemian type, that’s first to set the trends. Pair these tights with basic black and white items (even patterns) for an ultimate trendsetter outfit.

Nature Tattoo Print Tights Purple & Grey

This list of high quality items features 120 denier, one size fits all (0-16US) opaque tights. These patterned tights are also available in other colors and textures.

TrendyLegs tights offer a great affordable solution for incorporating this seasons hottest trends into your wardrobe.

Don’t miss out! treat yourself and your loved ones to a pair of these stylish printed tights!

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    Hannah N says:

    I would love those henna tights! They’re by far the coolest tights I’ve ever seen. I also love the star tights. I think they’d look cute layered under a pair of denim shorts. Love these!

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