New Collection: Gal Stern Hand Print Patterned Tights + Special Coupon

print patterned tights Gal Stern GS-49

TrendyLegs is proud to introduce “Dare To Wear” by Gal Stern, a fresh, unique and trendy fashion tights label, now, you no longer need to spend a fortune on fancy dresses. Just wear a solid-color long shirt, dress, skirt or shorts with unique patterned print tights, and you’ll feel like a fashion star..

Gal Stern sexy and unique tights are produced hand-made in her studio with extra love & care, The process includes designing the pattern, dying the cotton tights (mixed with nylon), screen print over the tights, pressing the tights in a heating machine and then washing them, a long process and it’s all done by hand.

print patterned tights goldfish Gal Stern GS-49

“Dare to Wear” tights label is designed by Gal Stern, a textile designer who graduated from “Shenkar” School of Design in Israel and was always fascinated by textile & prints. the patterned tights are inspired by her passion for shapes & colors and the way they blend together.

The print themes are inspired by accessories and trends from fashion history. Her tights are not mainstream and usually worn by Women from all ages who understand and love fashion, woman who like to be well dressed and make a fashion statement..

print patterned tights goldfish Gal Stern GS-49

We are proud to introduce Gal Stern new Print tights collection! the patterned tights come in Retro Glamour themes, a flashback to the 1920’s fashion scene, the unique goldfish, cabaret and Aladin prints will allow you to create amazing outfits! the collection feature comfortable cotton & nylon tights in Black or Nude with trendy prints featuring printed patterns & shapes in gold, black or silver!

“Dare To Wear” print patterned tights are great for special occasions and gifts, or they can just be worn to easily add style and extra color touch to any boring outfit.

So, will you dare to wear?

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print patterned tighprint patterned tights goldfish Gal Stern GS-49print patterned tights goldfish Gal Stern GS-49ts goldfish Gal Stern GS-49

print patterned tights goldfish Gal Stern GS-49

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