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Lululemon Commission Pant Review 2022: Tested and Rated

The Lululemon Commission Pant has a more chino-like style designed for both formal and business-casual wear. This pant is built with a Warpstreme Fabric and this fabric is made of a 4-way stretch component, a fair amount of breathability and is quick-drying and wrinkle-resistant.

As a fan of most Lululemon shorts and joggers, I was excited to put the commission pant to the test. Over the course of my testing, I’ve found multiple things to like about the Lululemon Commission Pant. For example, this is a great dual-functionality pant that can be worn for running in colder months while also looking good on a casual wear basis.

Another key detail to enjoy about these pants is of course The Warpstreme Fabric

However, that’s not to say this pant doesn’t come with a couple of cons which I’ll discuss below.

In this Lululemon Commission Pant Review, I’m going to cover a variety of topics so that you’ll be able to decide if this pant is a good pick for your needs or not.

Who Should Invest in The Lululemon Commission Pant?

The Lululemon Commission Pant is a good option for any guy that wants a pant that can be worn for business casual and more formal settings. This pant is built with Warpstreme™ fabric which gives it a nice blend of quick-drying and sweat-wicking capabilities

Additionally, this fabric is built with a nice 4-way stretch component which is awesome for giving the pant a bit amount of mobility. The Warpstreme, indeed does a good job with warmth and I could see this being a better pant for cooler months

I think if you want a bit amount of mobility through the legs and no stretch in the waist, then you’ll like the Commission Pant

Lululemon Commission Pant Pros

Lululemon Commission Pant Pros
Lululemon Commission Pant Pros

There are multiple aspects to like about the Lululemon Commission Pant and here are the most obvious things that I personally enjoyed.

  1. Good pant for more formal settings.
  2. Warpstreme stretches well and promotes leg mobility.
  3. Back Snap pockets provide nice security and look.
  4. Multiple inseam options available.

The first thing to like about the Lululemon Commission Pants is that they are great for more formal settings and contexts while some other “athletic” and “sporty” pants out there can back that edge for looking good in formal settings, these lululemon commission pants do a good job at bridging that gap. They provide an “athletic” feel but don’t compromise their “more classic look”.

The second thing to like about these lululemon commission pants is their Warpstreme fabric. This material offers a nice 4-way stretch fit which is awesome for giving the pant a nice level of mobility

In addition, there are two other components in this fabric that I also like

First, I appreciate how wrinkle-resistant this fabric is. For example, if you workout before work and you put these pants (neatly) in your bag, they don’t wrinkle

Second, I like how quick-drying it is. Although this pant’s material is a bit heavier than other 4-way stretch materials used in men’s casual wear pants, it dries fast

The third thing to like about the Lululemon Commission Pant is the hidden Zip pockets and back pockets. The back pockets utilize snaps which is great for both pocket security and appearance

The final thing to like about the Lululemon Commission Pants is that they come in multiple inseam options so that you can easily find your true size.

The Lululemon Commission Pant Pros
Lululemon Commission Pant Pros

Lululemon Commission Pant Cons

Despite liking Lululemon Commission Pant as a whole, I could see a couple of cons that I want to discuss below:

  1. Cut around the pockets and groin isn’t the best
  2. Not the best for warmer months
  3. lack of Waistband’s Stretch

The First Drawback to the Lululemon pant is that the cut around the pockets and groin could be better. In the groin area, there’s a little bit of blocky and spacious feel on the top of the cut around the groin, the cut around the pockets isn’t the best The pockets stick out a little bit and can look baggy

The Second Drawback that I could see with the Lululemon Commission Pants is that they aren’t the best for warmer months. As they are built with heavier materials, I think these will definitely run a little too hot in the summer and they can also be a miss on warmer days. So normally, if you want a more wispy and breathable pant for all-season wear, I would suggest exploring other pants’ options that are built with lighter materials

The Third Drawback that I could see with the Lululemon Commission Pant is that the waistband lacks stretch. This cons can be tackled by tightening the belt.


To discuss the performance of the Lululemon Commission Pant. I wanted to test them for daily wear and talk about how I like to put on this pant and where I think they are the best

The Lululemon Commission Pant
The Lululemon Commission Pant

Testing The Lululemon Commission Pant

In the context of performance, I think that there are 3 prominant features to note about the Commission Pant:

First, I think they’ll be a fairly good 3-season pant. As they are built with a heavier material, these pants work best for spring, fall and winter

Second, I think that the Warmstreme fabric in these pants is one of the star players for their overall comfort

Third, the Lululemon Commission Pant is a good option for anyone that needs a more “Classic-looking”. Basically, I think that some of the pants that market themselves for formal wear while offering a more sporty vibe can lack an edge for delivering a formal and classic look.

Lululemon Commission Pant Sizing

The Lululemon Commission Pant Sizing and fit should run fairly true

If you’re considering to opt for the slim-Fit or classic-fit, then, it’s better to assess your leg size. For guys with bigger glutes, quads and calves, the Classic-Fit will be a better option for them.

In this review, I’m wearing the Lululemon Commission Pant Classic-fit with the dimensions of 32×32 and the colorway I’m wearing is “Trench”. Below, I’ve provided my sizing dimensions so that you will be able to cross-reference how these pants fit on you.

  • Height: 6′ 0″
  • Weight181 lbs
  • Waist: 32-33″
  • Mid-Thigh: 23.5″- 24″
  • Hip (circumference around butt): 40″

I’m somewhat in between Slim-Fit and Classic-Fit. For me, the Slim-fit pant was a little too slim in the legs but the waist fits really well conversely, I like the fit of the legs in the Classic-fit, though the cut of the groin is a little boxy and spacious.

Price Breakdown

For the Lululemon Commission Pant, you can expect to pay around 128 USD If that price doesn’t bother you and you have a colorway and inseam that fit your wants, needs and preferences. Well then I think this pant is a good option to go for

There are certainly more budget-friendly pants on the market but if you love the classic look and the non-stretch waistband, then this price can be fair But if you want a pant for warmer months or a pant that has a better cut around the pockets and groin area then I think you should explore other options.

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Construction Details

There are some useful construction features on the Lululemon Commission Pants worth noting

So I’m going to provide some of the key construction details to know about the Lululemon Commission pant that can influence this pant’s performance, fit and durability.

  • Warpsteme Fabric (53% Elastomultiester, 47% Polyester)
  • Non-Stretch Waistband
  • Hidden Zipper Pocket
  • Back Pockets Utilize Snaps for Security
  • ABC™ Technology
  • Reflective Component On Cuffs When Flipped Up
  • Waist Size Options: 28″, 29″, 30″, 31″, 32″, 33″, 34″, 35″, 36″, 38″, 40″
  • Inseam Options: 28″, 30″, 32″, 34″, 37″

If you have additional questions about The Lululemon Commission Pant’s construction, Please drop a comment below.

What is The Difference Between ABC and Commission Pants Lululemon?

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