Love Text Print Tights: They’re Back and They’re Spectacular!

Love Text Print Fashion Tights
Love Text Print Tights
Love Text Print Tights

Last year we featured the love text print tights and they were a huge success and they run our of stock quickly, in the new fashion print tights 2012 collection.

Zohara added limited addition of these fashionable tights and now you have the opportunity to buy them on our fashion tights shop

These Zohara Love text fashion tights feature 120 Denier Grey Tights with “love text” printed in Black on both legs up a bit above the knee. the Print text comes from the definitions of Love and Passion in Wikipedia. These tights create a trendy “Tattoo” look witha a meaning and they are Ideal as holidays or valentines day gift.

You can ware them to feel and look unique, upgrade any plain outfit and they come in one size that fits all!.
The grey color of the tights compliment with black print will go beautifully with a simple black dress or you can pair these print tights with a casual outfit such as a short pants of loose shirt or high waisted skirt.

These pair of tights makes a unique, versatile and meaningful fashion accessory for the cold winter days..

So, in case you like these unique printed tights, and you were waiting for them to be available for purchase, hurry up and order now before they run out again..

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