How to Fray Shorts? Denim Trends 2022! 5 EASY Ways To Fray Jeans! DIY

The world has witnessed an economic crisis in all sectors since 2019 due to the overspread of contagious illnesses and epidemics. Most people become unable to do shopping as they were used to. So, in these thrifty times, it becomes clear that we should change some habits.

Now, people are upcycling furniture, doing on-line jobs and finding interesting ways to save their hard-earned money. Even wise women are doing their best to control their spendings by reusing or customizing their own clothes.

Instead of throwing their old and expensive denim jeans, they are able now to cut and shred them into stylish frayed denim shorts. Yes frayed shorts are very popular at the moment. They have a more creative or artistic look, which makes them ideal for many summer occasions

You who are reading this article, why not try it out for yourself and join us to make all things look much better and extend their lives?

So, whether you have an old pair of jeans that you don’t want to throw away with this guide you’ll be able to cut and fray in no time. So don’t turn the page and continue reading our guide

How to Fray Jean Shorts?
How to Fray Jean Shorts?

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Tools to Use To Fray Denim

Once you’ve decided to turn your old denim jeans into frayed denim shorts, you need as a first step to find the right tools for the job. Whether you want to cut your jeans into shorts, fray the shorts you already have or distress your denim, I think you’ll need more than a pair of scissors, so let’s know what are the different tools to use to fray denim.

  • Scissors: They are one of the most essential tools that we need to cut and fray shorts. A large and sharp pair of fabric scissors would be the best to get the job done.
  • Pinking Shears: These are the best tools you need to cut your shorts if you only want a slight fray
  • Craft / Utility knife: From my experience a craft knife is more practical than scissors and it works well if you want frayed slashes in your jeans. You can use a ruler if you want straight lines.
  • Sandpaper, After cutting your old denim jeans into shorts, you’ll need this Sandpaper to fray them. As it is too rough, you’ll get the job done quickly and perfectly
  • Cheese grater: You may wonder What the side of a cheese grater with the small holes is for? I can simply answer your good question by saying it’s effective if you want to fray and distress the thick denim material of jeans
  • Razor: If you want to fray in smaller areas, it’s better to use a razor instead of a cheese grater.
  • Seam Ripper: It’s a great tool if you want your fraying to be more precise or if you want to fray holes in your shorts
  • Chalk: We often use chalk to mark out our jeans for cutting and fraying
  • Tweezers will allow you to easily remove the thread from a raw hem

How to Fray Shorts?

  • The first step is to afford the right tools for the fraying process
  • The Second Step is to choose your beginning fabric and here, these are 2 basic options: Whether you use a pair of an old pants or a pair of shorts
The 3rd Step is To Choose Your Method

Choose Your Method

The Razor Method:

Step1: Lay your shorts on a flat surface like a countertop or a table

Step2: Cut a piece of cardboard and place it inside the shorts to protect the bottom layer of the fabric, determine the area on your shorts where you want to begin, use a razor to fray your shorts without worrying about damaging the other side of the shorts and move the cardboard whenever you want to fray new areas

Step3: Make holes in the shorts using a straight razor. If you want small holes use the sharp end of the razor to cut a straight line. Once you got the job done, rub the edges of the hole with your finger to fray the threads that are loose

Step4: Place a disposable razor flat on your shorts, rub it back and forth quickly to scrape the edges and hems of your shorts.

The Sandpaper Method:

Step1: lay your shorts on a flat surface. Determine the places you want to cut your shorts, you can use chalk to mark the spots if you want holes in your shorts

Step2: use scissors to make small cuts into your shorts, the cut should be in a straight line

Step3: the Sandpaper firmly all over your shorts, (Rub) to make them look and feel softer. You can keep going until you are satisfied and then move on to another section. The coarser the sandpaper is, the easier to put holes in your shorts

Step4: rub the sandpaper firmly over the holes that you’ve already cut in step2, to make the loose threads pop. The coarser the sandpaper is the bigger the holes’ll get.

The Tweezers or Seam Ripper Method:

Step1: Normally, when you cut holes in your shorts, they’ll fray over time you can use tweezers or Seam Ripper to fray them faster

Step2: Cut the holes in your shorts using scissors or pinking shears make a small cut with the scissors in the spot where you want them frayed if you want a frayed hem, you can cut off the bottom of the hem to expose the threads

Step3: In this step, you can use whether the seam ripper or tweezers to pick at the loose threads anywhere you see them on your shorts You can pull as many threads as you desire. The areas where you pulled the threads will become more frayed after several washes

Cheesegrater Method:

Mind your fingers, when you use a cheesegrater!! it’s true that this method is the quickest way to fray jean shorts but you may accidently grate your fingers and the sharp edges on the grater may quickly put holes in the denim. So be careful and try to follow these steps:

  1. Slide the cardboard inside each leg of the jean shorts
  2. Hold the greater angled parallel to the shorts
  3. scrape it down vertically toward the hem of the shorts in quick, sharp motions
  4. scrape the greater sideways along the hem if you want to fray the hem of the shorts
  5. Rub the denim with your fingers
  6. Put your shorts in the washer and dryer to let the friction of the laundry process finish fluffing all the threads

Dryer Method:

  • For a gentle distressing, put your jeans in the dryer with a pair of clean, wet tennis shoes
  • For a more rugged look, try adding a pumice stone to the dryer with the jean shorts
  • If you want a fluffy frayed hem on your shorts, slice off the original hem with scissors

How To Stop Frayed Jean Shorts from Fraying?

Don’t use washing machine and the dryer anymore, instead, hand wash your frayed shorts in cool water and hang them up to air dry

How To Wash Frayed Shorts?

  • The best way is to put your frayed shorts in a basin of cool water, add one teaspoon of laundry detergent, let them sit for about 20 mn, then soak them and rinse them under cool running water. Finally, hang them up to air dry
  • You can put your frayed shorts in a delicate washing machine setting then hang them up to air dry after washing them
  • Put your frayed shorts in a lingerie bag with a zipper and throw it with other clothes in a regular laundry setting this will mitigate some of the friction as it spins through the washing machine and the dryer


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